Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

This week, share a photo that foregoes the straightforward in favor of the twisting and winding.- The Daily Post

Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery

Zigzag path near the top of Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery

Le Labyrinthe

Zigzag in Le Labyrinthe in St Jean sur Richelieu

Reserve faunique Laurentides

On the way to Saguenay Lac St Jean

Western Monastery

Stairway zigzags in Western Monastery

A few pictures from past vacations and activities from the past few years showing the zigzags in my life.

What do you think of when you see the word “zigzag”? 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Lost in the details? Lets see what details fascinate me and make me lost in thoughts and imaginations or simply admiration…

There is one picture that came to my mind right away.  I had used it for a Weekly Photo Challenge a long time ago, but after a few years, whenever my friends see this picture they call me “lost”.  Do I look lost?

Kingston alleyway --> Lost in the details of the walls

Kingston alleyway –> Lost in the details of the walls

I wasn’t literally lost but I was admiring the beautiful bricks and lines that it formed in this particular alleyway.  One of my friend’s attended Queen’s University for a year or two and when I went to pick her up to head back home.  She showed me and my boyfriend around a little.  That was pretty cool.

As much as you can try to get lost in Canada but never really in most cases, getting lost in details was in Egypt.  Temple after Temple after Temple of drawing carved on every single surface of their stones, each with their stories, their history and the ancient life.

Ceiling of one of the arches

Ceiling of one of the arches

Walls and walls of carved drawings

Walls and walls of carved drawings

Rows of carved poles

Rows of carved pillars

Thats me..at the first temple lost trying to interpret and understand the pictures on the walls...

Thats me..at the one of the temple lost trying to interpret and understand the pictures on the walls…

My bad in this trip was to not read up before going to each of the temples because for 3 (or 4) days in a row, we visited temples and temples and more temples.  At that moment, I still had an idea of what they were called and the related stories, now its just a mush in my mind.  Don’t ask me which temples these were all I can say is I think the one where I’m lost is one the first or second day, early on in the trip.

However, getting lost  in the history and the significance of the ancient ruins was memorable.  At the time, our tour guide had given us the backgrounds of the temples and the stories attached to it.  As we walked through every alley, every path and turned every corner, it was story after story to uncover..if only I could piece together those pictures on the walls.

Of course, after walking around following walls and staring at everything that seemed to look similar, I’d look up and wonder where I was and how I would get back to the meeting place.  This time I was lost for real and definitely in the details…or because of the details 😉 I think the biggest one was Luxor Temple and man did I get lost in the turns and columns and all…

This is my response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  Check out the link HERE and check out other posts or join in with your own submission 🙂