That Moment In Podcast: Reviews The Thing (1982)

That Moment In Podcast crew is all back from vacation now!

This week’s episode is a chat about The Thing (1982). As usual, Mel and David kick off the show with their summaries. We take a look at the characters and the actors portraying the role and then jump into the 5 by 5 questions. After that, it is David’s time to share the moment of The Thing and our discussion on what makes it a turning point. Before we end the show, we talk about other moments that we liked also. Before we end, David challenges me to finding the moment for the next film!

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That Moment In Podcast: The Harvest (2013)

This week, Mel, David and I are talking about 2013’s The Harvest. I challenged David to find a moment in it two weeks ago and now he has. I first caught The Harvest two years ago at Fantasia Festival and it was the highlight of the festival that year. Plus, the director John McNaughton was there after a hiatus in director’s seat and returning with this psychological drama thriller and will promise to shake you up with some crazy plot twists. I was a little hesitant in watching it again whether it’d have the same effect.

In this podcast, we talk about the characters and cast. Dive with some questions we had and talk about the moment in The Harvest that is a crucial and turning point. We also highlight some other moments that impacted us.

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That Moment In Podcast: Reviews Maleficent (2014)

On this episode of That Moment In Podcast, we look at the 2014 Disney live and animated hybrid movie, Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. Test your knowledge of how well you know Angelina Jolie movies before we ask each other a few questions on things that might have bothered us, look at the defining moment in Maleficent and other little fun moments that we highlight. Hope you enjoy!

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That Moment In Podcast: Jaws (1975)

After a two week break, The Random Chat Show is back and now morphed into That Moment In Podcast.

This is an exciting move. Essentially the name is changed but we still kept parts of the original show but we just extended the featured movie reviews to a more in-depth look at the summary, actors and of course, MOMENTS. Its time to embrace the true concept of That Moment In.

The movie to kick off this change is an iconic classic, Jaws. Why this choice you ask? We were inspired by our Summer Movies Podcast and decided what better way to go into summer blockbuster season but to look at THE blockbuster that started it all.

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