Unboxing: Arcade Block [January 2016]

Arcade Block finally made its appearance on our doorstep on Monday.  Its not too late so that’s good! We’re nearing the end of our subscription.  I think the next one is the last one.  We are debating whether to keep subscribing or not. Next unboxing, I’ll probably give an update on what we decide to do.  That aside, these Arcade Blocks have been rather awesome and really makes our day.

Let’s open it up, shall we? 😉

Arcade Block [January 2016]

Puzzle Cube (Exclusive item)

Arcade Block

Anyone like to figure out Rubik’s Cube? I used to when I was young but nowadays, its not a frequent thing I do.  However, this puzzle cube is cute as a button with all 6 sides with different gaming icons. I love it! 🙂 Although its also the reason why I wouldn’t mess it up and rely on myself to put it back together.

Morph Ball Stress Reliever(Exclusive item)

arcade block

I’ve previously mentioned that we’ve gotten a lot of stress ball-like sort of nerd gear.  Some of them are just hanging out on shelves and bookcases as decor.  This one is legitimately a useful stress ball.  I’m thinking of moving it into the basement with as a stress reliever when I’m raging over how I can’t pass a level in some platformer like Rayman or my most rage-worthy game, Trials Fusion. Maybe it’ll help me not want to toss the controller at the TV because I can never figure out how to do a bunny hop…

Portal-Safety First Tin Sign

arcade block

This is completely laugh out loud! I just love it! I’m still deciding where to put this! 😉  Where seems the most suitable?

Trainer Beanie

arcade block

I’m not sure exactly who will wear this.  We’re not Pokemon fans.  Digimon was a thousand million times better to me. And we’re both not exactly beanie types.  I have a winter beanie hat but its warm and adorable so I love it.  Maybe I can use this to shovel snow on our next snowstorm 😉

Mortal Kombat X Bobblehead: Scorpion

arcade block

I haven’t had the chance to play Mortal Kombat X yet but I’ve seen tons of gameplay videos on it and it looks great.  Scorpion is a classic character and its absolutely suitable that he’s the one we get in this block.  I’ve creatively opened up a new spot to put the figures 😉

Street Fighter V T-Shirt (Exclusive item)

arcade block

If you’ve seen the Want to Play It Now post that I did with David over at That Moment In, you’ll know that while I’m not a really great combat game sort of person, Street Fighter is absolutely fantastic. Its a classic and I’m excited about Street Fighter V. This is a super cool T-Shirt with artwork from Stanley Lau (ArtGerm).  Some boxes got the Ken T-Shirt.  We got Ryu and well, I’m perfectly fine with it! 🙂


January 2016’s Arcade Block was fantastic.  I’ve ordered the Arcade Block for a year, guys! I started last year in January!  This box was fantastic.  It hits a lot of games that we love a lot and I can see use for most of it and that is just great! Arcade Block still keeps its high quality/value.  Loving it! 🙂

*There should be another unboxing for something completely different soon.  I’m just waiting for it to arrive*

Unboxing: Arcade Block December 2015

Arcade Block finally arrived, albeit 2 weeks later, but it did! I was sitting here anxiously waiting for this block since it had a sneak peek of tons of really great games right after Christmas and checking the tracking.  We finally received it last Friday.  Good news is that probably there will be another unboxing post sooner if January is back on track with everything 😉

Let’s check it out! 🙂


Space Invaders Tin Bank [Exclusive]

Arcade Block

As far as classic games goes, Space Invaders should be rather iconic.  I never played it a lot as a kid but I sure have seen a lot of talk about it and its one of those games that have an extremely addictive appeal.  Its a little tin bank and I don’t pay in cash quite as much as I used to anymore but I still always have a lot of coins.  This could be useful! 😉

Pirate Cats in Space Notebook [Exclusive]

Arcade Block

Have I ever shared with you my intense and immense love for notebooks or notepads? My brain fires off a ton of ideas about a thousand things to do and write and read and play and watch that you know, I have to jot it all down.  I can never have enough of them.  I don’t know anything about Pirate Cats in Space but I love cats and I love space and I love notebooks and I think the idea of “ferocious alien felines” are as much a possibility as any other.  I’d much prefer cats taking over Earth than say, clowns 😉

Classic Console Casino Cards [Exclusive]

Arcade Block

Arcade Block

I love playing card games.  It used to be a favorite thing to do with my cousins.  In the recent years, I have to say that it hasn’t been a frequent game choice.  Just look at these classic console playing cards, some of the cards are adorable. We have Duck Hunt, Zelda, Metroid, Mario and the last row, I have no idea what game but OMG, these are cute as a button.  I love this one a whole lot! 🙂

Street Fighter V Patch [Exclusive]

Arcade Block

I look forward to Street Fight V.  Its not that I’m particularly skilled at the game but its one of the best combat games out there, plus its pretty iconic.  If you did miss the reblog, David at That Moment In and I did a lovely little Want to Play It Now Moment post over at That Moment In. You can check it out HERE! My only issue is where I’d put this patch. Maybe it’ll go on my duffel bag yet again.

The Last of Us: Joel & Ellie [Exclusive]

Arcade Block

There’s always one particular item you look forward to in Arcade Blocks.  I’m starting to just think everything is pure awesomeness. But, I’m starting have a lovely collection of vinyl figures whether its from Titans or Funko Pop!. Who doesn’t love The Last of Us? I sure do! And we get a 2 pack! Can you feel my excitement?

Just Cause 3 T-Shirt [Exclusive]

Arcade Block

I recently just saw a livestream where they were playing Just Cause 3. I don’t know much about it but it seems like a decently fun game just by the mechanics of it.  While I don’t know much about it, this shirt design is really cool!


The wait was definitely worth it.  The 2 pack The Last of Us vinyl figures definitely are the highlight for me in this block.  And those playing cards stole my heart from the cuteness overload! It seems like its 80% classic games tribute in this one and that is 100% awesome! 🙂

What do you like from this Arcade Block?

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