Sunshine Award and WordPress Family Award (*2)

Okay! Yet again, I’m feeling extremely happy because I did receive these awards two times! Those awards being Sunshine Award and WordPress Family Award (as mentioned in the title)!


First up, I want to apologize to Natasha at Film and Things for this award.  She’s an amazing blogger and she gave this to me A MONTH AGO! What happened? How did a month pass by? I have no idea but I should’ve responded to it earlier.  I’m REALLY REALLY happy that I got it and extremely grateful! Thanks to her so very much! She’s totally awesome! She just directed her first short film and put up the trailer.  So you definitely should head to her blog to check out that! Plus, she puts up really awesome reviews 🙂

The second time is from T at The Focused Filmographer! Thank you so much! I can’t remember when I first started following T but his blog is totally cool with  themed days of the week to look forward to: Movie News Monday, It’s Time to Vote Tuesday, Trailer Time Thursday, New Posters of the Week! Plus, he has a whole lot of reviews also! Amazing stuff right there! If you haven’t dropped by his blog, run on over and have some fun!

Accepting these awards always comes with rules of some sort.  Both these awards have similar rules except Sunshine Award has the 10 questions to answer 🙂 I will do it for both of them (provided they don’t have overlapping questions).

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  • Link to the person who nominated you.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
    (use these or come up with your own).
  • Nominate 10 bloggers.
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs,
    letting them know they have been nominated.

Natasha’s questions

1) Favorite color?

My favorite colors changes to the seasons but I’m really drawn to a darker shade of purple (last few years). I love royal blue and in the summer, I really enjoy wearing a nice shade of green, something similar to a sea green and maybe coral!

2) Favorite animal?

I love cats: big cats like tigers!

tiger at st-felicien zoo

or little cats like my little girl, Flea!

My cat Flea

My cat Flea

Of course, I’d take Red Pandas and Giant Pandas any day also 🙂

Giant Panda in Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Giant Panda in Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Red Pandas in Ocean Park :)

Red Pandas in Ocean Park 🙂


3) Favorite number?

Can I not answer this? I like to choose numbers that are related so I’d say 3 is one of my best numbers 🙂

4) Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Green Tea is my love! Green Tea is to everyone else’s coffee 😉 My fave has to be Get Fresh Green from Tealish!

Get Fresh Green by Tealish (from their site)

Get Fresh Green by Tealish (from their site)

But, I also love Teavana‘s Tranquil Dream herbal tea! (I guess you know one of the reasons why)

Tranquil Dream by Teavana (taken from their site)

Tranquil Dream by Teavana (taken from their site)

5) My passion?

My blog is my passion (everything I write about) but I’d say, baking is definitely my first passion.  Coming real close behind is music/movies/books.

Hamburger cupcakes!

Hamburger cupcakes! My most proud baked goods!

Shortbread hearts :)

Shortbread hearts 🙂

I’m actually starting to become really passionate about writing also! 🙂

6) Prefer getting or giving presents?

Giving thoughtful gifts 🙂 I have one in the making right now! I do that, plan and put together memorable gifts for months in advance!

7) Favorite day of the week?

Saturday is definitely my fave! No one to kick me out of bed and I get to relax in my room doing whatever I want.  Wednesdays/Thursdays are my fave once in a week when I have my chiro appointment because my back and neck feels all new and refreshed afterwards…

8) Favorite flower?





Lavenders! Oh and this applies to the fave color ;)

Lavenders! Oh and this applies to the fave color 😉

T’s questions (overlapped 7 questions with Natasha’s so let’s continue! )

9) Favorite actor (who’s not a household name yet)?

I think Ian Somerhalder counts.  Love the guy! He’s hot and has this mysterious charm.

ian somerhalder

10) Favorite food?

My mom’s purple sweet potato sweet soup with glutinous rice balls 🙂 YUMMY!

Purple sweet potato sweet soup :)

Purple sweet potato sweet soup 🙂

OR ANYTHING with chicken! (except spicy dishes)!



11) Favorite soundtrack?

This is going to be hard! Moulin Rouge is really high on the list! Joe Hisaishi music is way up there also!

moulin rouge soundtrack

These days, my boyfriend introduced me to a PS3 game Sleeping Dogs soundtrack and I really love the chinese rap, 24 Herbs.

Whew! Finally done that! That took me a long time, especially finding all the pictures digging in archives and searching up…

Now we’re on the extremely hard part, the 10 nominations 🙂 I may have got this 2 times but I’m going with the rules.

Jack Flacco




The Return of the Modern Philosopher


The Matticus Kingdom

Joe’s Musings


Parlor of Horror

Don’t feel the obligation to do anything with this 🙂 If you do feel the obligation you can pick any of the 10 questions on the top! I’d love to hear your answers, even if you want to do it in the comments, I’m all good with that!

Huge gigantic THANKS to Natasha and T 🙂 You both are awesome!!!

Happy Wednesday! 🙂