Toronto & Fan Expo Canada 2019 Haul

On a much needed weekend getaway, Toronto and Fan Expo Canada 2019 was a really great time to say the least. Arriving in the early afternoon on Friday, we all had the day to just get into town and settle into the Airbnb. My to-do list had quite a few things including Vaughan Mills to check out a few stores and stock up on stuff on sale as well as hit T&T Supermarket for groceries like breakfast and snacks and stuff to bring home and of course, taking a stop at LCBO to see what there is new there to check out.



Some very normal stuff here. I was at Uniqlo looking for T-Shirts and found one. I don’t know any of the manga that they were doing T-shirts for but I liked this one the most. Other than that, I was looking for tank tops and whatnot. Its a really good selection over here so I picked up some stuff that I think will be good.

Disney Store


While there was a lot of cool plushes at this Disney store, there was no doubt that Sebastian was the one that caught my eye mostly because it was the 30th anniversary new arrival that the sales rep said just got to the store that week. Plus, I already have a lonely Flounder sitting next to my bed and have been meaning to wrap up The Little Mermaid collection.



We also make a stop at LCBO (or whichever provincial alcohol store) whenever we head out of town to try and find something that we can’t find here. One of the things is the VQA Niagara Peninsula always has more choices and then there’s a lot more selection for the ciders. We bought a few more than these three but over the time on the trip, it was consumed between us. I had the Queen Street 501 that I had already written about before on a Wine Recap and we also had the Molson Cider as well as a few flavors from the Crazy Uncle collection other than the root beer, an orange crush version, cream soda version and lemonade version. These three are what made it back: Smirnoff Sangria (red – which means I won’t be drinking it but might give it a sip to try), Thornbury Village Craft Apple Cider and a Riesling white wine.


If you didn’t catch my Fan Expo recap, I didn’t have a lot of time to do much wandering and shopping during the event so really only went through the North Building and didn’t look at any of the retailers or artist alley in the South Building.

Black Fawn Distribution


I realized that Black Fawn Distribution was going to be there really close to when I decided to head out. Luckily, they were in the North building and we had time to do that on Saturday and they had the movies that I was looking for since they haven’t been to Fantasia in a year or two (I think). We did talk to them and they are hoping to be at Fantasia next year so crossing my fingers for that. Either way, they had a whole signing thing going on so I managed to sneak back during the afternoon between some lining up to get The Heretics signed but didn’t realize that on Sunday they also had signing for I’ll Take Your Dead so that one only has the director that signed. Looking forward to watching these as always since I’ve always liked Black Fawn films and appreciated what they’d do for indie horror films.

Myth Hawker Travelling Bookstore


What’s really impressive about Fan Expo is the amount of authors and books that are sold there. Some big publishers are there also. Its incredibly amazing which makes me want to slap myself a little for not trying to find more time to go through South Building but then, where we were had a lot of choices too and they had this one: Myth Hawker Travelling Bookstore which had a lot of books that looked and sounded really good when I read their synopsis. In the end, I went back to pick up this Asian sci-fi and fantasy anthology called Where the Stars Rise. The premise and such caught my eye right away so I’m excited to check this out after my string of reading commitments is done.

Aside from this haul, we did get a free poster of The Fanatic from the advanced screening. We also each got a free Fan Expo T-Shirt from past expos that were given out. I skipped sharing T&T Supermarket stuff as there’s nothing too extraordinary except that I bought moon cakes in anticipation for the upcoming Midautumn Festival and stocked up on some drinks and such.

That’s it for this Toronto/Fan Expo haul!!
Did you go to Fan Expo Canada?

Toronto Shopping Finds :)

For the record, I haven’t shopped with my best friend in ages.  We both are busy with our own lives and its been tough to even find time to hang out.  Just to mention it…our friendship started 10 years ago in mid August/September.  Maybe subconsciously we both felt it would be great timing and it may be for that reason ;).  I really don’t have too many friends that is still in my life after 10 years and keep constant contact.  This is actually the first road trip that we had just the two of us.  Things went great and we managed to not only see two wonderful movies at TIFF but we also managed to eat some delicious food (I will post soon) and lots of shopping.

We arrived in Markham at about noon and went straight to Pacific Mall to kill some time before we checked into our hotel at 3pm.  I always make the run to pick up some Hong Kong flicks and some blu-rays. I also go to get some dried plums and egg rolls, etc.  These are the movies that I got:


Any of the movies catch your interest? From the top we have Hansel and Gretel:Witch Hunter, Gangster Squad, John Dies at the End, Step Up Revolution, Ip Man: Final Fight (missed this at Fantasia Festival), Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Young and Dangerous: Prequel, The Lady, Drug War, Saving General Yang (missed this at Fantasia Festival), A Simple Life. There were two other ones that were chosen for Venice Film Festival but they weren’t available yet so maybe next time I go again 🙂

Saturday was our actual shopping day and we headed out to Vaughan Mills.  I remember having a lot of fun there last time and my best friend had never been before so we ended up hitting a lot of sales.  I ended up getting a lot of clothes.  The main goal was to get something warmer since Toronto was so very cold.

I bought mostly athletic clothes at Aeropostale.  It was a pretty sweet deal for all of that 🙂 Plus, I think they have super comfortable slim fit sweat pants.

I love Bluenotes to bits because they have such cute t-shirts.  I wanted to buy so many more.  These ones fit me better.

Disney outlet and Foot Locker

Disney outlet and Foot Locker

I know that I shouldn’t get anything at Disney outlet but Flounder was just too cute! I had to get it 🙂

That sweater is possibly the most expensive sweater I’ve gotten but its dri-fit and is super warm and water resistant.  I think I have an obsession over Under Armour clothes….okay..maybe I don’t think.

Aside from that, after a lot of self-control, I bought one type of tea at Teavana called Berry Kiwi Colada Herbal tea.

Berry Kiwi Colada (picture from Teavana site)

It smelled delicious and fruity.  Plus, they have some Perfectea rock sugar to add in to make it a bit sweeter to cover some of the tisanes sour taste in some.  Its made from beets so its supposed to be healthier also.

For Sunday, time was a bit tighter after the movie so we didn’t end up doing much shopping and rather left for home to get back so that we could both rest up for the next day since we both need to head out to work.

Shopping is always the best with my best friend and it was a memorable trip.  Thats the most important part of it 🙂

Drop by again to see some more of Toronto and especially for the movie review of TIFF 2013’s showing of Hong Kong Chinese vampire horror movie, Rigor Mortis. Its taking me a bit longer to put together the review but it will be up very soon.

Toronto Finds!

I usually don’t start showing off my crazy shopping sprees although this time, I really controlled myself quite well.

For the Oscars Night post, I sneaked in one of my awesome finds from Toronto and it was another visit to a Disney store I haven’t been to.  I have this crazy Disney fan thing of buying max 2 characters for my Disney collection from every Disney store that I encounter.  I’ve never been to Vaughan Mills and there it was, a Disney outlet and there I got my two Disney characters:

Lotso from Toy Story 3 and he smells like strawberries

Lotso from Toy Story 3 and he smells like strawberries

It was actually really funny because that night that we went back to the hotel room and I hadn’t realized that Mr. Lotso here smelled of anything. I just love this character (even if he’s mean) and he was so soft and cuddly.  But one of the friends for our after party tea party in our room lead to one of my friends picking him up and reading his tag and ending up sniffing up Lotso all night until she went back to her room to sleep.

I did tell you two Disney stuffed animals and here is my second one:



I love Bambi also.  However, I’d like to eventually find Thumper and Flower because they are just ever so adorable.  He already has his spot perched up on drawer with Lady and Tramp and My Little Ponies 🙂

So after the childish additions, lets move on something a bit more cool…actually really cool! TEA! Who doesn’t love tea, right? I mean some of you probably prefer coffee but I prefer tea.  At Vaughan Mills, I discovered a tea shop called Teavana and it had this beautiful fruity tea aroma flowing out dragging me in.  My mom hasn’t realized I bought more tea yet and she kind of has forbid me to buy any more till I finish what I have but, I just couldn’t resist…especially because of this…just look:

Three teas: Sakura Allure, Tranquil Dream and Sevenberry Sangria!

Three teas: Sakura Allure, Tranquil Dream and Sevenberry Sangria!

They had a tea with my blog name! How could I not get it, right? And it proved to be very useful after our gigantic meal at Casa Victoria, that I talked about yesterday.  And it tastes so good and has a great calming effect 🙂

On the terms of Casa Victoria, I had mentioned that there were  games and raffles and draws and all that stuff.  Did you know what I got for our table raffle? I present to you:


I know you’re laughing, but I’m serious!There were multiple gifts on the table to draw and I got this fabulous box of Ziploc! Not complaining though. We were the Ziploc table because another friend won the raffle with the gift of a 4 pack of 150 bags box of Ziplocs.  Imagine that..haha! And he was in the same car as us riding back.  I don’t complain though, this is useful stuff and plus, I never win anything..winning this is already quite awesome!

Before we left Toronto, we always make a last T&T Supermarket run and this time we visited a newer one.  I love T&T, its like my Asian foods heaven. I always get these sweet pastry and some type of bread.  This time it was coconut bread, but by the time I was going to take pictures of it, my boyfriend already had ate it…But I still have a pastry left to show you.  Its my absolute fave!

Winter Melon Pastry / Wife Cake

Winter Melon Pastry / Wife Cake

I’m almost full on lactose intolerant so I had this intense craving for some soy milk.  In the store, I found this cool soy drink that I’ve never tasted before called Black Soy Drink and last night, I tried it out and it was so delicious!

P1210298Its a mix of black soy beans and black sesame and it just tastes so amazing! I can’t wait to go home and get it.

So we come to the “new” movies I purchased this time around.  Its not a lot compared to my usual bundle but it will last for a while.  Mostly Chinese action or martial arts flicks 🙂 Wu Xia is the Donnie Yen flick that I haven’t seen and possibly his latest one (not sure though). There’s also Flowers of War which is a Chinese movie with Christian Bale.  Also got The Bullet Vanishing with Nicholas Tse which I got because of him since I’m a huge fan since my teens.  His the only Hong Kong star that I’ve been into for so long.  And I have another one called Cold War which seemed to be really popular when I was in Hong Kong last year.

I bought of tons of other food like dried fruits and juices and all that stuff.  Even have a package of frozen steamed dumplings because they are just so delicious 🙂

 I also visited a lot of other asian markets just because it was with another group of friends. There was J Town which was a Japanese market and then there was Galleria which is a Korean market.  Seriously, I’m hooked on those places.  Its pretty cool places but I didn’t buy much there, except in Galleria, I bought some little walnut cakes, although I ate them all before I had a chance to take any pictures of it.  Some more places to check out if ever you are around those areas, its more in the Markham area though.  We didn’t head downtown this time around.

The weekend was fantastic full of good food and interesting and fun finds.  Movie reviews for those flicks will go up slowly hopefully during this year. A weekend getaway always recharges me a bit for the week and this one definitely did…especially since it has motivated me to work out double as hard to stay fit after all that over indulging in food 🙂