Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

I know that I’ve done tons of colour photo challenges last year, like COLOURFUL and COLOURS! You should head on over if you want to brighten up these gloomy spring days.  I know I am…since forecast has it that it just might sprinkle more of that white stuff on Thursday…and the sun has been camping out behind the millions of clouds in the sky.

The only place we’re finding hints of colour is inside and I had proof of that at one of my friend’s birthday dinners at a lovely Brazilian restaurant called Milsa.


The decor had the ceiling draped with yellow and green fabric hanging loosely and a blazing red sign for the restaurant for contast 🙂

Since we are at the restaurant, how about a little colourful food? Our all you can eat salad!


Red tomatoes, green cucumbers, purple lettuce and cabbage (is that what we call that?)

Winding a week or two back, on March 31st, my birthday..my mom decorated her delicious yellow cake topped with lush red strawberries to match with the dried cranberries she had put in the cake as well 🙂 It was simple but mega delicious!!!


To end it off, earlier on that same day, I was in Burlington and we had found a wall full of nice drawings on it that we hadn’t noticed the first few times around.


Beautiful vibrant colors on this street wall painting!

What colors catch your eyes in your life?

This is my response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme COLOR!