Unboxing: Hero Crate April 2015

Here we are! Back to another unboxing! This time is a brand new one time subscription for Hero Crate.  Hero Crate is a little different.  Its run by veterans and every month it features one character of whatever category they say.  So it still keeps a little mystery going.  April’s  Hero Crate was super hero themed and seeing as Marvel was right around the corner, my hope was that it would be one of those.  The concept is good BUT, only when you get a character that you land on that you care about.

Hero Crate was waiting for me when I got home from vacation.  Its a little later than expected for this to get posted but its been relatively busier than expected 😉

This month’s theme was Superheroes as mentioned before and the character chosen was….not Marvel but DC comics and Superman.

I’m not much of a Superman fan.  The only time any Superman thing worked for me was when there was Clark and Lois on TV when I was a lot younger. Regardless, I kept an open mind for this one and here’s the gear!!

Hero Crate: April 2015

Superman Shoe Accessory

Hero Crate


Superman Keychain

Hero Crate

Superman Bobble-Head

Hero Crate

Superman Sticker

Hero Crate


Hero Crate

 That’s it! A lot of Superman logos in various uses.  Any Superman fans out there? I could definitely give some gear away 😉 Out of all of this, bobble head collection and t-shirt are the ones I really like from this box.  Which makes me think whether I’d give this a second go.  I mean, Superman’s now out of the way, right? It’s only going to get better.  Decisions, right? I’ll still track this for a little while longer and if anything catches my attention, I’ll order another one.  These unboxing posts are usually really fun, so I’m going stay updated with this.

Are you a Superman fan? Any of this gear you like? 

Week 32&33: Sore is the new Sexy!

I’m really enjoying updating everyone with my workouts on biweekly basis, only its been so uneventful on the workout front.  As much as I hate using the excuse of having no time, my life has been consumed with work and cleaning, prepping for the new season, returning my room to a habitable state.  That, in itself is a mega workout. I think all the dust and allergies might be causing my brain to forget some workouts but here are the ones that I do remember.  Even though it wasn’t a lot, they were all super intense and crazy awesome.  I’m brainwashing myself after everyone that sore is the new sexy because thats how I feel the following days…

First up is a repeat workout that I like a lot called No Excuses Workout from PopSugar Fitness.  I especially like to do this one when I have skipped a few days to motivate myself.

Circuit one has to be the hardest to complete as always.  This time around, I did the push-ups with the full form and not modified.  If you have back problems, Superman move is the BEST! When I pulled out of the one minute from Superman, my entire spine adjusted itself.  It felt like my chiropractor just worked her magic. 🙂 Its going to be intense but its totally awesome!

When in doubt, I always go for some yoga.  It helps me relieve a truckload of stress and calms my mind so that I can get back to full productivity.  Fitsugar came out with a workout video for something called TMAC Flow. Its some type of modified intense yoga.  This routine takes only 10 minutes and it felt all kinds of great 🙂

But goodness, can someone please give me some flexibility? More yoga should be the solution, right?

I definitely did take that as a sign this past weekend when I did frequent yoga moves to relieve the hip pain.  Isn’t it just awesome being a girl? Monthly hip pains, cramps, migraines…I get those in extra strong dosages all the time but its even worse when I’m mega stressed.  If you suffer from this horrible fate as I do, maybe you’d like to try these moves at this link HERE 🙂

Final workout I’d like to share is the highlight of this week.  A workout to train for the zombie apocalypse 🙂 There was a few ones I was looking at for the Run For Your Lives Campaign at Tribesports but since its been raining a lot the last few days, the whole going to the playground to help with the equipment I lacked at home was not able to be done.  I ended up doing the Zombie Survival Under Siege Workout which is completely body weights.

30 minutes of doing these sets of exercises as many rounds as you can.  I managed to do 2.5 rounds.  My last half round ended at the 30 second side plank.  This workout kicked my butt.  Plus, I realized that walking lunges are at least 10 times harder than alternating lunges.  Talk about burning in my legs…that did the job right away and my legs still feel a bit sore from this workout 2 days ago.

*Takes a deep breath* Just remember this:

My goodness, am I feeling ever sexy 😉

Lets hope the next two weeks, I’ll get some more sexiness in. But then, I’ll be starting a new 30 day challenge for November so we’ll see if the next few days I can squeeze in some workouts!