Bring it On: Worldwide #Cheersmack (2017)

Finally, the last movie of 2017 went to a rather random choice of watching the latest Bring it On called Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack. Its really not that out of the world since the last time I watched all the Bring It On was when I was preparing for New Year’s Eve dinner a few years back. I guess the brainless entertainment part of these films tend to make them okay to put on as it doesn’t take a lot of attention and energy. I honestly don’t have high hopes for this one but I figured why not, since I had already seen the previous five (or something).

Let’s check it out!

Bring it On: Worldwide #Cheersmack (2017)

bring it on worldwide cheersmack

Director: Robert Adetuyi

Cast: Christine Prosperi, Jordan Rodrigues, Gia Lodge O’Meally, Sven Ruygrok, Sophie Vavasseur, Stephan Benson, Vivica A. Fox

When Destiny (Prosperi), captain of three-time national champions “The Rebels,” is challenged to a global cheer showdown by an edgy new team called “The Truth,” the Cheer Goddess organizes a virtual battle for squads from all around the world. – IMDB

Over the past five Bring It On movies, I have learned to embrace its formula. Some of them are pretty silly to watch but because of the cast or some cool cheerleading moves, it somehow still is in my memory a little. Unfortunately, Bring It On: Worldwide Cheersmack really doesn’t have much of that. It is incredibly flawed and frankly, there were moments that were downright annoying. If you venture here for a while, you do know that I am quite lenient on certain films particularly of the guilty pleasure variety but there was no guilt and no pleasure. I did however spend a lot of time rolling my eyes.

Bring It On Worldwide Cheersmack

Bring It On: Worldwide Cheersmack is lacking in many things. It tries to add suspense to its story by bringing in a mysterious squad called The Truth Squad. However, that falls flat because the mystery doesn’t stay hidden for very long. There were a lot of ridiculous over the top moments and a lot of forced dialogue. Vivica A. Fox played the Cheer Goddess which had some interesting outfits but it was so very weird to watch perhaps even bordering cringe worthy. I’m not going to point out the formula because these movies clearly have that because I’ve always defended that formulaic films when done well with their own twist do have some entertaining factors but this one sadly missed the mark.

bring it on worldwide cheersmack

I don’t like just putting down films because obviously, trying to make films are hard especially when its the 6th one. I personally think Bring It On should probably be left alone at this point but then, some people believe that Step Up should be left alone like 4 films ago but I still enjoy them so what do I know, right? With that said, I did find a few positives here. For one, I liked the love interest here, Blake played by Jordan Rodrigues. I has come to my attention that he is in a TV show called The Fosters which I’ve heard of but never seen. Its on Netflix so I’ll try to check it out soon. Aside from that, there were some nice messages here enforced through the relationship between Blake and Destiny, our main girl here who needs to put down her ego and of course, Blake is the one who helps her see the important things in life other than her popularity. A respectable and important message to sometimes put aside social media and the internet and embrace real life and real people and notice the beautiful things around us. Finally, I can’t decide if its a pro or a con so I’ll take it as a respectable homage from the team here to put into their routines for the finale a few tastes of some of the past inspired difficult moves in previous Bring It On films. Why I don’t say that because I am no cheerleading expert and Canada doesn’t seem to have any cheerleading competitions (but I don’t look for it so we might) like in the US so I only know about cheerleading stuff through the five previous Bring It On movies and I don’t remember it all that well so they look familiar to what I remember being the highlight breakout moves that win the routines in previous Bring It On films but I can’t be sure. However, if it is, then call it copying if you want to be negative but I’d say its giving some respect to previous movies for the fans, I suppose.

bring it on: worldwide cheersmack

Overall, Bring It On: Worldwide Cheersmack is a rather lackluster viewing experience. The angle here somewhat works as it does seem to want to step towards the Step Up style in their films of meshing different styles together and the movies are done in a similar sort of formula meshed with a Bring It On formula. It doesn’t fully execute mostly because the characters here are quite annoying and lack in depth. There is a lot of the convenience of a decision that drives the film and you can see the conflict that it wants to put forward from the decision a character makes.

Netflix A-Z: Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)

Continuing on with our Netflix journey is a sudden change of heart, mostly because I’m having a feeling my original one would be all about the feels and well, I’m not down for that right now.  I just want to watch a fun movie and shut my brain off.  With that said, for those you who don’t know, I’m a huge fan of Sharknado.  You can read the review HERE! I watched that back in 2014 for the Halloween marathon, and I’ve been meaning to watch the second one since then and just never did. I think the key with sequels is the fear that the second won’t live up to the thrills of the first one, especially in the case of Asylum movies.  Still, it seemed like time to check it out!

Let’s go! 🙂

Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)

Sharknado 2

Director: Anthony C. Ferrantes

Cast: Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Vivica A. Fox, Mark McGrath, Kari Wuhrer, Courtney Baxter, Dante Palminteri, Judd Hirsch

When Fin & April are on their way to New York, a Category 7 Hurricane spawns Heavy rain, winds, storm surges, & deadly Sharknadoes. And it’s up to Fin & April to save the Big Apple from total devastation.-IMDB

 Back in the Sharknado-verse sure feels great! Sharknado 2 is not better than Sharknado, not by a long shot but the heart of what Sharknado is is no doubt will there. Its full of bad CGI, overacting, and plain suspension of belief crazy to the next level. But, Sharknado was exactly like that and its kind of Asylum’s staple.  This is the sort of movie you shut off your brain and logic, turn it on and just enjoy.  You will cringe and laugh at the movies and roll your eyes and say WTF, but that’s okay because the movie doesn’t take itself seriously so we don’t have to either.  The key is to be larger than life, amplifying the Sharknado into a bigger damage than before in a much bigger Sharknardo than the one in Los Angeles in the first film but now its in the busy New York. What’s great is that the main cast is back with Ian Ziering playing Fin and Tara Reid playing his wife, April.  They are famous for the Los Angeles incident, Fin can’t deal with the popularity, April writes a book about it and they are there to have a family meet up and mend some relationships, except, they get caught up in this EF5 Sharknado.  All this is amplified with what I think is even worse CGI than the first one and that’s when I wonder, how? I know they are out to make a guilty pleasure, so bad its good sort of film but you’d think that with the popularity that Sharknado pulled in, they’d have a little more to work with.  Maybe I’m wrong? I didn’t check the budget and I don’t plan to so let’s just leave it at that because I’m a fan of the first one so I can easily forgive it.

Sharknado 2

Talking badass, no one quite beats Ian Ziering’s Fin who just ups the level of crazy.   Its like the producers or screenwriters or director sat together at a table and was brainstorming what he could do to just blow this out of proportion.  I mean, how do you beat a man surviving being eaten by a shark in the first one.  If you didn’t see the first one, I’m sorry to have spoiled it for you but trust me, that doesn’t matter.  If you like this sort of movie, it makes no difference. Fin this time treats the sharks in a fearful but taunting death sort of way and kind of pulls up his courage and just does it. That’s what makes his personality so fun to watch.  He’s a chain-sawing toting, sword welding, shark hopping type of guy.  You know he’s going to survive this second Sharknado even before you finish and no matter what happens in the process.  Everyone around him, well, let’s not make any guarantees just yet.

Sharknado 2

I’m not a fan of Tara Reid.  I’m just not.  The last film, she redeemed herself a little in a matching way to the tone of Sharknado but this one, nope. Tara Reid kind of scared me.  Her acting was WAY over, like Sharknado is overacting but she was over over the top that it kind of made roll my eyes in the bad way and not laugh at the movie.  However, that scene up there as absurd as it is was the best part of her role.

I think in general, that’s the issue with Sharknado 2.  In the first one, I mention that all can be forgiven because its okay that everyone knows they are in a crisis and they need to do what they need to do.  Shift all the stupid issues aside and just take care of business but in this one, there are lot of talky moments in the most ridiculous times.  I like that Fin and his brother in law’s character rekindle their bromance and its fun to watch but when they try to work it out or April and Fin are talking it out, or Fin’s old flame played by Vivica A. Fox is reminiscing the past, its a little too much for the situation than I would have hoped. I know that Sharknado might want to give these characters a backstory but in no disrespect meant here and fully applauding them is that Sharknado isn’t about the story, its about having fun watching a bad movie with almost nothing that makes sense and just having a good time.

Sharknado 2

I couldn’t resist putting this scene in because in the most ridiculous ways, its hilarious to watch this absurdity go down. Yet, its a memorable movie moment.  There really isn’t much more to say about Sharknado so I’m just going to wrap it up.

Overall, Sharknado 2 doesn’t live up to the ultimate “so bad its good” vibe from the first one but for those who appreciate the brainless guilty pleasure movies, this is still a decent choice.  There are many absurd moments to laugh about.  There are lots of sharks to see flying above and twisting in a tornado or attacking and being attacked.  There’s Fin being his usual bad-ass self that I truly love.  Sure, there’s a bit more stupid relationship/family issues brought up and Tara Reid is not good but that doesn’t ruin what Sharknado 2 offers. Of course, Sharknado 2 isn’t for everyone. Its only reserved for those who can not take a movie seriously once in a while and give your brain a break.  I promise you, you won’t need it for this 95 mins.  Just have fun and laugh! That’s what its about! 🙂

Have you seen Sharknado 2? What do you think of it? Are you fan of the first Sharknado?