The Fanatic (Advanced Screening 2019)

The Fanatic (2019)

the fanatic

Director (co-writer): Fred Durst

Cast: John Travolta, Devon Sawa, Ana Golja, Jacob Grodnik, James Paxton, Josh Richman, Jessica Uberuaga, Marta Gonzalez Rodin

It was a really nice opportunity to see the advanced screening of The Fanatic at Fan Expo Canada before its limited release on August 30th. Suffice to say that past a certain point, John Travolta’s films haven’t quite been on my radar or just haven’t quite peaked my interest. The most recent film that I saw of his probably was The Taking of Pelham 123 and I don’t remember liking that one a lot. However, The Fanatic was one that as a group, all of three of us did want to go see but kept our expectations fairly neutral especially for myself, since I hadn’t researched much about it in the first place.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about The Fanatic. Its a thriller about an autistic fan called Moose, played by John Travolta who finds an opportunity to meet his favorite horror film actor Hunter Dunbar, played by Devon Sawa. However, it becomes a missed opportunity due to bad timing and gets rejected. In the effort to try to get it, he asks for a friend Leia, played by Ana Golja who introduces him to a star house hunting app where he manages to find the address and goes over and over again, hoping to finally get the autograph being shot down each time until he “nukes the boundaries” (quoted from the movie).

There’s no doubt that John Travolta is a great actor and in this role as he portrays a autistic man and a hardcore movie fan, he does a great job. I’m sure any role like this will garner some kind of criticism but for myself, its the awkward moments and the whole idea that in his mind, he doesn’t realize how far he had gone over the boundaries that makes it more poignant to watch (as the audience reaction seemed to reflect as well). Moose is a really great character in that sense and its a role that I’ve never seen John Travolta play and creates a contrast in his filmography. The performances of The Fanatic make the movie thrilling possibly and seems a bit of a character study especially for Moose as most of the time is spent with him however, Hunter Dunbar is done well with Devon Sawa who really is the victim here but his strong personality turns himself into a bully of sorts and doesn’t give him a lot to sympathize.

Overall, The Fanatic has its pros and cons. Its strengths are in its characters and actors ability to excel in the two leading roles here. The script also tries to capture the details to sculpt a clever twist ending which didn’t quite work in my case but for my husband who didn’t remember a little detail might have been more shocking. It has its thrills and thriller elements but its a lot more of a drama and puts a lot to question about the society as sometimes unjust things happen and unexplained things also occur and those who are in the spotlight will have these situations happen and the difficulty of defining the right and wrong of it all. Is it a great film? Not exactly but there’s an indie element here to give it some depth to ponder at least.


What’s Up 2019 – Week 34

Another week has passed by. As always with weekends away, its a bit slower. If you missed yesterday’s post on Fan Expo Canada, we headed down there and met up with a fellow blogging friend. First time there and not as media so it was relaxing and just did a ton of stuff that I enjoyed although would have wanted to check out all the South Building stuff but didn’t have time. Either way, things moved along a little but some things that happened over the weekend that I was away in Toronto obviously didn’t end up wrapping up.


Wild Dark Times

  • Wild Dark Times by  Austin Case (Review)

Currently reading: Twisted Pines by Lane Baker (9% done)

Wrapped up Wild Dark Times last week right in time for the blog tour. The review is up already and linked above so I won’t talk too much about it but it was a really fun read and lived up to the premise when I read the synopsis and decided to check it out. That’s always a plus. I like books that play up on real things and add the urban fantasy element to it and shows off the author’s creativity. However, I started up Twisted Pines now. Thanks to the author Lane Baker reaching out to me years after his previous one that I also reviewed HERE. I literally just started up the book and its a converted version so its tough on the Kindle so might switch back to reading on the PC to make life a little easier for my eyes sake.


NOTHING! I played nothing this week. I was away and didn’t play anything on my phone. During the week, I was getting the weekend chores done before leaving for the weekend away so took up most of the evening time. Nothing is all I got here.


the fanatic

  • A Home With A View (2018)
  • Split (2016)
  • The Fanatic (2019, Advanced screening)

Less about how I’m recommending this film but rather the fact that I saw the advanced screening for The Fanatic at Fan Expo despite some issues that occurred but was eventually fixed and we did get to see the rest of the movie. Most of the movies that I saw this week was middle of the way. Probably I’d recommend A Home With A View the most because Split was alright but not great and The Fanatic was alright and not great for probably the same reasons where the actor showcased did a good job but it thought it was being more clever than it actually did in execution. It sounds mean but they really aren’t bad films and I’ll talk about it more in the upcoming reviews.


we grew up

  • We Grew Up (Season 1, 2019)
  • Heart Signal (Season 2, 2019)

Currently binging: Super Vocal (Season 2), The King’s Avatar, Hyperdrive, The Coming One 3

I wrapped up the finale for both of the Tencent reality shows that I was watching last week as they aired their last episode. Both of them were pretty good. I’ll do a big post comparison on the concept for the romance/relationship thing for Heart Signal and other shows that I’ve seen before because I think its a good one to talk about and a nice little concept and they each have pros and cons. The show that just pulled at my heartstrings even though I’m not a parent is We Grew Up. I was a bit conflicted with the concept of a reality show focused on some really young kids learning to be independent despite them making all kinds of safety precautions that’s also apparent in the show. However, in the end, it does highlight a lot about the whole growing up in China and just in general parenting and young kids and how they adapt. Its pretty neat and honestly, there are some heartbreaking moments between the siblings but at the same time, there are also some funny moments as kids will have.

As for the currently binging stuff, I’m absolutely enamored with The King’s Avatar currently updated weekly on Netflix. My husband and I are watching Hyperdrive together and well, Super Vocal 2 is the competition show on my radar that I’ve generally caught up with to their latest episode.

That’s it for this What’s Up!
What have you been playing/reading/watching/binging?