On the Road….

TGIF my friends!

I just wanted to tell everyone a huge thank you because a lot of you regularly, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly (you get the drift) drop by my blog. There are times when I blog a lot and then there are times, I just take it easy a bit.

Of course, with that said, its just polite for me to tell you that I’m going to be away for the weekend.  I’m posting this up before heading on the road to TORONTO! YAY!  I know a few of you are also from Toronto and the surrounding areas, so hello to all of you! Since I’ll be 6 hours closer than we usually are 🙂

I do have a lot of stuff planned already for the weekend but as much as I won’t be answering as quickly and frequently to your comments or messages or liking and commenting on posts, I will be doing that when I get back to the hotel.  I have a few posts planned and drafted as well, so you will not be left alone.  I would never abandon my blog or any of you 🙂 Its just too much fun!

With that, I leave you with a song of course! I haven’t had time to record or do a vlog but trust me, I’m planning one soon-ish! By the way, if anyone of you ever want to chat, just email me and I’m sure we can arrange some sort of Skype chat.  I’m super cool with it! 🙂

Right, the song! Lets kick off the weekend on an intense work hard play hard mood!

Talk to you all when I get internet later today 🙂

Happy Happy Friday everyone!