I’m BACK!! :)

I’m back home from my vacation in Maine.

Vacation was great and I’ll be posting about it throughout all of next week once I finish sorting out all of the 630 pictures that I took.

I know that I kind of dropped off the map  for the last two days but thats because I didn’t manage to wrap up the movie review but its work in progress and since I promised a vlog, I’ll fit it in also.

Some things have happened as of the last 24 hours in my own personal life.  I will get things back on track.

BUT, first things first, I’m going to start reading those 600+ emails/posts sitting in my inbox….

I’ll be back really soon and I’ll get cracking with everything!

For now, I’m just checking in to give you all a heads up and wish you all a fantastic evening/night (maybe morning?) depending where you are.  I will have a post going up tomorrow (most probably).


Yesterday on a very hot and humid day hitting about 40 degrees Celsius, I sat in my backyard in the late afternoon and did this little vlog to tell you that…I’m going on vacation for the next few days and an update plus a little video extra at the bottom! Description in the vlog..so check it out first.  Its shorter than the last time at only a little past 4 minutes so hope you enjoy it!

Somehow my cover did the flipped rotation in the editing program and I couldn’t figure out how to change it back so I had to just post it directly onto YouTube as a separate video 🙂 Hope you like it!

My cover of Anna Kendrick-Cups–> only the cups part..and it gets repetitive but nearing 3/4 in the video, I start fumbling around a little before I get back on track..and if you listen really closely, I’m singing here and there in the background!

**2015 update: Copyright issue, so video taken down**

Thats it everyone! I’m out for a few days! I have some stuff scheduled and will be checking in with video blogs (if everything goes as planned)! I might post some updates on Twitter if I find that its easier that way.  We’ll see how it goes! I’ll figure it out as the trip goes along and how everything works out 🙂

The links I mentioned in the videos are right below:

Life of Jonathan

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man’s Chest, At World’s End, On Stranger Tides

Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets

P.S. I’m somewhat enjoying does these vlogs! Just takes a few takes to get a bit more relaxed instead of looking like a grumpy person like my first one 🙂

Updates and My First Vlog!

Are you excited?

I’m mega scared to air this.  What if you think I’m crazy? It feels like a first date.  Although I don’t even remember what that feels like, so maybe a job interview.

I felt like the original one take vlog wasn’t good enough even after some little bits editing redundant parts.  I did film this in Old Montreal with some scenery, so the effort was there, even though I was super self-conscious..and I realize I never know where to look. It was a trial with the video recording functions on my phone.  The quality is actually pretty good.

I don’t own a tripod so please excuse the shake.  I tried my best to hold my notes and the camera in the other hand and not jitter around. I even tried to hide behind a tree and people still stared at me when they walked by…

Hope you enjoy it! Links mentioned will be posted below the video!


Thanks to Chris @ Film Hipster for the mention here–> Ironman 3, 100% & Shitfest 2013

2) MEG RYAN MARATHON –> You’ve Got Mail

Drop me an email at Kim.tranquildreams@gmail.com if you want to do a review.  I’d love to feature you here.


Vote on the post below to tell me what you think about that idea 🙂 If you had additional comments, do leave me a comment 🙂

4) A BITE OF CHINA PROJECT  continues! If you’re interested click on the link and see which recipes would interest you then send me an email.  We’ll take it from there 🙂


Eric @ Isaacs Pictures Conclusions presents SHITFEST 2013: Announcement, Update, Update#2

ALSO: Forgot to mention an additional update! I’m going to be finishing up Pirates of the Caribbean marathon soon! Still not sure when.  But at least thats an idea of whats coming up 🙂

Thanks for enduring my horrible video editing and shaky camera and all that seriousness.  I was really nervous…I’ll be better the next time, if I don’t scare any of you away!