Vacation Haul!!

Let’s get back into the blogging pace slowly! I’m starting with a little Vacation Haul!

If you missed the back from vacation post, I went out with my husband to Kelowna and Vancouver in British Columbia or the west coast of Canada. Kelowna was primarily to attend my cousin’s wedding and see a ton of relatives that had went there for the wedding as well. My mom’s side of the family is huge so its rare to get such a huge group of people together. Second of all, it was pretty much like a mini honeymoon for us when we got back to Vancouver. We got married in October last year but we decided to postpone the honeymoon. For us, its vacation/honeymoon but then we recently decided that we might head out to another mini getaway in October for the one year anniversary which is in planning to see if its feasible.

Regardless, we didn’t intend on buying a lot of stuff on vacation but the weather on the west coast was pretty rainy and we had phases of forgetfulness that caused some more spending.

These haul posts are pretty easy to put together as I get over jetlag so here we are!

It happens that the first full day we had in Vancouver was super rainy. In the later days, we eventually decided to head out but we took a break in between and headed to Mall Metropolis in Metrotown.


If you know me, you know I LOVE tea! Like, I love it to absolute bits! In a later post, you’ll see my restaurant review on why I wanted to get this “tea bomb” thing. Anyways, a stop at Teavana looking for this little cute thing for making tea ended up with getting two pouches of tea. The S’mores one is for my husband and mine is the fruity Dragonfruit Devotion herbal tea!

Victoria Secret

The night before, we actually saw an ad for Victoria’s Secret for its workout stuff on sale. I’m not sure if any of you have shopped for anything at VS but its super expensive. I got there primarily for sports bras and its pretty  hefty in price but awesome quality. When they had this deal for $55 for both sports bra and workout pants, I was all in! I ended up seeking out the deal. Luckily it was also at this mall.

Instant Noodle

The story behind getting instant noodles was kind of an impulsive thing. One of my cousins mentioned to us that she knew this site for instant noodles ratings and this bad boy was the top rated in 2015. My husband went with me to T&T Supermarket to grab some refreshments for the evening and ended up seeing this one. We also bought the curry one but he ate it already.

North Face Eddie Bauer

These are the unexpected buys. Why? Because one rainy day heading up to Whistler and Squamish, I forgot my brain during breakfast. I blame not having drank any tea for this. And I forgot my raincoat at A&W where we were eating breakfast and didn’t realize until we were almost at Whistler. There wasn’t really a sale but I needed it to not catch a cold and keep warm and slightly dry. They are great quality gear though so I’m pretty happy about it! It proved to be useful for the rest of the trip. By the way, another happy thing was that we went back to A&W in the evening and it was in the lost and found. 🙂

Disney Store

I guess to wrap up the haul is that in Mall Metropolis we also came across the Disney Store.  In case you don’t know, I’m a Disney plush collector. We had limited space so I opted to get the little plushes of Jiminy Cricket and Pluto. At least that makes for getting a Disney plush in every Disney store I encounter. 🙂 They are currently my companions sitting on the printer as I type up this post!

We got some other souvenirs. Shot glasses for one of my good friends and wine and mugs for my in-laws, but they are given away now so I won’t be posting those up. The airfare and the hotel and care rental was pretty pricey for this trip so we tried to keep expenses to the minimum. Not a big haul but they were all quite satisfying finds!

What do you like from this haul?

Toronto Shopping Finds :)

For the record, I haven’t shopped with my best friend in ages.  We both are busy with our own lives and its been tough to even find time to hang out.  Just to mention it…our friendship started 10 years ago in mid August/September.  Maybe subconsciously we both felt it would be great timing and it may be for that reason ;).  I really don’t have too many friends that is still in my life after 10 years and keep constant contact.  This is actually the first road trip that we had just the two of us.  Things went great and we managed to not only see two wonderful movies at TIFF but we also managed to eat some delicious food (I will post soon) and lots of shopping.

We arrived in Markham at about noon and went straight to Pacific Mall to kill some time before we checked into our hotel at 3pm.  I always make the run to pick up some Hong Kong flicks and some blu-rays. I also go to get some dried plums and egg rolls, etc.  These are the movies that I got:


Any of the movies catch your interest? From the top we have Hansel and Gretel:Witch Hunter, Gangster Squad, John Dies at the End, Step Up Revolution, Ip Man: Final Fight (missed this at Fantasia Festival), Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Young and Dangerous: Prequel, The Lady, Drug War, Saving General Yang (missed this at Fantasia Festival), A Simple Life. There were two other ones that were chosen for Venice Film Festival but they weren’t available yet so maybe next time I go again 🙂

Saturday was our actual shopping day and we headed out to Vaughan Mills.  I remember having a lot of fun there last time and my best friend had never been before so we ended up hitting a lot of sales.  I ended up getting a lot of clothes.  The main goal was to get something warmer since Toronto was so very cold.

I bought mostly athletic clothes at Aeropostale.  It was a pretty sweet deal for all of that 🙂 Plus, I think they have super comfortable slim fit sweat pants.

I love Bluenotes to bits because they have such cute t-shirts.  I wanted to buy so many more.  These ones fit me better.

Disney outlet and Foot Locker

Disney outlet and Foot Locker

I know that I shouldn’t get anything at Disney outlet but Flounder was just too cute! I had to get it 🙂

That sweater is possibly the most expensive sweater I’ve gotten but its dri-fit and is super warm and water resistant.  I think I have an obsession over Under Armour clothes….okay..maybe I don’t think.

Aside from that, after a lot of self-control, I bought one type of tea at Teavana called Berry Kiwi Colada Herbal tea.

Berry Kiwi Colada (picture from Teavana site)

It smelled delicious and fruity.  Plus, they have some Perfectea rock sugar to add in to make it a bit sweeter to cover some of the tisanes sour taste in some.  Its made from beets so its supposed to be healthier also.

For Sunday, time was a bit tighter after the movie so we didn’t end up doing much shopping and rather left for home to get back so that we could both rest up for the next day since we both need to head out to work.

Shopping is always the best with my best friend and it was a memorable trip.  Thats the most important part of it 🙂

Drop by again to see some more of Toronto and especially for the movie review of TIFF 2013’s showing of Hong Kong Chinese vampire horror movie, Rigor Mortis. Its taking me a bit longer to put together the review but it will be up very soon.

Ottawa Day Trip and August Announcement!

Can you believe that August came around so fast?  Summer already feels like its over but still, with so much time at home from being sick and before that being in a car on vacation, my mind has been working really hard on thinking up things I wanted to do for the blog.

Before that, you know me! I can’t just start by giving you the announcements! With all that positive seeking yesterday, it got even more awesome after I published THIS POST! My friend called me up and went to Ottawa for a day trip for exploring the St. Laurent Mall (always went to the Rideau Mall) and then to our favorite supermarket T&T! 🙂

Of course, I always end up buying stuff! At the St. Laurent Mall, I bought this:

St. Laurent Mall buys!

St. Laurent Mall buys!

I got The Casual Vacancy for 40% off at Coles. Then got two different types of teas at Teavana.  One of a herbal tea called Peach Tranquility which works well on its own and is supposed to be a good match for Tranquil Dream herbal tea also.  Second one is a classic green tea called Emperor’s Clouds & Mist.  It smells awesome! I can’t wait to try it out.

I also got a new dress! Finally after searching for one the whole summer, I finally found one that worked 😉


I’m not too good at self-portraits apparently with my new camera.  This is the best shot I have.  Love the dress though 🙂

Next stop at T&T Supermarket, my friend’s new cooler was big help.  I could get some frozen Fried Pork Buns and Steamed Pork Dumplings.  We also got some dimsum for a late lunch and some food for dinner that evening.  I bought some Black Sesame Soy Milk (my fave which I talked about HERE!). Lets check out the dimsum 🙂

Chives Dumplings

Chives Dumplings

Steamed Shao Mai (Pork Dumplings?)

Steamed Shao Mai (Pork Dumplings?)

Fried Pork Buns (my fave)

Fried Pork Buns (my fave)

Sesame balls with red bean paste

Sesame balls with red bean paste

Now that I have your attention with food 🙂 Ready for the August Announcement?

So, I’ve been thinking about it for a while.  This year, I’ve talked about Meg Ryan marathon, Nicholas Sparks marathon, but those won’t be for August.  All of you have been totally awesome whenever I post up film reviews and would always suggest more movies for me to check out.  Believe it or not, I’ve jotted it down in my notebook and a part in my email drafts as well.  That list has been getting really long so in a mission to decrease the list and to give some mention all of you, I’m going to be spending August watching movies solely from movies you recommended.

This week, I will start with two movies that aren’t recommendations because it was before I made this decision.  After those two, we’ll get cracking right away.  If you have certain movies that you feel I’d like, then please go ahead and recommend it in the comments whenever you’d like.  Drop me an email or tweet me if you’d like.  Whatever works for you, but I don’t mind the list getting bigger.  I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I felt it was the right time! 🙂

I will also be looking for a film for the Shitfest so there might be a few interviews from that as well 🙂 I will be changing my horror packs since the current one seem to not be going anywhere.  So maybe this one will hit the jackpot right away!.

August is going to be recommendations month! Drop me more if you’d like 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend! Lets have a great August together 🙂

Sunshine Award and WordPress Family Award (*2)

Okay! Yet again, I’m feeling extremely happy because I did receive these awards two times! Those awards being Sunshine Award and WordPress Family Award (as mentioned in the title)!


First up, I want to apologize to Natasha at Film and Things for this award.  She’s an amazing blogger and she gave this to me A MONTH AGO! What happened? How did a month pass by? I have no idea but I should’ve responded to it earlier.  I’m REALLY REALLY happy that I got it and extremely grateful! Thanks to her so very much! She’s totally awesome! She just directed her first short film and put up the trailer.  So you definitely should head to her blog to check out that! Plus, she puts up really awesome reviews 🙂

The second time is from T at The Focused Filmographer! Thank you so much! I can’t remember when I first started following T but his blog is totally cool with  themed days of the week to look forward to: Movie News Monday, It’s Time to Vote Tuesday, Trailer Time Thursday, New Posters of the Week! Plus, he has a whole lot of reviews also! Amazing stuff right there! If you haven’t dropped by his blog, run on over and have some fun!

Accepting these awards always comes with rules of some sort.  Both these awards have similar rules except Sunshine Award has the 10 questions to answer 🙂 I will do it for both of them (provided they don’t have overlapping questions).

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  • Link to the person who nominated you.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
    (use these or come up with your own).
  • Nominate 10 bloggers.
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs,
    letting them know they have been nominated.

Natasha’s questions

1) Favorite color?

My favorite colors changes to the seasons but I’m really drawn to a darker shade of purple (last few years). I love royal blue and in the summer, I really enjoy wearing a nice shade of green, something similar to a sea green and maybe coral!

2) Favorite animal?

I love cats: big cats like tigers!

tiger at st-felicien zoo

or little cats like my little girl, Flea!

My cat Flea

My cat Flea

Of course, I’d take Red Pandas and Giant Pandas any day also 🙂

Giant Panda in Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Giant Panda in Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Red Pandas in Ocean Park :)

Red Pandas in Ocean Park 🙂


3) Favorite number?

Can I not answer this? I like to choose numbers that are related so I’d say 3 is one of my best numbers 🙂

4) Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Green Tea is my love! Green Tea is to everyone else’s coffee 😉 My fave has to be Get Fresh Green from Tealish!

Get Fresh Green by Tealish (from their site)

Get Fresh Green by Tealish (from their site)

But, I also love Teavana‘s Tranquil Dream herbal tea! (I guess you know one of the reasons why)

Tranquil Dream by Teavana (taken from their site)

Tranquil Dream by Teavana (taken from their site)

5) My passion?

My blog is my passion (everything I write about) but I’d say, baking is definitely my first passion.  Coming real close behind is music/movies/books.

Hamburger cupcakes!

Hamburger cupcakes! My most proud baked goods!

Shortbread hearts :)

Shortbread hearts 🙂

I’m actually starting to become really passionate about writing also! 🙂

6) Prefer getting or giving presents?

Giving thoughtful gifts 🙂 I have one in the making right now! I do that, plan and put together memorable gifts for months in advance!

7) Favorite day of the week?

Saturday is definitely my fave! No one to kick me out of bed and I get to relax in my room doing whatever I want.  Wednesdays/Thursdays are my fave once in a week when I have my chiro appointment because my back and neck feels all new and refreshed afterwards…

8) Favorite flower?





Lavenders! Oh and this applies to the fave color ;)

Lavenders! Oh and this applies to the fave color 😉

T’s questions (overlapped 7 questions with Natasha’s so let’s continue! )

9) Favorite actor (who’s not a household name yet)?

I think Ian Somerhalder counts.  Love the guy! He’s hot and has this mysterious charm.

ian somerhalder

10) Favorite food?

My mom’s purple sweet potato sweet soup with glutinous rice balls 🙂 YUMMY!

Purple sweet potato sweet soup :)

Purple sweet potato sweet soup 🙂

OR ANYTHING with chicken! (except spicy dishes)!



11) Favorite soundtrack?

This is going to be hard! Moulin Rouge is really high on the list! Joe Hisaishi music is way up there also!

moulin rouge soundtrack

These days, my boyfriend introduced me to a PS3 game Sleeping Dogs soundtrack and I really love the chinese rap, 24 Herbs.

Whew! Finally done that! That took me a long time, especially finding all the pictures digging in archives and searching up…

Now we’re on the extremely hard part, the 10 nominations 🙂 I may have got this 2 times but I’m going with the rules.

Jack Flacco




The Return of the Modern Philosopher


The Matticus Kingdom

Joe’s Musings


Parlor of Horror

Don’t feel the obligation to do anything with this 🙂 If you do feel the obligation you can pick any of the 10 questions on the top! I’d love to hear your answers, even if you want to do it in the comments, I’m all good with that!

Huge gigantic THANKS to Natasha and T 🙂 You both are awesome!!!

Happy Wednesday! 🙂