My Weekly Adventures: Updates, Annoucements and a little more!

Welcome to the next weekly adventures! 🙂

We’re keeping this short and sweet again. These past two weeks have been a lot of catching up and getting ahead with everything.  We’ve had decisions and meetings and changing, adding, removing plans.  Just so much going on but nothing that feels significant for here. Weird, eh? Its been a lot of home and wedding stuff.  Nothing I really want to dive into too much detail.

Still, I tried to keep adventuring something I’m doing. And I have a (hopefully) fun seasonal segment coming up a little later this week.

1) Podcast Update

Lets get a bit of this blogging business out of the way in the first few points!

I’m officially a part of a show with David over at That Moment In. We’re doing random chats on movies.  Its not really a review, more like a talk about questions, themes, etc. Keeping it cool but having fun with whatever movie we choose. It’ll be a biweekly segment for now that may turn weekly in time.  Last time, I totally forgot to mention it when I did the reblog for our last podcast for As The Light Goes Out! If you missed that, its right here below.

We’d love for your support to listen and spread the love! Share with friends and help us grow! 🙂

I’m super excited about this new collaboration.  Its something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m ever so grateful that David took me on to be a part of this podcast over at his channel!

2) Halloween Marathon Update

Its a little early to talk about Halloween but I felt like it should be at least a little mention in advance. For the past 3 years, I’ve done a fully charged month of horror movies from various subgenres with a highlight series.  I did Halloween 2 years ago and last year, I tackled the Friday the 13th series.  With a crossover movie with Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street, I already announced last year that this year would be all about Nightmare on Elm Street series as the highlight.  With the recent death of this talented director Wes Craven, I know there may be a ton of you looking into this franchise as well.  Although this was planned last year, I do feel that its time to learn more about his work.  I’ve only seen My Soul to Take which was directed by him.  You can find the review HERE.  While it wasn’t a great horror movie and its a little blurry but I remembered not being too bothered by it. It had a good atmosphere.  With that said,I look forward to this Nightmare series quite a bit 🙂

a nightmare on elm street

Don’t worry! I’ll still be doing other movies.  However, with the circumstances of this year’s October, Halloween Marathon will be full steam mid-month on October 15th.  It will have daily horror movies reviews (even on the weekends) covering not only the Nightmare but a ton of pre-selected titles that I put together this year.  Next year, we will resume the polls and ask for your choices but I already have quite a bit to do right now so I’m trying to make it the easiest process possible for me. If you do have a movie to suggest, don’t be shy.  Just leave me a comment and I can always replace it.  I do own a few horrors that I haven’t written a review for like Honeymoon, Spring, It Follows, The Guest.  If you want to see any of those, just say so and I’ll get on it 😉

Although, the marathon starts in the second half of October, I have some other posts that will launch in the first half and we’ll try to stay in the horror territory.  I’m working on these posts right now.  So, it’ll be an epic month! 🙂

3) Brossard’s Public Market

Not a whole lot of adventures this past two weeks, I did get a chance to finally head to the second last Thursday of this year where Brossard’s Public Market is still open. Its a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and just produce from local or nearby farms and whatnot.  There’s performers giving some musical entertainment.  Usually, there is a food truck or two. Its pretty cool. I wish I had gone earlier because it probably would be more bustling with activity.

Brossard Public Market

Brossard Public Market

4) Welcome Block Unboxing + New Subscription

Normally, I do separate posts for unboxing but the Welcome Block is a special extra block for people subscribing during the last month or so.  Our Arcade Block subscription ended so I resubscribed for 6 months (since we love it so much) and as I had expected, I also subscribed for 3 months of Horror Block.  With Halloween around the corner, I think we might get some good gear! I’m looking forward to it.

Welcome Block

Another reason that I didn’t go an unboxing is that Welcome Block gives you a taste of each of the boxes they offer.  So, I got a few items similar or same as what I had before.

5) Montreal Oasis Rock n Roll Marathon

I went to help out my friends as they ran their half marathon.  I got a few little things done waiting for them and managed to get a nice bit of the morning taking a walk around the area as they ran their 21.1 km. There was few nice shows starting with a magic show and then gymnastics performance.  After that was a Toronto band called Courage My Love. They were very good.

Montreal Oasis Rock n Roll Marathon

Courage My Love

6) Life Updates!

There’s usually workout, wedding, gardening that I do separately but honestly, these things are all mixed together now. Running is becoming increasingly hard to find time for with the daylight shrinking.  When I get home from work, I can probably get in a 45 mins run if I leave right away before it starts getting dark.  My new neighborhood is lovely but it is REALLY  dark so I try to avoid especially because I run through a park and that place is rather dark after night falls with lots of trees surrounding the area. I am still doing Zumba, however, the studio had a week off for renovations and moving and they are still working on certain little things. Because of that, there are also schedule changes so we’re trying out some new instructors.  This dude we trained with last week destroyed me.  I was in pain for 2 days afterwards. My abs and legs were burning about halfway through. It was CRAZY! Fun but so crazy!

On the wedding front, things are almost all settle! 3 week countdown now.  Just one more little detail to take care of that I need to do a little cost calculation to make the decision.  Then its little deicsions like music and all that stuff.  Doing a wedding on budget is impossible.  I kind of started tossed things out the window.  We did change out centerpiece idea which was taking a whole lot of time. Other than that, I only have one thing to say from this week.  Wedding dress altering is ridiculous expensive! I got my dress on a pretty decent price but the alterations were almost the same price.  Well, my comforting thought is that: at least I got the dress for much less than I expected 😉 Glass half full is how I’m working through this.


Last time, I did the post at the end of the week so I calculated the upcoming weird so it’ll overlap a little for the next few weeks before I head back with more.  It might be after the wedding. For now, I have a lot of catching up so I might be getting about 6 posts up a week.

  • Netflix A-Z: K-P (at least)
  • Alaska Cruise on Norwegian Jewel: Remaining days
  • A new seasonal segment coming up
  • A list inspired by another blogger
  • TV Binge: Veronica Mars Season 3 (wrapping the series now) + Veronica Mars movie review

Finally, a little music! I just love these one take medleys.  I can’t believe that I missed this one this summer…

Thats it for this Weekly Adventures! Hope you had fun!
Happy Monday! Stay awesome, my lovelies! 🙂

My Weekly Adventures!

We’re back on track! These coming weekly adventures should be more tame and back to my normal updates. Festival season is coming to a close and while there are a few events scattered around, its definitely focusing back onto the house stuff.  I can’t believe that closing the garden is coming up really soon.

First of all, I’d like to apologize on a little issue I had with emails. The beginning of the week, I realized that I wasn’t getting any emails linked to WordPress forwarded to my own personal email. Which is how I do things since I can’t manage to many accounts and remember to check them all.  Apparently, that is the case because I didn’t delete for years anything in the account linked to WordPress, it was full so nothing came in.  When I realized that 2 days later, I finally managed to empty it out and 500 emails (approximately) poured into my email.  So now, I’m back to catching up with posts.  Deal with me as I manage this little hiccup.  My mind has been rather preoccupied and I’m falling behind all over again. I’ll be back on track soon enough 🙂 At least its resolved, right?

Now, lets see what adventures I’ve been on!

1) Meeting new friends & trying new places!

Its great how upcoming weddings are the perfect opportunity to meet lots of new people, like my fiance’s co-workers, at least two of them.

They live relatively near to us in the suburbs of Montreal and one of them lives near this restaurant called Poutineville. This actually happened the week earlier but this last post was already so packed that I ended up shifting it to this one instead.  If you don’t know, poutine is this fries, gravy and curd cheese fast food.  Obviously, I’ve had to give it up since my lactose intolerance gained control of my life again.  Still, this restaurant is pretty awesome.  Other than the fact that the A/C broke that day and I was dying of heat, adding on the fatigue of dress shopping all day before this, I wasn’t all too hungry, but the guys were and I had a little something also of course.


Regular-size Poutine with Pepper sauce, extra cheese, pepperoni, philly steaks


2 Hot dogs and fries

And then we headed off to Boucherville to try out this ice cream place called Chocolat Favoris (translation: Favorite Chocolate) which is owned by a popular day time TV host called Gino Chouinard in Quebec.  Its special because you can order 5 different sizes of ice cream and they coat it with whatever coating you’d like which comes in 12 different flavors (5 milk chocolate, 3 dark chocolate, 2 white chocolate and 2 surprise flavors in rotation). Its pretty amazing.  The guys took hazelnut milk chocolate, I think.

Choclat Favoris

Choclat Favoris

Chocolat Favoris

Chocolate Favoris: Medium size with Hazelnut Milk Chocolate coating

They also served sorbets with a decent selection and other candies and chocolates.  Its a pretty nice place. Plus, Guy Chouinard was standing at the door to greet us after a block-long lineup.  It was super crazy! But it was worth it.  We even took a stroll around the neighborhood and chatted a little.  It was a nice little evening out with friends and that’s what counts 🙂

And since I wasn’t feeling great enough to try the lactose-free cheese poutine, we have another dinner out coming right up.

2) Garden update: A new perennial

The garden isn’t all doing well.  I made a few bad choices in plants this year but I think next year should be better.  I’ll hopefully get the vegetable garden plot ready before winter arrives. I’m just waiting for the day that its not 40C with 90% humidity.   We don’t have A/C so its a little crazy.  We did makeshift something that worked.  Thank goodness the weather is more bearable now.



However, last week, while doing some pool and plumbing shopping, I found a new perennial that fits perfectly in my side plot on the front lawn.  That plot is seriously almost all my own creation now from spring bulbs to summer flowers to fall blooms.  I’m pretty proud of it.

3) Wedding planning update

This is kind of my life now.  Between a balance of house work, blog, actual work, wedding planning and working out.  Its kind of a crazy schedule.  I have to say, my friends are phenomenal in helping me right now. All my girls have helped out tremendously especially at finding those details that I forget to think about.  The list just keeps growing and the time is drawing closer and closer.  Less than 2 months and we still have cake and centerpieces at the top of our list to take care of.  At least this weekend, we managed to narrow down what to do for the centerpiece and got most of the little accessories, shoes, guest book, decorations and the likes.

I can’t show you everything but here are the lovely shoes that I got at Call it Spring! 🙂


4) Running/workout update

Good news in workout updates is that I’m back out running.  Between two times of Zumba a week, spending some time with my mom and going out shopping on at least one day of the weekend for wedding planning duties, its been hard to get in.  I usually try to do one evening run and one Saturday morning run.  Its the goal and sometimes it doesn’t work out but I try my best. At least, if anything, I’ve cut out a good bit of unhealthy snacks replacing it with lactose-free yogourt, fruits and healthy granola bars.

Nothing too much to say, I just need to get back into the toning exercises instead of getting mostly cardio in to balance it a little.  A short update this time around.

5) Matsuri Japanese Festival

Two years ago, I talked about the Matsuri Festival.  Last year, because of the house, I skipped most of the festivals but hey, we’re back this year.  Yay! It was a steaming hot day right in the middle of our crazy heat wave and we baked under the sun while lining up at these crazy long lines. I don’t remember last time being so intense.  It seems to be the trend this year.  Everyone loves to get out of the house when its scorching hot.  But its normal.  We do only get like 3 months of “summer” where one month actually feels hot and that varies every year 😉

Matsuri 2015

I was so hungry when I got there that I totally forgot about taking pictures of the food.  I had some Imadaki, Takoyaki, Okonamiyaki Hot Dog, Cold Noodles and Kakigori as well. It was a fantastic day with some cute performances.  Up there is this activity where they are trying to do a dance with the audience along with some super kawaii music.  Thats the extent of my Japanese so yeah…it was cute.

6) 1000 Islands Cruise

This past weekend on the Sunday, my fiance had gotten ourselves and his parents and my mom tickets off of Groupon for a 1000 Islands Cruise at Brockville.  We did the one at Ganonoque a few years back and he loved it.  This one was 90 minutes (a step down from the last one) and in a city we hadn’t been to so it was a new experience all around.

1000 Islands, Brockville

1000 Islands, Brockvill

I’ll be doing a full post with more pictures but here’s a few that I liked.

7) Podcast and upcoming on Tranquil Dreams

If you haven’t caught it, I was part of my first podcast EVER over as a guest at That Moment In.  It turned out pretty good 🙂 David and I talked about Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart and we dived a little into the characters and themes, the music and whatnot.  It was so much fun! I was a little nervous when it started and settled in a little more.  Point is: it all worked out 🙂

As for upcoming posts:

  • Continuing the new segment Netflix A-Z: Next letter is D. Remember double feature and a huge thanks to all of you for commenting so much.  Those posts are possibly one the ones with the most comments.  I appreciate it SO MUCH!!!
  • Recipe for Disney Baking Project & move along with the next feature: This is now one of my priorities. Last two weeks was just too hot that I couldn’t do any baking without having some form of heat stroke in my own house.  So I have everything at least, just need to get it done some time this week!
  • Alaska Cruise on Norwegian Jewel: Continuing the vacation posts
  • Music/Youtube Obsessions: Comedy edition 

I’m keeping it short for those since that’s already a lot on my plate. Plus, I have some posts I owe to you lovely people.  You know who you are 😉  I have everything set up to take care of business! Plus, I’ve already started compiling the Halloween marathon (did I talk about this before?) but still, I’m pretty excited about it even though, I doubt it’ll be as plentiful as previous years since wedding date is in October so lots of crazy already happening.  It might end up being a half a month thing unless I get everything done in advance.  Which is what I’m trying to do now but the most I can get ahead with is 2 days.  I need to channel that pre-vacation energy…

To wrap it up, here’s  a little music!

That’s all for now! Happy Wednesday, my lovelies!! 🙂

My Weekly Adventures: Festivals, Food, Fireworks and Planning!

Wow! It feels like a long time I haven’t done a Weekly Adventures.  This past month has been extreme festival season here and with wedding planning and keeping up with everything, its been really crazy.  Mentally and physically draining in many ways but things are settling down.  While that is the case, I still have little thoughts of having just a week off from the blog to catch up on things, notably sleep.  If any of you thought I didn’t sleep before, now its even less.

Regardless, lets hope I can fit this all in one post.  This month was really eventful and probably a few of these deserve their own posts but we’ll deal with it here! 🙂 So warning: it will be long but I’ll keep the words less and pictures more formula.

1) Fantasia Festival

Fantasia Festival is over! Which means its been at least a month since I’ve posted my last Weekly Adventures. I made it to all the movies even though there were a few I started wondering if I was starting to get sick especially when it was bouncing back between our heat wave and then rainy weather.  11 movies and a lot of decent choices.  There were some disappointments but mostly there were pleasant surprises.

If you missed any of my reviews, here they are:

What might have shined other than the movies were the short films.  The Morrigan, Black Eyes, What Doesn’t Kill You, Point of View were all really good. A fantastic festival and I look forward to next year.  I did miss a few that had some scheduling issues but I look forward to hopefully finding them on Netflix 🙂

2) Unexpected Retweet!

I think the busiest time during my site is during Fantasia Festival season and Halloween marathon time. The site kind of takes off a little.  Its that whole horror genre thing, I guess.  Its okay.  I’m just happy that it does because themed months makes me work double as hard and I plan in advance as much as I can. Regardless, I had some fabulous people retweet me.  The best one was for Cooties.  Elijah Wood retweeted my post! Excuse me.  I’m still a little shocked.  And that brought a ton of retweets from probably his fans and followers which made smile a ton!

Then the second one was Tales of Halloween where one or two people of the crew liked the post.

I never expect much from my posts but I do try to link them up for the Festival so that its a little more exposure for them.  I just never expect these things to happen to my little blog.  Anyways, happy times, happy surprises! 🙂

3) Ottawa Asian Night Market

Living in Canada, we don’t always get to savor the authentic Asian cuisine.  Montreal doesn’t hold a lot of it so I usually head out to Toronto to get some better Chinese food.  This year, located in Lansdowne Park in Ottawa there was the Asian Night Market.  For one, it was a zoo! One line could take up to 90 minutes wait time. We had to separate and conquer in order to eat efficiently.

The lamb skewers were possibly the best ones.  There was some potato tornado or something like that.  It was really good.  Unfortunately, my phone died on the way there so I didn’t take any pictures…

4) Festival Orientalys & Just for Laughs Festival (Take 2)

One of my friends has a booth out at the Festival Orientalys the weekend afterwards selling Japanese street food: Takoyaki, Kakigori and Okonomiyaki.  After that, we headed out to Just for Laughs Festival for a second take to eat more food.  I’m telling…I ate on and off for about 3 hours. It was crazy! It was also fantastic weather so I had a lot of delicious drinks to try out. We got to watch some shows down at the Place des Arts area for the Just for Laughs Festival. It was an awesome time!


5) Fireworks: Madonna Tribute + Dinner in Old Montreal

The Montreal International Fireworks Festival runs for about a month or so.  I haven’t gone to see any of the showings in a few years.  For the last show that wraps up the festival, we went to go see the fireworks with my fiance and a bunch of our friends.  We went out and met up for dinner beforehand.  After some discussion, we decided to go to Holder’s Restaurant in Old Montreal.


And for some Fireworks highlight!


6) Brossard Cultural and Gastronomic Festival + (more) Fireworks

My goodness, these festivals, right? And you can start asking, why is she always eating? I’m sorry.  I should be losing weight for the wedding but umm…I just can’t resist.  Brossard Festival has been around for a few years now.  I’ve only started going this past few years.  I had skipped last year though.  This year, they added food trucks and we got there later so that we could catch the fireworks finale at 11pm.

The process to get there, especially that last 45 minutes was painful.  No disrespect to the highlight band, La Bottine Souriante which is a Quebec folk band, but it was a clash of loud music which was balanced so bad that it sounded like a thousand pots clanging at the same time.  On top of that, the lyrics were absolutely hilarious and somewhat creepy (in a weird stalker-ish way). Anyways, no disrespect.  It wasn’t for me and it was fun watching everyone doing their version of jigs and jumping up and down.

But the fireworks, although only 15 minutes long was fantastic.  It was simply beautiful

7) Wedding Planning

I guess I’ve kind of kept it pretty quiet.  I had shared some details with some blogging buddies here and there. Wedding planning on a tight time schedule between ALL these events is what is going on.  We had some invitations snags which are all ironed out.  You can see my invitation package below! 🙂


If only all of us blogging friends weren’t so scattered around the world, there’s a lot of you I’d love to invite.  Imagine a meeting at a wedding, now that would be so cool! Unfortunately, I’m not rich so I can’t fly all of you in.  Sad because a lot of you have been a consistent part of my life the last few years and to me, you are all my friends 🙂 If you do want a bit more details on it, you can always drop me an email.

The past Sunday, I went shopping with my girl friends for my wedding dress and their bridesmaids dress.  I have a lovely friend being my celebrant so we were looking something for her as well! All in all, it was a long and exhausting day of shopping BUT, GOAL ACHIEVED! I found my wedding gown after just two dresses! It had everything I wanted and met all the criteria! Now for a few touch-ups and its ready to go! And, we even found my two girls their dresses with a lovely color (they called it eggplant). And I found my second dress! 🙂

Things are rolling into place but tentative schedules, details, centerpieces, bouquet, my mom’s dress, and of course, wedding bands: all still on our to-do list.  The date is rolling really close, my friends! I’ll probably drop one more update before the wedding! Two months countdown has started!!!

8) Upcoming….

  • Baking Through Disney Project: Snow White theme baked goods (my plan for this weekend)
  • Unloading my vacation pictures from May (I know its late but things got a little crazy)
  • Music Obsessions (possibly!)
  • A few book reviews
  • I’m planning a new way to get rid of some movies on Netflix and I’ll talk about it on the next movie review (right after I wrap up all the posts I owe fellow bloggers)
  • Maybe a Wedding Planning themed Pinterest Therapy (for good measure)

And to end it all, since I didn’t do a workout update, although I’m still running, Zumba and doing a 4 week Nike Training Club Workout Program.  In the heart of Zumba, one of the instructors use this as our cooldown song so it always makes stretch and do the cooldown routine when it comes on. I wasn’t a huge fan but listening to it over and over kind of grew on me.

Happy Friday, my lovelies!! 🙂

P.S. Drop by later! I have something awesome coming up!!