Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrating with Special Guests

Happy Thanksgiving, my lovely friends in the US! Hope you are spending your time with the people the matter in your life and being thankful for everything. Drew from Drew’s Movie Reviews (and also my awesome co-host from the 80s blogathon we hosted earlier this year!) graciously invited me to join into his joint point about why we are thankful for our blog and for being a blogger. It was a ton of fun to get this done! There’s never enough chances to say more thanks for just making this blogging experience last for so many years. As much as this blog is for myself to share thoughts, its amazing that anyone drops by to read!. With that said, a huge thanks to Drew for asking me to join in!

Drew's Movie Reviews

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a day here in the States that we give thanks for what we have and the people in our lives.  A time we gather around our table eating gravy-smothered turkey, stuffing, beats, and pumpkin pie.  A time we gather around the television, screaming and cheering at the football game.  A time we talk with those not seen often, catching up on lost time.  A time we remember those who are special in ours lives, especially those no longer with us.  No matter how Thanksgiving is spent, it is always with family and loved ones.

We all have something to be thankful for in our lives.  For me, this blog has become something extra special to me, way more than I ever imagined when I first started in the summer of 2013.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I am a horrible (great?) procrastinator.  At any…

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Happy Thanksgiving! :)

To the fellow Canadians, its our long weekend to celebrate the very awesome holiday Thanksgiving.

Whether you had your celebrations Saturday (last night), Sunday (tonight) or Monday (tomorrow), I just wanted to take the opportunity as I do every year to remind you of how great you all are.  You’ve been around here for whatever duration it is for the last 3+ years that I’ve been in the blogosphere.

Honestly, some days especially of late, it feels like the world is going to collapse when I need to get these posts up and do everything actual real life needs me to tend to, but I always sit down and remember to relax all over again when I’m typing these up.

There’s honestly a lot to be thankful about every year.

Although this year wasn’t all the great, it still feel grateful to have the people that I love in my life: my mom, my boyfriend, my best friends, who have stuck around me through so much.

I’m going to keep this extremely short and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, no matter who and how and when you celebrate it 🙂

a grateful heart

I also want to give all of you (Canadian or not) a massive THANKS for being the amazing you.  I’m happy to see some of you come back to the blogosphere and to know some of the new bloggers, meet a blogger and also for all of you that I may not have meet but have talked so often in comments and through your posts that I feel like I know you 🙂 Thats the power of our little blogosphere! I’m thankful for all of you because you all are the reason I’m still around you.  Even if this is extremely therapeutic for me, I’m not sure how enthusiastic I would still be.  Especially since, its because all of you that I try to do better and find new segments to keep things interesting. Trust me, my brain is still moving through a ton of new ideas which I plan on launching a fraction of by 2015!

Thank you for being here, having stopped by, commented, liked, followed, emailed, hosted any blog event. I may mostly be behind in reading your posts but I always get there!


Our Thanksgiving turkey

What I’m really is that I’m thankful for all of you!  Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving, eat lots of turkey and have lots of fun with your loved ones.  I’m sending all of you some virtual hugs! 

Stay awesome, my lovelies! 🙂

Breaking Emotions Blogathon: Breaking Love

breaking emotions blogathon

Can you believe its already the last set of emotions for Mettel Ray’s Breaking Emotions Blogathon? I can’t! Because that also means its nearing the end of the month.  The fact that I’ve managed to get all of the previous emotions done has actually surprised me.  With all the writing and craziness right now (I’ll fill you in later), its been rather unbelievable in both a good and bad way for this November.

Canada may be done with its Thanksgiving but I heard its the American Thanksgiving so I figured I should stick with only Breaking Love.  Plus, I don’t think I can think up 3 scenes that I truly hate that much.  Maybe anything with Rob Schneider *eye twitches* and I’m not about to go there.  So yes, its Thanksgiving and I’m staying happy and trying to bring some awesomeness to your life too and breaking love.  You can check out the details of that right HERE!  Maybe you’d like to break love too (its a good thing, ok?)

I’m looking for scenes that you love and adore until the end of time, scenes that just pop up in your mind while walking to the store and are just simply awesome. What are the scenes that you love the most?- Mettel Ray

Lets do it! 🙂 I tried to do it in some form of countdown but they kept shifting in my mind so I just gave up!


City of Ember – Opening scene/A Way Out

City of Ember

Following the clues

City of Ember

Is this the way out?

I know that two scenes but I’m horrible at choosing.  I chose 5 movies as is.  Any of these movies, I could’ve easily pulled out 5 scenes and just use it for the blogathon.  City of Ember is fantastic.  Its fun and even though, I’ve watched it so many times I know what happens when, I always sit around mesmerized by the beauty and detail of the city, the hunt for clues and just the sweet, sweet happiness in discovering a way out.  I love the scene of when they think its just darkness outside but then they see their first sunrise.  Its about those small things in life that we take for granted.  I love it: the excitement, the adventure and staying hopeful. I actually reviewed this movie earlier today so you can check it out HERE if you’d like! 🙂

Howl’s Moving Castle – Meeting Howl

I’ve seen almost all of the Miyazaki flicks.  I had to put on something animated because that defines me: Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, especially Studio Ghibli. Thats why it won over choosing a scene I love from Disney.  Miyazaki is an amazing director and storyteller. His animation is close to flawless and to me, the first time I saw a Studio Ghibli movie on the big screen was Howl’s Moving Castle.  Sophie meeting Howl was possibly one of the best scenes when he takes her for the first time on a walk on the sky to escape.  Christian Bale has a sexy voice, ok? Made it even better.  Plus, I personally remember whispering to my best friend in the theatre that if only there was such a handsome man in real life. It was enchanting and magical, a great start for an even more awesome movie. And you thought I would pick My Neighbor Totoro, eh? 😉

Hugo – What is Your Purpose?

I’ve heard that Hugo has a lot of dispute as to how many people like it or not. I loved the movie from start to the finish.  The score was awesome, the adaptation was beautiful and Asa Butterfield is a young talented actor or carried his role really well.  Plus, it actually gives justice to the book itself that it was adapted from.  Why did I pick this scene? It was a no brainer.  I love the quote.  I love the situation that it was said and the meaning behind it all.  It brings a deeper hopeful meaning to finding the purpose of our life.  That quote pops in my head whenever I feel like my life is going nowhere.  I can’t be a spare part, right? DEFINITELY! 🙂

Step Up 3D – Moose dance sequences

I hope the videos work since there wasn’t any embed link.  Step Up franchise is awesome not because Channing Tatum and his current wife in my book.  Ok, ok, I admit that Channing does have a nice bod but then I would’ve picked Magic Mike. Just saying… The first Step Up was possibly the best in script and inspirational.  However, for me, my love and repeated viewings goes to watching Moose (Adam Sevani) on screen. His dance sequences lights up the Step Up flick (and franchise) and seeing as he is one of the main characters in Step 3D, it seems appropriate to choose it.  I have probably 4 other dance flicks I could’ve chosen but for me, this one really is awesome! Love it to bits 🙂

Pride and Prejudice – Bewitched

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite movies. I probably watch it at least 4 times a year.  I think I’m actually due to watch it soon.  This is a super romantic scene and its set so nice with the sun blazing in and just makes me all giddy and joyful.  I’m a romantic, and a hopeless one at that. I seriously thought about doing this whole post with this movie but then I’d think, I’d just overdose you all.  So yes,  “you have bewitched me body and soul” equals my love for this scene.

There you go! Scenes I love aren’t necessarily the best movies in the world but they do merit my love for different reasons. It warms my heart, relaxes my body or charges up my energy.  Whichever it is, I’ve watched them tons of time.  These are just the ones I found came to me first but as I wrote this I have about 15 other scenes to put in. Tough choices…

What are scenes that you love? Ones that you love so much that you’d never get sick of it or those that your mind thinks about randomly?

Thank you to Mettel Ray for hosting an amazing and awesome Breaking Emotions blogathon! I loved it! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! 🙂

Top Ten Pinterest Finds for Thanksgiving Weekend! :)

I’ve been wanting to do a Top Ten list in a while and starting from yesterday, I started thinking of what I could do: TV characters I’m in love with? Nah! Maybe eventually but not this week.  Seeing as its Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, meaning long weekend, YAY! Cooking a massive dinner for two! *umm* not so yay!  Baking something awesome! DOUBLE YAY!

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do is revamp my room a bit.  Right now, its pretty much a giant mess! Piles of clothes that makes mornings feel impossible to find work clothes because all I ever pull out is summer clothes! Seasonal clothes swap in my room to get an idea of what I need to buy for the season.  Aside from that, my movies shelf is completely out of control messy along with my book shelf.  I need to either get rid of some movies/books or just find some other way to stack it.  Lots of cleaning is in order!

All those things above can be accomplished or inspired by Pinterest! Thats one of the reasons I take time everyday to scroll through, and if I have lots more time, camp out on there.  My Top 10 for Thanksgiving and I’ll try to incorporate some Halloween theme in there 😉

1. Be Thankful all the time! Not just on Thanksgiving 🙂

2. Dreams Jar

3. Desk Organizer! Instead of the chaos I have now!

4. Butterflies on the Wall! Replace that over my posters and put it around photo collages 🙂

5. Autumn Sangria! Yummy!

6. Pumpkin Pancakes..sounds delicious but it’ll be challenging..I’m a disaster when it comes to cooking.

7. Weekend Workout! Go for a jog for the cardio outside since its forecasted to have nice weather 🙂


8. Grey Wolf Halloween Costumes! Groupon just had this for the past week or something its totally adorable! I go on my newsletter everyday to look at it! The fluffy tail is so cute! 🙂 If only my Halloween party was animal theme!

I kind of cheated with this one but its either this or lingerie from Pinterest.  Still, its found online 😉

9. Pasta! This looks delish! I’m sorry..I can’t eat pancakes for dinner..not even for our breakfast style dinners…

10. SLEEP! Call me crazy but this week I’ve slept super late every night. Horror movie marathon, Pretty Little Liars binge watching and doing everything else..24 hours is not enough guys..its just not!

Wow! Looking at that, I already feel a bit overwhelmed! Still, I’ll give it my best shot! You all know that besides from all those ten things, I’ll still get in a few Halloween movies so next week will be packed! 🙂 Which is pretty good since I always die off when it gets to Thursday, then I feel guilty that I can’t decide what to post or hit this weird routine writer’s block.

Anyways, there it is! My Top 10 Thanksgiving goals, projects, whatever you’d like to call it 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Canadian blogging friends! Thank you for dropping by everyone!

More posts planned for this week! Remember to check back in your spare time when you’re not out and about partying 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Its really simple. I’m a simple person. When we talk about being thankful, I’m thankful for just being alive and having what I have now.

I’m thankful to be happy everyday and to be able to enjoy the small joys of life.

I’m thankful to be surrounded by family and close friends and boyfriend that stay supportive of me.  Thankful to be able to see my family this time in Hong Kong especially both my grandmothers. One of them you have seen in the A Word A Week Challenge for Love a few weeks ago.  You can click HERE.   to see it.




I’m thankful also for having the chances to see the world and travel close and far away and seeing the beauties of this world.

I have so much more to be thankful for that I can’t show here.

In honor of all this, I have been showing my thanks for the past month since Canadian Thanksgiving or somewhere around there.  I am thankful to all that drop by my blog.  Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoyed

Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

Yesterday afternoon, I received a little surprise in my email asking for what inspired me to blog.  My blog doesn’t really have a specific focus anymore  (I’m not sure it ever did) but it is all about things that I love and its about sharing these little things that make everyday spark up some small joy in my life.  I hope to give everyone something uplifting whether it be through photos, travel, baking and foods, movies, sometimes even writing.  Sharing the things in my life and hoping that someone enjoys it just as much as I do inspires me; seeing others around me happy inspires me.  Nature inspires me so I travel and take pictures.  My friends, boyfriend and mom’s smiles inspire me  to cook for them.  Movies and writing helps me express and always find something to enjoy out of it and that inspires me when I can hear my thoughts and others expressed.  I don’t know how to express that as a photo but here’s a few that I think could show my inspiration!



Quick pictures my boyfriend snapped of me on vacation with (and without) my camera!

Inspiration is a tricky thing but once you find it, you know you’re set to do what you want! Most of all, you all inspire me everyday: your likes and your comments, even just seeing people viewing it.  It is American Thanksgiving as I’m posting this.  So allow me to say THANK YOU! Its part of what keeps me going!