A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Round

A Word in My Ear has her next word up and its ROUND.  If you’d like to join her awesome photo challenge, please visit her HERE and in the meantime, check out some of the other entries.

After spending over an hour standing outside waiting for a spot at this pizza place, Pizzeria Napoletana, I had to do some sort of posting about it.  So guess whats ROUND there?


Pizza Bufala



Gnocchi with Meat Sauce (my plate!)


Pizza Toscana

Doesn’t it all look so delicious?

Those are the pizzas that my friends took.  This pizzeria apparently makes very delicious thin crust pizza and they have a huge amount of choices.  I’m guessing its pretty well-known because I have NEVER seen that much of a line up in front of a restaurant.  BUT, the food was so good that I totally forgot about the lineup.

Back to the blog, round little gnocchi and big round pizzas are the stars of this week’s A Word A Week Photo Challenge! Enjoy!