Daily Prompt: Kick It

Today’s daily prompt: What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

You know, I haven’t thought about my bucket list yet.  However, I do read lots of blogs here of people doing the craziest things in my book.  You can count me out on anything requiring to jump willingly out of a plane like parachuting or sky diving.  And anything like jumping off a platform like bungee jumping. Forget it! I won’t even survive the fall.  My best friend tries to convince me to do that and I’ve refused on multiple occasions.  I’m all for adrenaline rushes but I’m also very happy with my two feet on the ground.

Let me take a pause and direct you over to one of the most adventurous bloggers I have visited.  Her blog is called Bucket List Publications and I love reading her adventures even if I personally wouldn’t do it.  Click HERE to see her Bucket list in 2012 and HERE for her Bucket  list in 2013.  Although I think she’s had me convinced that swimming with whale sharks could be extremely awesome.

Okay, well lets get back on track.  I’m not even sure I have 10 items on my bucket list.  Talk about 11.  Let me see if I can put one together quickly.

Lets see…

My bucket list would have places that I’d love to see and visit.

Top 3 travel destinations:

1) Prague

2) Santorini

3) Maldives

Make that 4 with this one:

4) Barcelona (for its architecture)

It would include something like:

5) Seeing the Sakura Festival in Japan

6) Studio Ghibli Museum

This is probably the most dangeous choice:

7) Visit a Tropical Rain Forest

I can already hear my boyfriend saying that he would never go because he heard there are massive dangerous insects from Top Gear episode of Bolivia Challenge.

8) Visit Zhang Jia Jie National Park/Stone Park

Maybe you have no idea what this is, but if I told you it was the film setting of Avatar.  This place I’ve wanted to go to even before the movie came out because its has about the most amazing scenery.  It would feel totally awesome to see it.

9) See Les Miserables performance in UK

I already talked about this before but that would really make me super happy because its something that would just totally be amazing.

10) Going to see a live show of Top Gear in UK

Have you ever watched Top Gear? That show is crazy good.  I love Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond.  The challenges are crazy awesome and to see it right in front of me would be the best in the world.  However, its almost impossible to do it.  I believe it lands into a game of luck, which I usually lack.

These are off the top of my head so it could not be that in 6 months.  Who knows? But the goals of this isn’t my 10 items on my bucket list but the 11th item. It was already hard enough to get those down, now I need one more.

Let me think…I GOT IT!

11) Get married and be with the love of my life for the rest of my life

And scratch that, I’m moving that one on number 1 and pushing everything else down one.  Sorry, Top Gear, you just landed on the 11th spot of my bucket list.