Warm Bodies (2013)

I’ve been raving about Warm Bodies since forever.  Probably even before all of you started talking about it, because well, it was filmed right outside my office building.  They closed off streets, warned us that if we heard gunshots or explosions, saw cows and goats, it was all good and safe.  Talk about a calming notice for a few days.  They may have piled on the streets with dirt and then put up boards and damaged cars, and after some research, they actually filmed in other parts of Old Montreal as well.  It makes this movie so much more exciting.  So much so that I went and picked up the book and reviewed it HERE. I liked the originality even if the concept was new and slightly bizarre.  Enough rambling…lets check out the movie!

warm bodies coverDirector: Jonathan Levine

Cast: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Dave Franco, Analeigh Tipton, Rob Corddry

R (Nicholas Hoult) is a zombie who lives at the airport with other zombies.  When he goes out to feed with his fellow zombies, they run into a group of apocalypse survivors out from camp to help replenish supplies.  This group includes leader Perry (Dave Franco) and his girlfriend Julie (Teresa Palmer).  Unfortunately R kills Perry but becomes attracted to Julie and takes her back to his home to protect her.  Little did he know that something in her sparked a change in him and he started becoming more human.  Was there a cure to turn the undead back to living?

warm bodies julie and r

I’m going straight to saying that I liked how this movie was adapted.  One of the main reasons is because they chopped off the part that I found really off the charts weird in the book.  But, it still isn’t a perfect adaptation as having read the book, I felt like this was slightly choppy.  I read it a while back so the book is also a bit foggy in my mind and I don’t remember a lot of details but I couldn’t help but feel that the flow wasn’t great.  To me, it still worked fine.

warm bodies city

Normally, I don’t go talking about setting because thats not my forte unless it really peaks my interest. Well, I live in that beautiful city up there, minus the fake wall they put up as dividers.  As cool as it was that it was shot totally and completely in Montreal, in my opinion.  That is my city right there, I live there.  So, when the movie ended with that shot and I was feeling a bit uneasy and started thinking, so, this is what my city would be like if there was a zombie apocalypse.  You know, at least make changes to the scene.  I’m staring at Montreal, probably viewed from Mont-Royal.  Just makes things a little awkward.  So at home and yet, not really…

warm bodies john malkovich julie

Moving along because most of you won’t feel that way about it as you don’t live in Montreal.  I haven’t had much knowledge of the two main characters.  Nicholas Hoult is completely  a new face to me.  Looking at IMDB, he was in Clash of the Titans but I don’t remember anything from that piece of garbage. I rarely feel so strongly for a movie so I don’t want to think about that.  Nicholas Hoult is pretty good as R.  It fits how I pictured R would be.  Very zombified and slowly going human.  Teresa Palmer is rather new to me also.  I’ve seen her before in I Am Number Four and I actually was impressed with her in that, not so much certain elements of the movie but just her.  In this one, I loved her as Julie.  She was pretty sassy and fun, pretty awesome all around. However, the character that I really thought was pretty hilarious was R’s friend, M, played by Rob Corddry.  There is really just one big name here (at least to me) and that’s John Malkovich as Julie’s father who also leads the army protecting the survivors.  In the trailers, he made me feel like he could be irritating but he actually was awesome.  I don’t even know why I doubted it. 🙂

warm bodies boneys

I felt like there should be a little mention on our baddies here.  Nope, not our reviving corpse but instead, its these fellas here, known as Boneys.  Those undead that has been in that state for too long and just can’t turn back.  They sense the living and sense threat to their being what they are.  There were moments, I have to admit they were a bit chilling and creepy.  This movie is categorized as horror but I’d say its more comedy and romance so it wasn’t a huge dose of it.  Nothing too intense, which is good also 🙂

Thats really all I have to say.  I was looking forward to checking this out to begin with but I also had some reservations.  I enjoyed the movie quite a bit.  The romance was cute, the story was adapted not flawless but relatively good, the cast put life into the characters and it was a nice time.  Its nothing like my favorite movie or anything but I’d gladly sit through it again eventually. Its a new take on the zombie apocalypse so I’d recommend it.  Give it a shot 🙂 It might turn into a pleasant surprise. I mean, my boyfriend’s dad was the one who encouraged us to watch it (much to my surprise)!

Book Review: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

My Goodreads Review: Warms Bodies is a love story.  Something like zombie version of Romeo and Juliet where its forbidden love.  One because the main character R is a zombie.  We read this book in his perception.  The things he observes and how he progresses.  How he views Julie, the girl that he gets drawn to.  Its not that I didn’t like this book.  I actually enjoyed it and made me wonder what would happen next in tense moments.  These tense moments helped me forget about the questions revolving around the foundation of this story.  It felt like there were consistencies in R being the narrator of this, that sometimes would bother me.  When I did turn off those questions, the story turned out to be quite compelling. Overall, shut off your brain and what you have been exposed to as a zombie and read this book. You will find some enjoyment in Marion’s imaginary world.  

warm bodiesWarm Bodies by Isaac Marion is a zombie love story.  Its set in a world where there is really nothing left.  War and other global crisis has caused the world to deteriorate.  All that is left is a small group of humans trying to stay alive among a world infested by a plague.  In this location, its set where they live in a Stadium and have different areas of their “army” to keep everyone safe, fed and alive from the zombies that now walk the land in different areas. The zombies live in their different hives along with Boneys which are fully deteriorated corpses: skeletons.  They have a control over them.  We get introduced to “R” who is a zombie.  He doesn’t remember his past but he also dislikes being called a zombie although he has no feelings and senses.  He does have a best friend, “M” and they carry on broken conversations here and there.  Most other zombies just groan and stare.  One day, when they go into the city to look for food:(humans to feed on), they run into a group of people. R ends up killing a young soldier, Perry, and when he eats his brain, he dives into his memories.  There he sees the life of Perry and his girlfriend Julie.  After he stops seeing those snippets from that bite, he sees Julie getting attacked and he saves  and abducts her to the abandoned airport where his hive is.  During this time with Julie, they learn more about each other and slowly R develops more skills in talking and eventually, an increasing ability to feel emotions.  When something happens and Julie decides to leave, R accompanies her to protect her.  Along the way, to protect him from her father she leaves him behind.  In desperation, R goes after her with the help of M, who had helped them escape the airport.  R then disguises as a human and walks into the stadium to find Julie.  Their reunion brings on something that changes everyone around them.

If I could use one word to describe this book, it’d use the word: bizarre.  Its a new way to see the world of zombies.  Zombies are the walking dead, but point is, they are dead.  Their hearts have stopped, they don’t breathe, they don’t eat except for human flesh.  All this is because of a plague.  So that means they can cure it.  They can revive the dead or at least thats the goal, right?

This book is first person narration by the main character R.  He is a zombie but sometimes, I feel like being the description that Marion first gives of him is that he doesn’t have feelings and he doesn’t know who he is or what he is.  But then, there are also contradictions in my mind.  Because he knows how to describe that ingesting food tastes like Styrofoam.  But how does he know what styrofoam is? He knows how to listen to music and work a record player and he can talk broken words.  On top of that, he seemed to know all this before he met Julie, who is supposedly the spark that starts the whole zombie revolution or is it evolution? Somehow in this world, the Boneys are super intelligent dead who somehow understand the concept of having a church, of marriage, and of educating the younger zombies.  To me, that’s bizarre.  The dead can barely talk and most of them have no idea what they are doing except for the instinctive urges they get to feed, but somehow they know how to do this.  They care about preserving the plague the way it is and keep the zombies as they are.

Pretty much, what I’m saying is that, when I was able to tuck away all the logical questions my brain kept firing out at the beginning, it was an enjoyable story.  It is a unique concept and its pretty good one also.  You just have to be able to buy that love can conquer all.  That it can help revive your soul.  I really tried to keep this not too revealing of the story.  There is a really weird twist that I won’t mention but it does give this story a bit more reason as it progresses.  I do recommend reading this because it is a very different from the zombie story we have seen in movies(or maybe even books but this is the first zombie book I’ve ever read so I can’t really comment).

Have you read this? Heard of it? How about the movie coming out in February (I think)? Will you go to see it?