Food Review: C-Jade Kitchen

Back to back food reviews are awesome, right? Don’t worry, I do have some good food to share with everyone and its an actual meal that I enjoyed a lot.  This restaurant is a chain throughout Asia actually.  This one was located at New Town Plaza in Shatin.  On Sunday, I went to this restaurant with my mom, aunt and uncle and also cousin after visiting grandma.  The lunch there was scrumptious.  This restaurant is called C-Jade Kitchen.  It focuses on Cantonese and Teochew cuisine.

Seeing as we have a bigger group of people, we also ordered more food to share.

Congee: This is a type that was originated from fisherman’s village with peanuts, fish pieces and lean meat and green onions

Soy Sauce Chicken and Barbecued Pork with Rice.

I didn’t show the rice because I’m sure most of you have seen steamed rice.

Scrambled Eggs and Shrimp Noodles

Fried Rice Noodle Roll with Soy Sauce

Teochew style Sweet and Sour Fried Noodles

This one was a pretty interesting experience because the noodles are crunchy but you have to pour a bit of vinegar on top and then add a little bit of sugar and mix it before you eat.  Its a pretty interesting taste, in a very good way.

Looks familiar? Yes, its black sesame paste but this time its with Tofu Pudding (thats what Wikipedia calls it in English)

This place was a great eating experience.  I haven’t had actual Teochew style meal before so the noodles were a really wonderful experience.  As weird as the combination may seem, it tasted really good and I’d gladly eat more of it if I had the chance.  The dessert was good as always.  I’m not a big fan of congee but this one was really tasty.  I think this style suits my taste.  The noodles and Rice Noodle Rolls were also quite yummy.  Everything was even better because it tasted just right.  I usually have the problem of how restaurant food puts too much sugar or MSG or oil.  At this restaurant, I didn’t feel it as much.

Have you tried any of these foods before somewhere around? Which do you like? I need to start looking into which to try to make. It should be fun!