Cross-stitch: Listen to Your Heart

Cross-stitching was a short fad when I was around 8 years old or so.  Although I have a slight memory that it could have been needlepoint.  Either way, I am slowly going to explore a bit of the crafts.  So regardless, after 6 months later of finally putting this down after working on it intensely, I finished it! Hooray!

I did learn one valuable lesson through this.  That is to never put down crafts for too long because then you end up missing parts, in this case, it was the thread.  I was missing a few so I ended up having to change some colors around. Still, I think it turned out pretty nice, no?


Its still a bit rusty, but I’m picking up on it.  Its my first cross-stitch embroidery kits that I bought.  I was missing the yellow thread so I couldn’t even replace that.  On top of that, I had lost the instructions sheet on how to do the stitching techniques so I could only research the ones for the petals.  I didn’t know how to do the little pollen part in the middle.  It was altogether a different technique so I had to just leave it.

I still have one more that I bought before but I’ve been looking around for more of these kits and they are not available in Walmart anymore so I’m looking up for other stores that might have it.

Anyone know any reliable online sites for cross-stitch kits? Or stores in Canada with them or stores in US that ship to Canada?