We Want to Play Street Fighter 5 Now: Here’s the Character Reveal Trailer

Check out the next Want to Play It Now from me and David over at That Moment In. We take a look at the trailer launched last week for Street Fighter V with the opening cinematic sequence and 16 character reveals and share what makes us want to play it. 🙂

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The Rundown: The fifth numbered game in the hugely popular fighting game from Capcom, Street Fighter 5 will feature 16 characters at launch, including four new ones, though more will be released during the game’s first year. These will be available through in-game money earned by gameplay ranking or purchased outright with real-world currency. Utilizing the Unreal Engine 4, the game will feature cross-platform play between Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows only and will have a storyline related to the newly-developed miniseries Street Fighter: Resurrection, a webseries scheduled for March of 2016.

The Gameplay: Continuing the same side-scrolling fighting gameplay of the franchise, characters use a variety of attacks and special abilities related to each character to try and knockout their opponent. This includes building the EX gauge earn during combat that can be used to for special moves or combinations known as Critical Arts. Introduced in…

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Unboxing: 1UP Box [June 2015]

Welcome to another unboxing! This time around, we’re looking at the 1UP Box.

So far, this has been a mixed bag BUT it has been increasingly intriguing.  I haven’t been following the themes of the boxes so its all a complete surprise to me, which I love the spontaneity 🙂

This month’s theme: Arcade!! How awesome is that?!?!?!

Let’s check it out!!!

1UP Box: Arcade [June 2015]

1UP Box

Spider-Man Zipper Pull

1UP Box

Who is a fan of Spider-Man? I know I am, for the most part.  And zipper pulls break a lot, maybe its the cold Canada winters.  I don’t know.  Either way, I’ll find some cool use for it or I’ll just use it for the ton of bags that I own. Who knows, right? I love practical stuff and this definitely is one!

Metallic Arcade Decal

1UP Box

Decals! This one does look absolutely cool.  I just always wonder…at the rate we have to change our phones and our computers (because they just break faster).  I’d pretty much lose the decal if I stuck it on there.  Maybe I can just keep it as a collectible 😉

Pac-Man Candy Tin

1UP Box

I’m really into arcades or at least arcade games.  Pac-Man has to be one of my top favorite games.  Its funny how the simplest games can be the most addictive.  I mean, just take Agar.io right now.  A huge hit, right? If you haven’t played it, well, its pretty intense and addictive.  I try to stay away from it.  I guess another related one would be like the Candy Crush Saga phenomenon, right? Pac-Man still has a special place in my heart though.

Space Alien Lanyard

1UP Box

I just got a new lanyard from Grand Prix Weekend but this one is pretty awesome. It has the space aliens and “PRESS START”/”GAME OVER”/”INSERT COIN” along the side.  Totally arcade stuff, right? Looks so great!

Street Fighter Bobble Budds [Guile]

1UP Box

Look, this box is winning me over.  Street Fighter was so huge when I fight learned about street fighter.  Mind you, my cousin the closest to my age and lived in Montreal also at the time was a guy and he got consoles so I was knowledgeable about these combat games along with some horror and adventure ones as well. So, YAY!! 🙂

Fight Fight Revolution T-Shirt

1UP Box

Okay, look, this t-shirt is ALL SORTS OF AWESOME! I kind of regret putting it in my boyfriend’s size.  If you don’t remember or you are a newer follower or you just happened to drop into my blog randomly, I did this (in hindsight) pretty ridiculous and kind of meaningless but somewhat awkward and funny video on a post where I talked about my absolute love for Dance Dance Revolution.  You can find that HERE and then followed with a DDR show HERE.  I’m probably going to regret sharing this but hey, it is fun! As stupid as it all looks, it is! Add that to Street Fighter and OMG! This is so awesome! I might consider stealing this one from my boyfriend…

Overall…This was THE BEST 1UP Box so far! I mean, they’ve had some great themes but this one just was all sorts of awesome: Street Fighter, Dance Dance Revolution, Pac-Man! All of my absolutely faves!! 🙂

What did you like from this? Are you into arcade games? Whats your favorite one?

Arcade Block Unboxing: March 2015!

A month passes by so quick! We’re at March’s Arcade Block unboxing! Just received on Monday and I headed over and unboxed it!

This month is a special one because there’s two shirts in the box! It also marks the end of my first 3 month subscription of this block.  While I had originally wanted to give the other two blocks a shot, the final decision was that we’d continue with the Arcade Block for a 6 month subscription because we just love gaming stuff too much 🙂  I probably will give Horror Block a go at the end of the year around October. As for Nerd Block, I ordered the Nerd Block version of Grab Block which is stuff from last year’s inventory or something. I don’t quite mind.  So a few things coming in the mail soon! The fun never ends! 🙂

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s check out the March goodies!!!

Arcade Block

Arcade Block

Gameboy Notebook

arcade block march 2015

Gameboy Notebook

Arcade Block March 2015

Guess who is using this? 😉 Same as for the Tetris notebook in January!!

Stress Controller 

arcade block march 2015

stress controller

I’m really hoping that they stop with stress balls in whatever cute style it is.  If I keep up with this, I’ll have to start giving them away or using them to cushion the wall or some other useful substitute for its original purpose.  I’m stressed but not THAT stressed…

Street Fighter  LED Flashlight

arcade block march 2015

arcade block march 2015

I’m not great at combat games but Street Fighter was iconic.  Mortal Kombat and Tekken was also a phase but nothing really compares to Street Fighter and the awesome characters.  I’ve already found a use for this flashlight in my new and really not very well lit neighborhood.  Haha!

Batman: Arkham Knight Comic Book

Arcade Block March 2015

Batman Arkham Knight Comic Book (Arcade Block Exclusive)

This looks really cool. The whole exclusive item being Batman Arkham Knight and honestly, its one of the reasons I want to get a PS4.  The upgrade will happen eventually this year.  But all this is right now is paper in a plastic bag because the boyfriend is forbidding me from opening it.  Apparently its how comic books retain their worth x amount of years down the road. Excuse me, if thats the case it works, how do you read comics, eh? I don’t understand….  I’m too practical for this hobby apparently.

Double T-Shirt Month!

Arcade Block March 2015

Far Cry 4 (?) T-Shirt

Arcade Block March 2015

Super Smash Bros T-Shirt

I’m not gonna lie! I had to research that Kyrat shirt up there.  Far Cry 4 was never anything I was interested in.  Still, I’m not even sure if it actually is that.  Haha! But, I like love Nintendo so I know about Super Smash Bros.  I haven’t played much of it but I do know what it is 🙂

Here we go! March’s Arcade Block! Everything was really cool! 🙂

I should have another unboxing sooner than the next month!
And unboxing will get its own spot on the menu up top. Look for it!

Thoughts? Anything goodies this time that you like?