Ottawa 2018 Haul!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday and well…today as well, I guess! Its been a bit of taking time off every week to sort out my own stuff. Usually, this weekend is when my friend has his Ottawa half marathon and I tag along to help him out. However, this year, I opted out of this duty. Instead, my husband and I both went down to Ottawa to hang out for a little today before his first race for the 5 km. Its humid and a little rainy and well, the sun has arrived back in Montreal but not sure how its doing in Ottawa since I’m home as I’m typing this.

The trip came with a lot of stuff on the to-do list. Yes, I shop with to-do lists if not, I might end up going crazy and just buy everything or sit there and be indecisiveness. Shopping with a goal is what my husband calls it. With that said, we had an idea of what places to hit at Rideau Center and Ottawa before heading back home. This is as timely as this post can get because we just unloaded and I took pictures and here we are!

Rideau Centre 

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer

Marathon weekend is always sales weekend for Eddie Bauer. Normally, Eddie Bauer’s stuff is expensive and usually rightfully so because its very durable especially for the hiking lovers like me and my husband. However, the only time we buy it is during sale time or else it would just be way out of budget. This year was a 40% off on everything in store. We both wanted to get new caps and new hiking pants. I got the blue capris and the blue cap and he got the beige pants that can be changed to shorts and the lighter color cap.

Disney Store

Disney Store

For those who don’t know, I collect Disney plushies. I had stopped the actual normal sized plushies for a while and was trying to get all the Animator series ones which are much more reasonable in storage. Regardless of that, when I see one that I like, I always tend to pick it up. I’m actually planning on keeping track of my collection over on Avenue of Daydreams some time this year. It would be fun to have an archive of the many things I collect and that seemed like a nice place to do it. Either way, Flower from Bambi was on sale so I picked it up. At the same time, I also saw little Piglet as well. I have a Tigger which is in the same style. These two were definitely coming home with me.

Squish Candy

Squish Candy

Last year I had gone to Squish and got the Prosecco Bears and they were super delicious. They expanded their cocktail line and this time, my husband chose the Bourbon Cubes ans Sake Sakura and I chose the Wine O’Clock. I’m hoping that these will turn out to be equally delicious. They had a few other ones with sangria and such and those definitely has peaked my interest but for another time.



Embracing the love of trying out VQA Ontario wines, LCBO was a must-go. I found a Riesling to try out eventually and my husband’s colleague had recommended the Big House Pinot Grigio and we saw it so we ended up picking up the bottle and he wanted to also get the can version. As for myself, I also saw another Cider from Brickworks Ciderhouse. I had tried another one earlier this year and was really impressed so having some high hopes for this one also.

Second Stop: T&T Supermarket

T&T Supermarket T&T Supermarket T&T Supermarket

I mean, I’m pretty much thinking about groceries all the time so T&T Supermarket is always one of my stops. I don’t usually post about it but this time, we had some interesting finds. The herbal drinks from Hung Fook Tong had a new flavor. My husband picked out the Orange Ramune soda drink. I always get some dimsum, which I did but ended up eating on the trip back so not shown here. But there is also some pot stickers and vietnamese chicken lunch box and some BBQ Pork. The main goal this time was to get some sticky rice for the Dragonboat Festival. They had fresh ones which would be preferable if I had gone 2 weeks later but for now, I got the frozen in case I don’t end up going. However, the snacks we picked (and saw) were quite unique to say the least. Lay’s had these cucumber chips (and they also had lime flavor). I wonder if its an excuse to feel like you were being healthier when making that choice. Then we saw these Potato Wish brand which had the Steak and Red Wine Flavor and well, it looks like Ringolos but they are called Roller Coaster.

That’s it for the haul!
Nothing too special but a few unique finds!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Unboxing: Meowbox – January 2018

Something short and sweet for today!

Its time for a Meowbox unboxing for the January 2018 month. A few goodies for my darling cat to enjoy with a New Year’s theme. Let’s check it out!

If you drop by here to watch unboxing videos, here’s a little notice for you. I’m taking a break from unboxing videos for a while as I aim to somewhat “declutter” my house slightly. We have too many unused cat toys and trying to get ready for some spring cleaning and see what I will keep and give away. I’ve been actually pondering getting foodie boxes instead. Meowbox will however come back probably later this year once everything has been sorted out and our home is not a one stop shop of cat toys and treats. While this is only quarterly, you’d be surprised how these things do pile up. Just a little notice in case you start wondering where its all gone.

The channel will however get some new style content that I’m thinking about right now. A few ideas will get test runs probably in February and see how it goes and we’ll adjust and adapt as the year goes along. As usual, any video ideas or content or even boxes you think I’d like that comes to mind, just drop a comment and I’ll try to make it happen.

Unboxing: Meowbox [January 2017]

We are here! 2017 and the first unboxing! I knew that Meowbox was on the way for January but the tracking didn’t arrive until the morning it was already out for delivery. Unless of course, its just lost in my many many unread emails. Point is, it got here.

I haven’t been in a show my face mood so very quick intros and wrap ups from me and a lot more of the unboxing and kitty play/fascination time.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching!


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Unboxing: Meowbox [April 2015]

Many of you have seen my darling little girl.  If you haven’t caught her in any Cute Kitty Pics in My Weekly Adventures, here’s one of her:


I don’t think I’ve introduced her before.  Here’s Flea! She may be sleeping in a lot of pictures but that’s because she is camera shy even if she’s incredibly photogenic. So, we’re going to do a little experiment.  Unboxing will be in a Youtube video below and I’ll try to keep her around.  It shouldn’t be a problem since whenever I do the unboxing, she seems to wander about, but who knows, maybe she likes human stuff more than cat stuff. She’s weird that way. Regardless, this is her 5th birthday so I decided to get a little something special so thats why we’re here doing this unboxing of Meowbox. Her birthday was March 11th and I had wanted to get her the Meowbox earlier but by the time I sat down to order, it had just shipped the last box so I could only get this one.


I’m excited about this! Enough rambling! Here’s the video! Cuteness guaranteed with a little kitty play time! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it!
Happy Friday! 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Share a photo of what “fray” means to you — it could be a tear in a favorite pair of jeans, a street rumble just about to begin, or a friend diving into an oncoming wave at the beach.  Don’t stand on the sidelines: join in and show us a photo that says “fray” to you. – The Daily Post

I’m not exactly what fray means but from the multiple definitions I’ve found online, its something along the lines of being worn out.

I’m a nostalgic person and a pack rat which means basically, that I keep a lot of stuff.  As I’m moving right now, a lot is being ripped away from my possession and honestly, it is time.  I have stuff from school that was almost 10 years ago, just to give you an idea.  So I own worn out stuff. Two things that hold dear to me and I’d never throw out is what I’m going to showcase today.

Exhibit A: My security blanket

My security blanket

My security blanket

Thanks to mom, even if she constantly threatens to throw it away, my security blanket is basically without any holes.  I don’t know if my boyfriend will be equally accepting of it but you can count on my night being immensely better when I have it around.  This little blanket as been with me since I was a baby.  I don’t fit so snug under it unless I tuck myself into a ball but it holds a special place in my heart, even though it is covered with scars. Now, it has a new friend.  My cat accepts it also and loves to sleep on it all the time 😉

Exhibit B: Snoopy


This collection of five colorful Snoopy puppy set has been with me for a long time also.  I know, there’s only four here.  Orange likes to wander off and disappear 😉 Poor Red has had that little scar for a little while now and we really need to fix it up again.

I don’t wear torn jeans but I do have torn objects so I figured I’m spot on for this Fray challenge 😉

What do you think? What comes to mind when you think of the word “Fray”?