Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Solitary is being alone or without companion, something along those lines.  I find it hard to be solitary sometimes but then at times, its a refreshing experience. When its for self-reflection or “me” time is it still considered being in solitude? I think so.  I actually think in general animals are the expert at it, especially those in their natural habitats or have already adapted to the environment around them.

A woodpecker in the quiet of the woods just pecking away and trying to build his new home! I’m serious his pecking sound radiated from where I stood.  There was a few other birdwatchers next to me and we were all just quietly standing at the bottom of a few trees further and just admiring its beauty, scared to bother it.

A porcupine sleeping in its tree despite all its audience (in Biodome).  I guess it is used to it and just enjoys the little time it creates for itself.

A beaver is by itself  (also at Biodome) and enjoying a little swim in the water(upper picture)

While on the bottom at the Zoo Sauvage St Felicien, we had the inside view of a beaver alone in its dam (the 2nd picture above)

This lion called “Boomer” was transported to Granby Zoo when he had run away from its reserve in Maniwaki and was captured again.

It was quarantined there after it was captured.  I guess it ended up having a home there as it was there when I went in 2009.

I always thought he looked so sad sitting there, seeming like he wanted to get out and just be outside in nature but its claimed that he is domesticated.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Nature is everything.  We are free spirited when we are interacting and submerged in nature’s beauties and tranquility.  Its serenity and balance helps us to free our own spirits from the everyday urban worries.  We can release and just be ourselves.  With our free spirits, we can move on and be courageous for the next day.  We can challenge ourselves and accomplish that may have felt impossible.  We ignore all judgement from others and move forward freely to do what we want.

On Labour Day, my boyfriend and I went on a hike on Mont St-Bruno National Park.  It was 8.8km, nothing crazy.  But then whats any trail compared to the one we did in Saguenay (refer to Falls Trail).  This one didn’t require any climbing, just little hills (maybe steeper slopes here and there) and walking around 4 lakes.  I didn’t even feel that much like being in nature either because there was A LOT  of people hiking at the same time.

Okay, so back to free-spirit….I always think animals in their natural habitat are always free spirited.  Just look at the little chipmunk there.  So comfortable in his own little world playing and running around in the leaves.

Chipmunk that jumped in front of my boyfriend on the trail

There was an area where we finally reached an area with less people on the viewpoint for one of the lakes.  I always thought levitation/jumping pictures were extremely free-spirited in nature also.  So for you (Yes YOU, the wonderful person stopping by and reading this), I did this crazy thing despite thinking I was going to get mocked if someone actually turned around and saw me doing this and trying really  hard to disregard how ugly this could possibly turn out.

So that thats done. I just have to say, it was quite liberating and fun to do.  I think I’ll take more of these pictures.

All in the name of FREE SPIRIT, I give you a picture of me jumping up and reaching for the sky.

Falls Trail

I just got back from vacation as I had said in my previous post, Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moments. As promised, I’ll be posting in a bit more detail on my various adventures in Saguenay Lac Saint Jean.  The first place I visited was the Falls Trail (Sentier des Chutes) found in the Fjords du Saguenay National Park.  This trail was supposed to be a intermediate to difficult level hike.  They had some really crazy markers as well for distance.  Their 1 km didn’t feel like 1 km..more like 2km (but thats maybe because by the end of the path, it was just like a wilderness obstacle course of climbing big boulders, walking up steep hills and paths full of water running through it.  I’ll take you along for our walk on this trail!


The first 1.5 km was pretty smooth.  We had to pay with this envelope ($6 per person) then started off on a pretty decent dirt path between slight slopes and tall trees.  At the 1.5 km mark, there was the first Falls.  That one I featured in my previous post mentioned above. There was 3 levels that you could climb up to get close to the falls, which was just breathtaking (how many times have I said that already?)

At around 2-2.5 km, we had the viewpoint and the top of the falls that we were at before.  The view was so amazing (for lack of a better word).

The next point was at 3.5 km where the second falls was situated.  This one is a bit less majestic as the first but its located at a nice little peaceful area.

It was such a beautiful atmosphere to relax and regain energy before we decided that we’d try to move on for another 3 km to the top of the mountain with the limit that wherever we were, at a certain set time, we’d have to set back.

So the next place was undetermined distance from where we were.  This part for the last part was crazy…we had to climb a mountain and drop back down to reach the walkway to cross and walk over all sorts of crazy paths over mossy boulders, water and mud, etc.

In the last 3km path, we went by a few areas that were pretty nice.  Like the one before, where it was a stream or river or something running along the wall.  We walked on the slippery path on the side.

We also passed this lake called Lac mort, translates to Dead Lake.  For something dead, it sure was peaceful there.  It was really quiet and we made a stop here on the way back to recuperate energy.

After Lac Mort, that was it.  The path went from bad to worse.  It was just path of boulders and on top of that it was going up a steep path.  By the time, we reached the 5.5km marker, we had a flight of wooden stairs which lead to the boulders below.

At that point, our time limit was up, our water was all gone so with only a few hundred meters left, we had to just go back before it got too dark in the forest (since we didn’t have any flashlights).  Sad, but it was a decision that had to be made.  Next time, we will be better experienced and bring a whole lot of water and probably energy bars and maybe pack those hiking poles (or whatever you call them).

Hope you enjoyed that! More adventures from Saguenay Lac Saint Jean coming up!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Hands…the instruments of our body that help us on a daily basis to write, to type (this current blog and many other things), to work, even make all those wonderful crafts and bake delicious treats.  We use them to help us maneuver our way and as a way for self-defense, etc.

This past weekend was Victoria Day weekend in Canada so my boyfriend and I had a day off  on Monday(finally a day off together).  We decided to go drive across the border and visit Ausable Chasm and take a nice hike on the trails and of course, take some wonderful pictures and have lots of fun.  Man, was it ever fun and a wonderful experience!  So I took the opportunity to use our hands as models.  Here we go!

This chasm is 150 feet deep (if I remember correctly).

All the more reason to hold on to the railings as we walk along the trails and stop to take pictures.

Somewhere along the Dry Chasm trail, the path went between two trees, my boyfriend puts up his hand and says,

“You can’t pass through here!” (haha~ very funny)

Nearing the end of the trail, we finally took a break and my boyfriend decided that he wanted to observe a pine cone.

(At least I think that was what he seemed to be doing.)  There it is, where he is turning it around in his hands.

As a nice memory of the journey, I specially requested for this picture:

Of our hands on top of each other with our entrance bracelets saying AUSABLE CHASM!

On a side note, Ausable Chasm was an amazing place to go.  I would highly recommend it for people like to enjoy the outdoors, hike and be devoured in nature.  Honestly, what place could beat being in a place that reminded you of a fusion of Uncharted (PS3 games, for those who don’t know) and a little slice of paradise?