Daily Prompt: First Light

Today’s Daily Prompt: Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.

What happened? What time is it? Why are the lights on?

Those were my first thoughts this morning when I opened my eyes.  There was a hazy movement and as my eyes cleared up, I saw my cat’s big eyes starring at me and then she gives off a hungry meow.  Her tummy is making her want to wake me up in any way possible.  I reach for my cell phone at the night stand next to my bed to check the time.  My cell phone is also my alarm clock and its been so effective that I know that its not time for me to get up yet.  Still, I double check. 6:15am

I was right that it wasn’t time to get up yet.  And my cat shouldn’t be hungry but she is.  Her little feline body takes time to adjust to the daylight saving time swap from months ago.  Today its even earlier than usual. I put down my cellphone and look at the light thats still on and wonder why it is.  Last night my fatigue won the battle and put into deep slumber before I could do anything else.  Thinking about answering to my body, I decided to get some more rest before tackling today’s deadline.  I reached over and closed the lights then tried to go back to sleep.

After 5 minutes, it seemed to be impossible as my cat walked over and around and meowed and slapped and nipped.  Doing everything possible to try and get me to get out of bed and feed her before her normal breakfast time.  I opened my eyes again and rolled out of bed. Slowly moving towards my opened bedroom door.  My cat bolted right out the door with her little collar jingling loudly with her every movement.  She stopped at the top of the stairs and stared back at me.  When I reached the door, I looked back at her, closed the door and held it shut with a storage box and proceeded back to bed.  Without surprise, I fell right back to sleep for another 25 minutes until my alarm rang and it was time for my everyday routine to start…and it always begins with feeding time for my starving cat!

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