Jello Shots!

I’m guessing everyone has their traditions and our kind of growing one with my girl friends are jello shots.  Last year, we had a lot of fun with Jello Shots and Snakes and Ladders. This year, me and another one of my friends had the duty of doing the Jello Shots.  My friend actually has another party the day after and she was asked to make some also, thats why there’s so much.  I’m not exactly sure how to gauge how many jello shots are considered a lot since I’ve only had it that one time before last year.

Anyways, this year, we went on Pinterest to find some mixes and ended up with these 4 flavors.

These two below are from Do It and How in their Jello Shots Master List.

Jello shots

Bermuda Triangle

I had to replace Peach Schnapps with Apricot Brandy.  Sorry…I don’t drink Peach Schnapps, no one at home likes it.

Jello shots

Lemon Lime

We had to half it because I didn’t actually boil anything other than water.  It would have been too much work and too many things to wash afterwards. Haha! I’m sure it’ll still taste fine.

Another one is from The Examiner in 21 Best Jello Shots.

Jello shots

Tropic Thunder

And finally the last one is a mix of Strawberry Jello and Champagne (which reminds me that I need to finish that bottle).

Jello shot

strawberry champagne

This one is totally improvisation…so lets hope it turns out good. 😉

I have no idea what any of these taste yet but Jello usually can’t go wrong so here you go!

Happy Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!