Food Review: Sushi Yasu

On Saturday evening, I was invited to dinner with my girl friends and others to meet one of the girl’s long distance boyfriend who came in town to visit! She chose to have it at a pretty popular Japanese restaurant around where I live called Sushi Yasu!

To have dinner with friends and meeting new people, we all had a great time! I’m not really much of a Japanese food person since I can’t eat raw fish.  Still, a lot of friends rate this place highly!

I started my meal with Miso Soup (which came with my meal).

Miso Soup Sushi Yasu

Miso Soup

I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki and it came with a bowl of rice! I didn’t manage to finish the rice since it was really filling so I managed to eat most of my dish! It looks good, right?

Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Yasu

Chicken Teriyaki

The Chicken Teriyaki was pretty good.  The sauce tasted really awesome and the chicken was tender.  I just found it so huge that I couldn’t eat it all.  Oh, and those are fried onions which were quite delicious as well 🙂

I didn’t get a chance to catch everyone’s dishes but two of the girls chose to eat Deluxe Chef Set (I think thats what it was called). It looked amazing but had so much food.  That also came with soup or salad and a bowl of rice 🙂

Deluxe Chef Sushi Yasu

Deluxe Chef Set

And of course, someone has to order sushi 🙂 Here’s one of the platters shared!

Sushi Yasu


Looks pretty good! Sometimes, I miss the days when my stomach could eat sushi but I was never a huge fan! I do miss the raw salmon.  This looks awesome and there weren’t complaints I believe, or none voiced out loud!

Do you like Japanese cuisine? Do you enjoy eating raw fish in sushi, hand rolls or sashimi?