Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Well, some of you might be in another time zone.

This week’s photo challenge is to show how we start our mornings.

Mine looks a bit like this!

Other than my alarm clocks (yes, I have multiple), it usually comes with towering glowing eyes.

Meow! I'm hungry! Its breakfast time, mom!

Meow! I’m hungry! Its breakfast time, mom!

She never misses breakfast and she’s always on time right after my first alarm rings.


After drowsily walking downstairs to feed my darling (and nagging) cat and then the swarming fishes in the aquarium, I head back up to catch a few more minutes of rest before my second alarm goes off. As I’m checking emails and trying to figure out what to wear to work or what to make for lunch.  Thats when my cat wants to come back for some cuddles and continue her beauty sleep and starts purring and trying to hypnotize me back to sleep…


After actually getting out of bed, getting changed, brushing my teeth and doing my morning skin regiment, I’m just in time to make myself some breakfast.  These days, its all about cereal, sometimes its Marshamallow Moments!


Marshmallow Moments

And other times its Blue Pom Bundles!


Blue Pom Bundles

Oh, and yes, almond milk all the way 😉

I also make myself a cup of tea if I have time, if its not, I always have it in my bag and its off to whatever I have planned, weekdays is running to the bus stop and weekends could be sitting around in bed or going out for some shopping to avoid the rush at Walmart

Thats my morning! How do you start yours? Whats your essential?

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