Montreal Comiccon 2019 – Day 2 Recap: Lana Parilla, The 100, Umbrella Academy & Elijah Wood

Montreal Comiccon 2019

Day 2 of Montreal Comiccon 2019 is behind us now. Saturday is always the big day of the event. Not only is it the day with the most visitors at the event and its an obvious change from the first day, but its also the day where most of the guest of honors and a lot of Q&A panels take place. With a line-up of Lana Parilla, The 100, The Umbrella Academy, Lindsay Seidel, Georges St-Pierre, Elijah Wood, Tom Felton, Ray Park, and Michael Madsen appearing in Q&A panels throughout the day, it is going to be a huge run around to try to catch a portion of these.

Q&A Panel: Lana Parilla

Lana Parilla Montreal Comiccon 2019

The first big panel to start the day was Lana Parilla, most popular known for her role in Once Upon A Time as Regina/The Evil Queen. She also had smaller roles in Lost and 24. Lana Parilla talks about her different experiences on Once Upon A Time as well as some memorable scenes. She shares about working with the green screen room in the first season as well as the first time directing an episode in Season 7. Suffice to say that Lana Parilla’s roles in Once Upon A Time, because its had so many variations, has been one that has been both inspiring and conflicting for fans of the show.

Q&A Panel: The 100

The 100 Montreal Comiccon 2019

The 100 panel featured three main characters from the series, Bob Morley who plays Bellamy, Eliza Taylor who plays Clarke and Tasya Teles who plays Echo. After a surprise wedding announcement for Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor earlier this year, possibly fulfilling the ship between their characters on the show, the three are relaxed and fun at the panel as the fans praise the show on its gender equality and LGBT relationships and how the characters are defined by their talents and not these more personal attributes of race, gender, etc. Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor talk about the difference between filming in Australia versus USA. A lot of what are their favorite scenes and favorite things were asked. Due to the pure Q&A session format and no general questions with the moderator, the questions were very fan-based. However, if the excitement in the room was reflective for everywhere else, The 100 still has maintained a lot of its hype (which is great because I also love it a ton).

Q&A Panel: The Umbrella Academy

Umbrella Academy Montreal Comiccon 2019

The Umbrella Academy is one of the newer shows to have a panel at this year’s Comiccon. Bringing in Cameron Brodeur who plays young Luther and Robert Sheehan who plays the conflicted yet flamboyant Klaus, the panel was vibrant to say the least. Cameron Brodeur steps up on his first panel which is very exciting as he shares his love for Spider-Man and superheroes in general. As young Luther had relatively less roles, Robert Sheehan had a lot more questions about his roles from his favorite aspects of the character to the show. They were asked about working with Mary J. Blige as well as the weird and embarassing filming moments. With The Umbrella Academy having a second season greenlit, it probably will be just the beginning of panels for this Netflix Original series.

Q&A Panel: Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood Montreal Comiccon 2019

At this point, Elijah Wood has surpassed his Lord of the Rings trilogy days especially as that is 20 years old already since its start. He has gone on to be involved in TV and indie horror as well as video games. On his IMDB page, he has over a hundred credits over his 30 years of being involved in the entertainment business. The normal questions of favorites and inspiration came up however, what stood out the most the genuine reactions to all the questions as well as his gratitude for still thriving in the business after so many years. He addresses also his project choices which rely on his gut and finding roles that vary from the previous ones as well. A fun panel to say the least even if the majority of the questions still remain very Lord of the Rings oriented or more on his younger projects and (not so) surprisingly not about his newer projects especially in indie films. Talking about newer projects, he has a film premiering at Fantasia called Come to Daddy.


Its been a panel heavy day running non-stop between line-ups and wait times from late morning to middle of the afternoon. However, the star studded panels definitely were a lot of fun and gave us a look at some of the different experiences of these TV and movie icons that has gained quite a bit of popularity and love.

Thats it for Day 2 recap!

Other parts for gaming wrap-up and cosplay will be over on the Game Warp Blog shortly, if that interests you.

Also, audio of these panels, once I find time to listen back and see what is usable or not will be posted later on my channel. I will be sure to share it one place or another, when it happens.

Montreal Comiccon 2019 – What to Do and See

Montreal Comiccon

I’ve been covering Montreal Comiccon for the last few years mostly for Game Warp and shared some of the cosplay and hauls over here but have never really talked about Montreal Comiccon in depth. This year, I’m thinking that there are some fun little bits to highlight as a beginner’s guide to Montreal Comiccon, in case you are in town and might consider it a fun event or think its one that you’d like to check out at some time in the future (just a guideline since guests and such change every year, as expected).

The 11th annual Montreal Comiccon starts today on July 5th and runs throughout the weekend to end on July 7th at Palais de Congres in downtown Montreal. Over the three days, there are over 200 activities including panels, workshops, concerts, masquerade, improv, board games, screenings, autographs sessions, photo ops and more related to all things pop culture: anime, movies, TV, comic books, gaming.

On interesting fact to know is that all kids five and under go in for free all three days, while kids ages 6 to 12 get free admission on Friday and Sunday.

Here’s some of the highlights of whats to come over this weekend, for further info, you can find the schedule HERE.


Set in the vibrant game development scene of Montreal where not only multiple AAA studios has their offices or headquarters, there are even more independent game developers lurking in every corner. One of the big highlights of Montreal Comiccon for gamers is the Indie Gaming Zone. Indie Gaming Zone will have many game developers showing off their games recently released and in development along with their playable demos so that you can experience it and share your thoughts with them as well.  We will be  having coverage for the Indie Game Zone over at the Game Warp Blog (as well as on That Moment In) during this weekend.

In other gaming highlights: Dreamhack doesn’t hit Montreal until September but before that, you can get a taste of it at the Dreamhack Gaming Zone where there will be a VR station to try out some VR games while also having a PC Freeplay Zone. You can also find the Tabletop Gaming area where there will be an assortment of board games to try out with your friends. While if you are in a more competitive mood and up for a challenge, there are activities for Combat Archery and Rage  Academy (Axe-Throwing) that you can check out.

Gaming also has a good few panels. From the more technical game concepts like Fantasy Map-Making to Narrative Nightmares & Lessons Learned which will talk about writing video games to the basics of launching your game via crowdfunding, Crowdfunding 101. There are also panels on specific games like Jurassic World Alive, Overwatch and Watch Dogs 2.


Movies is a big part of the pop culture with multiple franchises having their cast show up to talk in Q&A panels. At the same time, they are also available for photo ops and autographs. Some of the highlights would be Harry Potter franchise has James & Oliver Phelps and  Tom Felton. Set in the same universe, Dan Fogler from Fantastic Beasts movies is also there. Star Wars fans can see Ray Park.

Disney fans will be happy to find Jim Cummings, the voice actor of Winnie the Pooh and Darkwing Duck as well as Paige O’Hara, the voice actress of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. You can also find Ethan Peck from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (who might be there for the more recent Star Trek: Discovery) while in the superheroes movie world, Shazam!‘s Evan Marsh is also present. Fans of Highlander and Mortal Kombat can see Christopher Lambert in a panel. For fans of Quentin Tarantino films, you can also check out the panel with Michael Madsen.

The guest of honor does have to go to Elijah Wood who has not only TV series under his belt but also The Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as various indie horror films in his filmography.

This year’s TV-related guests has an incredible line-up. There will be The 100 panel with Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor and Tasya Teles. The much more recent The Umbrella Academy has Robert Sheehan and Cameron Brodeur also in a panel together. Lana Parilla will be there if you are a fan of Once Upon A Time.


Of course, that is just touching on the categories we cover here. Anime, cosplayers, comic book artists (Dan Parent, Kevin Eastman, etc) as well as wrestlers, MMA (Georges St-Pierre) and kickboxing figures will also be there this weekend. If you need a break, the Artist Alley and Exhibition Hall is always a nice place to check out a ton of cool merchandise and of course, some great art from different artists based on pop culture in their own style.

That’s it for this general guide!
We’ll be covering Montreal Comiccon and will be having Day 1, 2 and 3 recaps.

The 100 (The 100 #1) by Kass Morgan

After the continued efforts to finish reading IT, I have decided to change up the pace yet again and switch between IT and other books sitting in my Kindle mostly because lugging around that 1400 page novel is really heavy and giving me back pains that my chiropractor isn’t too happy about. With that said, I dug out my Kindle and decided to work on some novels I picked up in 2015 thats been sitting in my Kindle unread. With a longing to get back to the TV series for The 100, I decided to check out the book that the show is based on. This is the first in the series.

Let’s check it out!

The 100
By: Kass Morgan

Ever since a devastating nuclear war, humanity has lived on spaceships far above Earth’s radioactive surface. Now, one hundred juvenile delinquents — considered expendable by society — are being sent on a dangerous mission: to recolonize the planet. It could be their second chance at life…or it could be a suicide mission…Confronted with a savage land and haunted by secrets from their pasts, the hundred must fight to survive. They were never meant to be heroes, but they may be mankind’s last hope. – Goodreads

In terms of dystopian settings, The 100 has decent one and with everything in the recent years, perhaps it even feels possible that if a nuclear bomb where to go off, the world’s backup would be to evacuate a certain few groups to space to survive while the radiation tapers off and Earth becomes viable again. Being a fan of the adaptation always makes it hard to read the source material because it makes you have a comparison. The 100 is a good book with the focus of the perspectives of four characters: Clarke, Wells, Bellamy and Glass. It takes us on both the Ark and the struggles there while also looking at the issues with not being on Earth but dropping a bunch of juvenile delinquents on Earth.

Using the four perspectives are good, it helps broaden the story and give the readers a point of reference and it allows us to learn about the characters, especially as it breaks down how and why they got arrested which highlights who these four are. I don’t quite mind the character development and the story or setting as much as I don’t quite like the descriptive nature of the writing. That honestly is a personal preference. Its easy to read but some parts hop onto slight cliches and it felt slightly corny plus, there was a heavy romantic angle focus which I have mixed feelings about. The 100 felt like in this first book to scrape the surface. It went through the motions of giving us the key plots and then the crisis on The Ark and ends with The 100 faced with their first threat, other people on the ground attacking them. With that said, I like my books self-contained even if it is a series. A good series can end their story and still intrigue their readers to come back in the sequel. The 100 has that intrigue just in its premise so it doesn’t need the cliffhanger ending.

I think this brings us to talk about the changes from the TV series to the book. For one, the entire arc of Glass and Luke are removed in the show however, the show gives a wider group of characters with their own skillset that are beneficial to the group. In this first book, the set up is quite lacking as they only end with realizing that people do live on Earth. Our characters and their leadership and intentions are diffferent also. Clarke is still strong but not quite the leader she is in the show which honestly is what I love about her in The 100. Bellamy also gets a more extreme character where he lacks his presence here. Although you do have to say that they do feel more like lost kids in this book because this is all new to them and between the dazzlement of being on land, it also emphasizes on the lack of knowledge.

The 100 was a good read. It has the right idea and to be honest, I think the show, only referring to the first season, actually takes its characters on a deeper journey than what the book does. While it is good to focus on a few characters and their arcs, the story could be so much better focusing on the dystopia and the new world they are in rather than the petty romance. Even if I am a Bellamy and Clarke fan from the series, it still was a little too much especially in some of the descriptive writing. The style just lacked a little something for me. It usually is a good move to step away from the soure material and in this case, it worked for the broaden scope of tv series.

If anything, reading The 100 has made me want to restart the series to refresh my memory ( not that I really need to) and catch up with season 3 and 4.

My Weekly Adventures: Crazy Overtime & Announcement!

Wow! I’m finally sitting down and writing an actual post at my computer at home.  You know what? I haven’t done that in quite a while.

Work has been killing me.  Just to give you an idea.  My huge work deadline is tomorrow and it has been a ridiculous week with extended work days and I went in this weekend. I actually just got back. Regardless, that doesn’t matter.  I think things will work out 😉

With all that said, it might be the event of the last two weeks so with a serious case of winter blues that was the week before that, I don’t really have a lot of stuff backlogged which means next week looks incredibly empty.  Haha! I guess stressed out days reminds me that I really love blogging and writing and just reading everything.

With that said, we’re keeping this Weekly Adventures short!

First, a song because the title says it all!

After that, a song that made me so happy because its so adorable and awesome all at the same time!

Finally! In the middle of next week, we’re going to kick off the Valentine’s marathon!

the best of me The longest ride

I have some pretty awesome movies lined up! First of all, you’ll be seeing me move along with the last two Nicholas Spark’s movie, The Best of Me and The Longest Ride. A year or two ago, I embarked on a “torture” fest (which turned out better than I expected) to watch all the Nicholas Sparks.  Let’s face it, the adaptations won’t ending any time soon so it will always be a work in progress. And before you ask: No, I’m not going to see The Choice in theatres.  I’m totally not feeling it for the trailer so maybe I’ll just skip that one completely.  Or wait till it lands on Netflix. Netflix A-Z will also be romance/rom-com heavier.

However, it won’t be just movies so don’t worry about it! I’m deciding on what to do as Valentine baking projects and I still have Pinocchio themed baking to do.  And of course, there’s also some unboxing to go up.  This time, its not my scheduling problem.  I just haven’t received it yet.

That’s really it for this time! Short and sweet!  Its not much of an adventure but you know, real life just takes over sometimes 😉
I’m off to go prepare for next week and maybe take a nap to recuperate or play some games to relax!

P.S. one more song as bonus because I’m so happy that The 100 Season 3 started and Netflix has it updated weekly! Episode 1 was so awesome!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! 🙂

TV Binge: The 100 (Season 2)

Its a bit of a lie here.  I didn’t exactly binge watch this.  I did do it up to the mid-season finale of Season 2 and I covered mostly Season 1 stuff in THIS POST. But TV Binge is the segment I use for TV so it’ll have to do.  Plus, The 100 is the ONLY series on Netflix (not by Netflix) that is updated weekly.  The 2 part finale was available a few weeks ago but I’ve been catching up with blogathon posts and life itself, so I finally sat down to wrap this up.  I guess if I didn’t wait for both parts and skipped a week, I would’ve seen this earlier.  Anyways, its done!

the 100

The 100 may actually be one of my favorite TV series right now.  Its like an influx of intensity every single episode.  I really felt that the first season took a great pace that when they ended to get the second season to follow, it flowed perfectly in.  After having bonded with a lot of the characters throughout Season 1, The 100 stepped into Season 2 with more variety.  There was a lot of finding balance between war and peace and constant dilemmas.  Everyone had to make hard choices and there was always an auxiliary plan going on that was happening.  There was no idea what would happen next and I was just completely absorbed into all the craziness going on.

Before we go any further from here, there may be spoilers after this point if you’re still in Season 1 or plan on seeing any part of The 100! SPOILER ALERT!! You could skip to the ending paragraph starting with “Overall”.

If you’re still reading this, it means you’ve seen this or will run the risk of seeing possibly spoilers.  I don’t really know what I’m going to write until I do so there’s always that chance. I do try to avoid it though.  Its just hard when looking back at a full season of TV.

I’m going to do this a little different this time around.  There were a TON of changes from character developments to new characters altogether, changing in location, multiple simultaneous tangents going at the same time.  Its what made The 100 always intriguing and exciting to watch.  So here’s a few of them:

The 100 Season 2

Season 2 is lesson after lesson about sacrifices and hard choices, choosing the hopefully lesser evil.  Whether you can see the point in it or not (just like the characters involved), you will be right along the ride.  Usually, that person who gets stuck in these dilemmas is Clarke (Eliza Taylor).

The main reason for this is because of trying to be in alliance with the Grounders.  And also one of the best parts of the series.

The 100 Season 2

They are savages and barbaric.  They believe in blood for blood and are extremely violent and vengeful people.  The entrance of their Commander Lexa (Alycia Debnam Carey) is the one that causes a whole lot of these things. With the Grounders, its a question of how much they can each side trusts each other even when it comes down to a quest to save their own people.

Since Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) is now a main character in Season 2.  His relationship with Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is actually one that turns out to be the best, not because of their actual relationship development but the fact that Octavia’s character changes the most of the beginning of this show in Season 1 till the end of Season 2.

The 100 Season 2

The alliance also strengthens not only Octavia but Season 2 introduces us to why this alliance is necessary to save their people from the extreme survival scheme that Mount Weather has tucked away underground with their captives.  Both sides have their people in there and what extent will they take to rescue them?

What works for The 100 is that even though we have the apparent enemy in Mount Weather, mostly with the President and his son, Cage (plus all their army).  There is no knowing who is going to betray or backstab or any of those things.

At the same time, possibly the best part of the season was seeing the gradual flipside of Finn (Thomas McDonell) and how Bellamy (Bob Morley), out of all people, actually has reason.

The 100 Season 2

Surprises, surprises 😉 They are everywhere in this series.  The fact that I watched the first half 3 months ago and still remember a good bit of it is definitely a good sign.  Moving along, I’m about to wrap up.

Unexpected things happen for sure, but nothing quite feels so good as seeing the anticipated (for me at least) Abby (Paige Turco) and Marcus (Henry Ian Cusick) finally seem to figure things out together and see situations in similar light.

The 100 Season 2

If CW has excelled on anything, its the fact that they almost always have a groundbreaking season finale.  Season 3 is going to bring a lot of changes.  The story arcs can span in different directions.  What turned out to be a really pointless portion of the story with Jaha (Isaiah Washinton) and Murphy (Richard Harmon) ended up adding a little bit more meaning near the end.

I’m going to end this here before I just spoil the whole thing.

Overall, The 100 Season 2 is full of twists and turns at every corner.  The Season 1 characters all have developed and become a better or worse version of themselves, depending on who. While the series also reminds us constantly that bad habits die hard.  That’s really what I got as we approached the Season 2 finale.  With not only the focus of The Ark and The 100 anymore, there are the Grounders and Mount Weather playing a bigger part and giving us explanations for all those strange occurrences in Season 1, the question of who is the enemy and who can you trust comes into play here a lot. Its about making the “right” choice or coming up with the best bad idea (am I stealing from Argo?) If you enjoyed Season 1 of The 100, Season 2 does not disappoint.  I had a lot of fun, intense, exciting moments with this one.  It was just adventure after adventure as the characters encountered dangers and obstacles over and over again.

Not exactly a binge but I’ll be back with an actual one soon. I just have to get back to watching some movies and getting a few things wrapped up and planned further before I get to that. I have some nice announcements coming up by the end of the month so, lets hope I can get it all taken care of by then!

What have you been binge-watching? Have you seen The 100?

Happy Monday, my lovelies! 🙂

TV Binge: The 100

Ever since a few months ago, I’ve been on this massive TV binge, catching up with a lot series: Life Unexpected, Witches of East End, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries.  Its one of the reasons movies have been in batches now because I just don’t watch as many of them. SO, the solution: reviewing TV series.

Its a pity that I haven’t reviewed any of the above ones…maybe I’ll go back and do it.

However, Netflix is just so awesome with The 100, which I just realized seems to be doing the constant update of it because its updated till the Season 2 midseason finale so I just wonder how fast it actually updates since this is the first show I’ve seen that has that. Here’s hoping that it’ll be going to other shows as well, because that would be awesome news!

the 100

Anyways, back on track! The past weekend, I binge watched all of The 100. My boyfriend was intrigued because while I was cooking dinner, I’d be yelling at the show and the characters and getting all crazy over it.  Its a rare thing nowadays, my friends.  Thats saying something.

Lets start with a little synopsis.

The 100 is about Earth becoming polluted and destroyed after the nuclear war that everyone that survived has gone to live in space in a station called The Ark which is ruled by the chancellor.  The Ark was meant to sustain them for 3 generations but it had started to be exhausted of its resources, most importantly oxygen.  With not a lot of time and options, they decide to send 100 of the juvenile delinquents back down to the ground on Earth to see if it was survivable.  Except the drop for the 100 had accidents and the communication went down. The Ark and the 100 are now separated and they must survive each in their own way to figure everything out.

The 100

Being a CW series, there are certain aspects that you need to be aware of.  One, CW shows are generally geared towards teens/adolescents/young adults, whatever you want to call them.  So, there’s a level of believing that this is all fiction and logic doesn’t always apply.  I do have to say that The 100 makes me believe what they are going through, but I’m not a hard crowd to please either.  The quality of CW shows are going up and other than Arrow, The 100 proves it.

The 100

Although the cast and story takes a little to roll along and to connect to, there is no doubt that the ending of the pilot episode just makes the audience scream for me, literally in my case and that’s what set off a full day of watching The 100 and before I knew it, it was 3am and I had watched almost all of Season 1.

The 100

What the 100 does really well is building a good balance in characters and each character grows and develops in their own way.  Nothing makes a story connect better than seeing the characters change and develop for better or worse.  At the same time, this new future post-apocalyptic Earth makes us rethink all the stuff we have because its gone through some rough times and there is essentially nothing left, just the wilderness and its one thats been affected by the nuclear war and the radiation bringing some scary animals along with some beautiful ones.

the 100

Then, there’s the connection and relationship of the characters.  For one, its not all that romance based, which is kind of refreshing.  Sure, there’s a few that spring up here and there but there’s also the growing friendships and leaderships.  All the characters bond differently and are influenced by each other because this is all they have now.  With the dangers that come, even the different opinions fuse a little together and they have to work together or else this unknown territory will tear them apart.

the 100

By the midseason finale of Season 2 (Episode 8), the characters look like crap because they’ve been through a lot of it. I really like that whole progress, downfalls and just how it all becomes a huge mess but it also has these hidden agendas and unexpected decisions and choices resulting from character development.

Its my first TV series review and I don’t really know how to structure this yet.

Point is: I’m a huge fan of this show and honestly, after that midseason finale, I’m a little addicted and waiting for more episodes to be updated but thats only happening after January 21st.  This show is full of awesome characters.  My pictures here only show the 100 on Earth but the deeper characters are with the crew on The Ark.  It was pretty nice to see some familiar faces on the show like Isaiah Washington (Burke from Season 1 Grey’s Anatomy) and Ricky Whittle (Captain East from Austenland).

Have you seen The 100? What do you think of it?