Game Warp Podcast: Top 6 Games Reviewed in 2016!

2017 is just around the corner! Game Warp Podcast couldn’t end the year without a wrap up of 2016. We started mid-year with Unravel back at the end of May with our debut episode but did end up reviewing 9 games on the show. In this episode, we looked back and chose our Top 6 Games Reviewed. What will make our top spot? Join us for the countdown! Not all of the titles are 2016 releases but its a nice mix and a great first season! Thanks for watching!

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What was your Game of the Year? What  games are you looking forward to in 2017?

Making Yarny from Unravel!

Happy Sunday!! Today, I’m here with a fun little crafting project. Maybe you know what Unravel is or maybe you don’t, but that doesn’t matter. Yarny is the darling little yarn boy in this independent game called Unravel. We covered on the debut episode of Game Warp and even had a little challenge to make one of our own. Its been almost two months but its only right to get it done before our next game review podcast comes out sometime next week.


Here’s the video of how to make Yarny if you want to give it a try:

Here’s just a picture trail of how mine was done along the way!




Yarny Skeleton

My Yarny

My Yarny

What do you think? The head kind of is a little off but I think it was okay. But to be honest, I had to rework the skeleton/frame one for the arms, legs and the head. In face, my Yarny might have two skeleton frames to give it that shape. Crafting skills is a little rusty. However, I have never worked with wire before so I think it was okay.

Now, I have a ton of red and white yarn left. What crafts to do with them now? Any suggestions?

Announcement: Check Out Our Debut YouTube Gaming Podcast Game Warp!

***Let me interrupt our normal Netflix A-Z day with an some exciting news! 🙂

As some of you know, I write for That Moment In doing Game Break and Game Reviews and some gameplay video.  Writing about gaming is a whole new challenge and its fun to no ends.  However, its been on my mind to start up a gaming podcast and thanks to my awesome co-host Elwood Jones from a fantastic blog, From the Depths of DVD Hell, who also recently joined That Moment In and writes Retro Gaming Reviews, we joined forces and finally are proud to announce the launch of our new YouTube Gaming Podcast called Game Warp!

Our debut runs a little longer than the usual podcasts that are over at That Moment In but give it a few minutes of introductions and we jump into new releases and games we anticipate.  Followed closely by a review of a little independent game developed by Coldwood Interactive called Unravel, where you play as a little yarn boy called Yarny.

Choosing to do this podcast on YouTube is so that Game Warp will have gameplay videos in the background and showcases of images of upcoming games that have caught our attention and that sort of thing.  Its a whole new world that we’ve dived into and I’m hoping that you will enjoy it and help us spread the word! Please show us support and feedback.  If you have any games that you’d like us to talk about, we welcome the recommendations! 🙂

Without further ado, here is the Debut Episode of Game Warp!

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Game Break: Unravel Teases A Beautiful Experience Unlike Any Other

Check out the next Game Break post I wrote over at That Moment In for a video about the inspiration for Unravel that was just released for possibly the game I’ve only recently heard about but highly anticipate. Love, nature and puzzles are my absolutely favorite sort of game.

Have you heard of Unravel?

That Moment

What if a video game was not about shooting and aliens and explosions, but instead, about love? The develops over at Coldwood Interactive posed this question and came up with a new game that tasks players with doing something a little different, and to think about games as way to connect in ways we might never have before.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.25.23 PM

Coldwood Creative Director Martin Sahlin is the main inspiration behind the main character of a puzzle adventure game coming out February 9th called Unravel.  What is Unravel you may ask? We play as a little yarn character simply called Yarny who takes us on an adventure through many different nature scenes collecting the memories and helping reconnect a long lost family. While its about the past for the family, we also learn and connect with Yarny in his present adventures.

Yarny unravels during this big journey through various natural environments inspired…

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