Sound of My Voice (2011)

I’m really working on my memory this week with these recommendations as I forgot my notebook with the list in my boyfriend’s car over the weekend.  I know that Natasha from Film and Things had suggested this one after I saw Another Earth but when I went to double check I didn’t have the wrong person, I realized that Eric from the IPC and Joseph from The Cinema Monster also backed her on that one.  Now, I have a huge shoutout to these awesome bloggers!

Natasha has been slowing down on her blog lately but she has been working hard with making a short film called Hold Your Breath that just got released last week.  I linked it up there with her name.  She is totally awesome and that short film is absolutely gripping and done really well.  You have to check it out!

Eric is a popular person around the movie blogs already because he created the very awesome Shitfest and its been going on a seasonal basis now.  I’ve always contributed and its just so much fun.  He writes up on the lesser viewed B-horrors that nobody probably ever hears of, but he occasionally does a fun take on some wider released flicks as well.  If you need a good laugh, I suggest you to head over to The IPC and I guarantee you that you’ll come out giggling, chuckling or flat out rolling on the floor laughing 😉

Joseph is one of the newer bloggers around but he’s been totally awesome.  Last September, he covered the TIFF and he always catches a lot of the big (and some limited) releases.  He writes intriguing reviews and I totally respect everything he says.  Plus, he’s a fellow Canadian living in the neighbouring province so he gets extra points for that 😉

Point is: Go check them out because they are all awesome bloggers and you will be entertained! 🙂

They all recommended Sound of My  Voice. Now lets check it out! 🙂

sound of my voice posterDirector: Zal Batmanglij

Cast: Christopher Denham, Nicole Vicius, Brit Marling Davenia McFadden

Peter (Christopher Denham) and Lorna (Nicole Vicius) are a couple who are on their first undercover mission to penetrate a cult group in order to make their.  As they penetrate a cult group lead by Maggie (Brit Marling) who woke up submerged in water and believes that she comes from the future.  As they spend time at a few more of the secret meetings in an unknown location, Peter and Nicole start questioning whether Maggie is actually from the future or is she a fraud?

Look at the cover of this movie.  Thats the cover I had on Netflix and the one I’ve seen the most frequently. I went into this knowing nothing as well but just suggestions.  If I looked at that cover, it could’ve been a creepy horror movie for all I know.  Of course, once the movie starts, you know its not that at all.  Don’t get me wrong though.  I wasn’t looking to watch a horror flick.

sound of my voice atmosphere

Sound of my Voice is a unique film in the way that it uses a pretty simple atmosphere and makes the audience as well as the characters in the movie question some deeper questions.  Trust me on this one, Sound of my Voice has so many unanswered questions, its not even funny.  That is how it stays intriguing, right? My only issue with it is at the very end, it feels like there are too many questions left on the table to fill in the blanks.  I’m still deciding whether I actually liked it a lot.

sound of my voice 1

Sound of my Voice has a lot of redeeming qualities throughout the whole course of the movie, if you can overlook the ending.  One of the best parts is just Brit Marling.  I’ve seen her now in  Another Earth (review HERE) and The East (review HERE). One came before and after the release of this one but I have to admit that this probably is her best role yet.  Brit Marling gave a deep, complex and mysterious vibe to Maggie.  Not only is Maggie already the one that is in question of whether she is sincere about believing she is from the future or she’s just covering something more but there’s a scene in there, which honestly was pretty revolting but when she interacts with Peter, it was pretty intense or maybe just intimidating.  Anyone who has the power to bring that into a movie deserves praise.

sound of my voice 2

The other two central performances are from the couple, Peter and Lorna played by Christopher Denham and Nicole Vicius respectively. I’ve never seen those actors before except for perhaps minor roles here and there.  However, as a couple, they had some good scenes and some bad.  They didn’t have a outstanding role like Brit Marling did.  In some parts, their characters felt a bit lacking, maybe slightly underdeveloped.  With them, there are a lot of questions as well but as the movie unfolds, usually I’d expect myself to side with one of them but I didn’t, even when Maggie made them question their beliefs.

sound of my voice tumblr death

Sound of My Voice has a unique story and it brings up a lot to think about.  To me, I’m someone who doesn’t mind thinking after a movie but something about this felt slightly incomplete but I can’t dismiss that the whole course of the movie built up really well.  It pulled me in and kept me wondering especially about Maggie’s character.  Was she actually a fraud or maybe there was a slight chance that she was from the future? Just maybe… Still, the movie does bring some clever twists and some intriguing dialogue. The more you watch this movie, at times, it gets pretty depressing about life and death.  It also goes with strength and weakness to own up to beliefs and choices.

Overall, my conclusion is that I like this movie.  There is a lot to praise and even though, the ending is incomplete, unlike certain movies, it didn’t ruin it completely and it didn’t feel like I wasted my time.  Thats a pretty good thing, right? Brit Marling is quite the genius writer and actress and I look forward to seeing more from her 🙂

Thanks to Natasha, Eric and Joseph for bringing this to my attention. This recommendation was not only thought provoking on the level of the movie but also made me really think whether I liked it or not, which is normally a pretty rare thing for me 😉 Remember to check their blogs out!

Have you seen Sound of my Voice? Do you like Brit Marling?