Toronto 2018: Toronto Zoo

On the first day in town, we actually didn’t go to EGLX yet but rather went for a day at the zoo. Normally, whenever we go to zoos, its pretty much a quick max 4 hour experience but Drew had mentioned that he was set for a full day there and other than a short lunch break, Toronto Zoo did have a lot to see and we stayed for about 7 hours. The highlight for Toronto Zoo which ends this weekend is saying goodbye to the Giant Pandas, who happen to be the first pandas born in Canada.

Toronto Zoo is pretty huge. It covers a lot of different continents. Due it still being in the winter schedule, it had a lot of empty spots so some areas like Africa was just a walk through the place and then checking out the pavilion. I think that is what sets it apart is that there are a few pavilions to go through for the more exotic animals and it gives it a lot more space to check out some cool birds and more.

Since this was a huge day and I have like 800 pictures or something, I’m going to trim it down to pictures that turned out well or animals that I found were pretty unique to this location.

And here you go! Not all of them are really that rare but its always a challenge to get pictures of animals because of how far away they are. A lot of really cool ones here in all the different areas plus a lot of them are various levels of endangered which really makes it worth it to see them protected. There was a ton more than what I have here from meerkats to sloths and all kinds of monkeys and a lot of fishes and frogs and snakes and other reptiles and insects. I could go on and on.

Toronto Zoo is really worth it to just see what they have. Not a lot of zoos have such a huge terrain with indoor pavilions and outside areas. It would be nice one year to visit when its the summer to see how its set up when a lot of the warm climate animals are back.

Plus, luck was really on our side for the zoo. A lot of times we would be right on time for feeding times or speaking by the carers of a certain animal. Sometimes, we’d double back and the animal would have woken up from their nap and started moving around. It was a really great time!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Some animals let us see the simple form of being together: playing together, nurturing together, etc.  When we put them into a zoo, different animals reveal how they interact with each other.  Together they build us an image of how they live each day.

Below are a few photos of pictures I took at Toronto Zoo from early April:

A parent’s need to be together with their baby as a form of protection and nurturing

Playing together

And play together…

Flamingos resting/sleeping together as a flock

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Life is a journey; a continuous journey of seeing and experiencing new adventures everyday.

Last weekend for Easter weekend, my friend and I went off to Toronto.  Aside from visiting my cousin and spending some awesome fun time and eating amazing food, we visited a few extra places.  It amazes me how every time we go to Toronto we discover some new places, such as tea shops, bakeries, areas, coffee shops, markets, etc.  This time we went to visit Toronto Zoo. Let me just say, Toronto Zoo is very amazing.  I think the fact that they have little baby animals there make it the real deal.  My only problem was that there were some meaningless dead ends such as in the Canada domain (which made the visit a little less enjoyable).  Either way, I’m not evaluating the zoo but tell you of my adventures there.  My journey through the zoo would mean about 50 pictures but I will pick out one area that I especially loved in the Tundra Trek, which is also the main selling point of the zoo right now.

Let me present to you this little gem:

Yes! That’s right! The little baby polar bear!

Babies let us remember and treasure life a whole lot because they remind us that happiness is very simple.

We can journey through life and experience more and more and not have to worry about falling down and without thinking to simply have that courage to get up and move along, looking forward to what awaits us ahead

 We remember that we can rely on other people to support us through this journey and to teach us different physical and mental tools that can help us along the way.  We always know that family is always there for you even if they aren’t right beside us. Baby bear’s mom doesn’t look too enthused by everyone blocking her from watching over her baby cub from a distance. 

Maybe baby bear up above didn’t teach me this, but big bear here reminds everyone that we can just chill out, relax and take it easy.

Soak in some sun, enjoy the nature and maybe signal for a bit (or all) of the attention

I end off this late post (since the new photo challenge has been posted already) with another picture of baby Arctic Foxes. They help me remind me that its the weekend.

Time to run out of the office, welcome all the happy fun times and leave the stress behind!