Book Review: Dead and Gone (Sookie Stackhouse Series #9) by Charlaine Harris

Yes, these are the series of books that the successful  HBO series True Blood is based on.  However, as much as they started off being similar to the books, by Book 9 many things that have happened are quite different.

Actually, its become something of a tradition to read the following one or two books in the series that I stopped at before the series starts up the summer.  This year was no different.  I only had one more book that I had pre-bought from last year during those buy 3 get 1 free deals at Indigo.  Whats really nice (probably not so much if you read every book in the series) is that they always try to give you some details about how Sookie and whatever person she’s regarding has gotten to whatever stage they are at whether it be friends, family, acquaintances, etc.  Once it makes the reader either want to go back to read it or if not, they won’t be completely lost starting in the middle of nowhere.  BUT, can I ask why anyone would start a series of books from Book#9?

dead and gone coverAnyways, lets start wtih a little synopsis of Book#9 in the Sookie Stackhouse series called Dead and Gone!

In the world of True Blood set in Bon Temps, Louisiana, the world has already known that vampires walk the earth among them openly (at night).  However, others don’t have such deep knowledge of them unless you deal with them personally.  Sookie has dealt with vampires and even other supernatural beings in the previous few books.  Right when things seemed to have settled down, the weres (wolves, panthers, etc) decided it was their time to bring themselves out of hiding.  Very soon after, at Sookie’s workplace Merlotte’s has her own sister-in-law Crystal who is a were panther nailed half in transformation.  The werepanthers now want to seek out who is responsible for this and whether it is related to a hate crime.  However, in the scene of all this, Sookie eventually learns that there is a bigger battle brewing in the background with a even more secretive supernaturals, Faes and Fairies and she finds that she is caught up in it more than she’d like to be.

I’m really not one to dislike books.  I mean props to this one for going to Book #9 and still having a whole bunch of readers and surpassing it.  I think a third of this book was interesting enough to make me not fall asleep.  A huge part of it was predictable and Sookie REALLY started annoying me.  The dialogue that she’s given makes me want to slap her.  The parts where I started falling asleep, I eventually started skimming through the words to just grab a general meaning until something didn’t make sense then  I’d backtrack.

Definitely not somewhere you want to start for this series. The first few books in the series set everything at a pretty decent pace and up till this book, its been entertaining. Thats generally all I ask for in these books too.  I’m not asking it to be poetic and profound but just to keep me engaged.  Unfortunately, this one had a hard time with.

Well, I’m not one to quit in the middle of a series, especially one that now has just reached the end.  On to Book#10…right after I get it 😉