Tug of War: Marvel or DC?

I’ve been pretty busy this week so I haven’t dropped by to The Matticus Kingdom to check out your answers but I just did a quick skim and there’s been a lot of comments which is fantastic.  If you haven’t read THIS post, asking you join into The Offical  Matticus Kingdom Tug of War, well, you probably should head over HERE to check it out instead! This should spark a pretty interesting tug of war 🙂 If you are into the DC universe, well, go ahead and tug hard and well, if you want Marvel to win, pull back with all your might.

The question we are tugging for in this war is: Which universe of superheroes (and villains) is superior: Marvel or DC?

Now, the big question here is which side did I pick? I could’ve just answered in the comments but you know, I like to talk and ramble 😉 I’ll try to keep it short, ok?

Just in case you are unfamiliar, because I’m a mega beginner.  I only know about either of them because of movies.  Here’s a poster for each of them.


dc characters

So, which side am I going to pull with all my force, right?

Its really funny actually.  For all of today before I sat down to write this and search up those images, I was thinking I’d back DC comics because hey, there’s Batman, Catwoman, The Joker and some pretty impressive heros and villains.  I haven’t experienced the apparent awesomeness (from what I’e heard) of Arrow yet so it wouldn’t be fair to include that.

But, as much as it pains me to say this, lets get those apologies out there. I’m sorry, Batman, I had to let you go. I can’t defend DC Universe. If one of my really good friends read this, she will give me a lesson also, but still…

*sigh of relief* Now that thats out of the way. I’m joining all of you tugging for Marvel.

Now, hear me out, ok? I had to pick a side and not just a hero.  If it was a hero, Batman would win hands-down but I took a good hard look at DC Universe and what its had to offer (in terms of movies).  Other than Batman and Catwoman, Green Lantern was a disaster and not to mention a snoozefest. Watchmen was a mega weird one and still so boring (but apparenlty I’m the minority who thinks that), and well, I didn’t see Jonah Hex because Megan Fox was in it and I don’t really want to watch it. Call it a lack of exposure to other DC universe characters but they aren’t winning over my heart right this moment.

Isn't this concept art poster so cool?

Isn’t this concept art poster so cool?

With that said, Marvel has done a great job.  All the characters are fun.  Wolverine and X-men kicked some ass along with Cyclops and Rogue and the whole bunch.  Even the villains were pretty bad-ass.  I mean Xavier to Magneto, epic! 🙂 Then, just look at The Avengers. Would you want to mess with The Hulk? I wouldn’t.  I mean, thats one of the reasons, I would not choose DC either.  I mean, Joker is pretty nasty but some big-ass green dude can probably crush me.  Look over at the positives: Thor is just fantastic, I mean, he’s a demi-god. I think that says it all.  Ironman is not godly but he is quite torn and broken but pretty powerful in his own way.  And then, we have Hawkeye who is a great archer and Black Widow is a femme fatale right now.  A great team right there! Oh and how can I forget, Blade is in this mix also.  Who doesn’t love a vampires? I know I do!


What wins it for me has to be Spiderman though.  I mean, it was pretty much a battle between Spiderman and Batman in the first place.  I’m not very much Tobey Maguire Spiderman as opposed to Andrew Garfield but Spiderman is quite Amazing in itself.  There’s a god, a few superhumans and some pretty awesome fighting capabilities in this mesh and I’d say Marvel is the winner, for me at least 🙂

Do you agree? Maybe you disagree and you’re more of a DC Universe supporter? Head on over to the Matticus Kingdom HERE.  If you don’t want to do a post, then just leave a comment so that you can make sure that you give a bigger chance to your side.

Keep on tugging! Tomorrow is the last day to help out your side! 🙂

How about a game of TUG OF WAR?


I really think you all might like this fun game, especially you fellow movie bloggers.  The topic is trending in the last few years and the upcoming releases and all that stuff.

Psst..it has something to do with superheroes.

Back in February last year, DJ Matticus hosted the very first TUG OF WAR. He offered up the idea on my Tag posts and I loved the idea and we proceeded to asked the very awesome and creative Rara to help make it all work out.  Thats the joy of blogging, right? Making friends, having fun and thinking up new ideas.  I don’t think I did much other than support the idea but he did include me in setting up the first one.

It is with great joy that I help announce THE RETURN OF THE OFFICIAL MATTICUS KINGDOM TUG OF WAR!

Probably not so cute ;)

Probably not so cute 😉

Some of you may already know what it is but for the others with questions like: What is that? How do you play tug of war in the blogosphere? This is what goes down: DJ Matticus asks a question and we, anyone interested, will talk it out (kind of).  Post something and pull as hard as you can to convince everyone the side that you support.  Tug, tug, tug with all your strength!!!

Visit the following link to check out all the details and the question for the Tug of War:


I urge you all to check it out! It’ll be fun and you want to fight for your side.

Go along and tug as hard as you can! Play along and have lots of fun! 🙂

P.S. I’ll be putting out my choice soon…I look forward to checking out your responses 🙂 Remember to check out Rara’s blog also! I put the link up there.

Tug of War: Chicken or Egg?

After we were hit with the Bloggers’ Tag game a few days ago, DJ Matticus over at The Matticus Kingdom suggested maybe to do a tug of war online,so we started thinking and eventually reaching out to Rarasaur to help.  And here’s whats become of that! This is in response to The Matticus Kingdom’s first ever Tug of War.  Join into the fun by going to the link that I put and either write a post and link back or just leave him a comment to see.  And in a week (less now 6 days), the counters will decide which side wins.

The prompt: Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

Being on the road yesterday didn’t leave me much time to answer right away but I promised that I’d have one up today! Its going to be short and I could’ve argued both ways.  There was a phase in my nerdy  geeky life that I had pondered that question and almost did my public speaking topic on it until I thought it was ridiculous so I pushed it aside.

But now, I get to talk about that!

So my choice on one of the biggest paradox in the world. For me, my choice has to be egg! As much as I’d like to argue with DJ Matticus, I’ve always believed in the egg being first. I can hear you asking me why already? Egg has to be first.  It would be an evolution from fossilized rocks.  Some genes gets mixed in and voila, here it is! The egg hatched into the chicken.  Of course, that has to be totally by chance and eventually it would be extinct like most (or all) of the creatures from millions of years ago.  By then, the chickens were able to lay their eggs and they would hatch into more and more chicks and so continues the circle of life.

I can hear all your arguments and you are welcome to argue with me in the comments.  I’m going to go the agree to disagree path 😉 However, another time, if you do want, why not drop a comment or write a post to help your side win. Lets solve this paradox together in the first ever tug of war!

AND most importantly, a HUGE THANKS to DJ Matticus for starting this awesome blogging game of tug of war!

Happy Saturday everyone!  I’m out to do some shopping with my friends at Vaughn Mills! Never been..it should be fun 🙂