Shitfest 2015 is back again since the begininng of February!
One of my favorite times to talk bad about a movie to its fullest extent because its just a massive waste of time and I’d like to really enforce how its really not worth your time.
This time around, I chose Alien Origin, a movie that made me almost shed tears of joy when the credits rolled because I was done with this bs. Head on over and check it out. And if you haven’t checked out all of the other awesome Shitfest posts, remember to do that also. I promise you there are ton of great reviews from fabulous bloggers!

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Here we are at another round of Shitfest!

In the last few months of 2014, I did encounter a few really bad movies (I’m looking at you Bloody Mary) that would have fit the bill for this perfectly. Except it was so bad, that most of them, I already reviewed with so little effort because that was already more than it deserved. Coming around to this time’s Shitfest, I already had a good idea between a few on my Netflix list that look absolutely horrible. Final choice was eventually chosen by my boyfriend, who actually watches a lot of these really bad horror movies in his spare time and finishes them all, while this one won the selection because he couldn’t… Right, this movie is called Alien Origins, straight to video made in 2012.

Man, was he lucky because OMG!! Thats all I…

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Summer Festivals & Friends!

This past week went by in a flash. Maybe it was having fun, maybe it was work being busy but peaceful, maybe it was just having time to finally get things out of the way and maybe its just finally feeling like I’m moving into a direction where things are resolved.  Sure, that resolved feeling doesn’t quite feel that way during this week but as I put this post together on Sunday night, I also try to reset my mindset.

Last week’s updates was set up in a 10 item list mostly focused on gardening but I love that structure so to not overwhelm everyone, I’m keeping that structure from now on but we’ll be staying positive and looking at happy stuff.  That was always the goal of being here and as much as I love to share events, I also love to share positive thoughts 🙂

The past week wasn’t quite as eventful, thank goodness, but it did involve hanging out with friends and experiencing/exploring new stuff so I’m pretty excited to share it.

1) Attending and seeing an entire movie at Shitfest Social

Alone in the dark

Eric organized a Shitfest Social in the Evening with Table 9 Mutant hosting it in his place, although he still made an appearance.  The movie is that one up there, Alone in the Dark. You can check out all our comments and interaction right HERE! It was pretty hilarious and fun stuff to just be watching a crappy movie at the same time and seeing everyone’s comments and criticism.

Just saying, if you do want to watch this, think about all of us that suffered to tell you that it sucks.  I was pretty confused throughout the whole movie as to what was going on and the ending didn’t really make sense either. Plus, it had some pretty horrible music and it was so loud that it overpowered anything they were saying.  Anyways, just perfect Shitfest material, my friends.

2) Free Children’s Workshop at Home Depot

Home Depot

Project: Bug House

Totally new experience for me.  I never knew that Home Depot offered these free workshops for kids once a month.  Apparently, its every second Saturday.  You get little badges for every project you complete and its just amazing seeing kids bond with their parents and other relatives.  A really nice family activity! Kudos to Home Depot 🙂

3) Enjoying my mom’s vegetable and flower garden




There are also lavenders and pink roses, some purple flowers, etc.  Lots going on.

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato


“Delicata” Squash

These two are the ones I gave to my mom to plant in her garden: Sweet potatoes and Delicata Squash.  My mom also has chives, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, winter melon, other varieties of squash and bitter melon.

4) Spending time with friends at Longueuil’s Percussion Festival

Percussion Festival Longueuil


Percussion Festival Longueuil

Face painting

Courtesy of my friend :)

Courtesy of my friend 🙂

I’ve never been to the Longueuil Percussion Festival but the last few years, we’ve been learning a lot of festivals and checking them out one by one.  This one was really awesome since I spent it with some great friends, made some new ones and the kids with us had a blast which always makes for fun times.  There was a bag of free samples from a pharmacy chain and lots of games and crafts for kids.  Plus, of course, there’s food and I’ll talk about that in the next point…

5) Eating great food at Percussion Festival

Lemon Heaven

Lemonade&Ice Tea

Takoyaki Montreal

My friend’s food stand Takoyaki Montreal

Takoyaki Montreal


Takoyaki Montreal

Shaved Ice from Takoyaki Montreal



Last year for the Matsuri Japan Festival, I had already talked about my friend owning a food stand.  This year, they got a spot in the Percussion Festival.  They had their usual Takoyaki, which is either octopus, shrimp (I think) or mushroom flavor shaped in little balls.  They also had shaved ice in lots of flavors as well.

Not their booth, but J-Dog also made an appearance and last year, I had that awesome hot dog up there and I just couldn’t resist to have it again. Plus, Lemon Heaven was there and they make the best lemonade EVER! 🙂

Friends, Food and Festivals…the 3 Fs I possibly love the most!

6) Reuniting and meeting new friends for my friend’s bachelorette party dinner

Glasses decoration at Kyomi Restaurant

Glasses decoration at Kyomi Restaurant

Kyomi Restaurant

Special table decoration at Kyomi Restaurant

Bachelorette parties are kept secret so only some food and decor shots here.  I haven’t seen the bride in at least 5 years but we’ve known each other for a long time.  It was my pleasure to be invited to her bachelorette party and her wedding next weekend.  Kyomi Restaurant is not a typical restaurant you would catch me at but the decor was beautiful. The lighting gave a beautiful mood.  You can see it on the glass and yes, those are penis decorated straws.  Don’t ask…

As always, there’s always food in the mix.

kyomi restaurant

Wonton Soup

Kyomi Restaurant

Someone’s meat dish

These two dishes was one of the girl’s meal: Wonton soup and a meat dish.  Not sure the exact thing.

Then me, my best friend and another friend decided to order three dishes and share among us.

Kyomi Restaurant

Basil Shrimp

Kyomi Restaurant


Kyomi Restaurant

Lobster Salad

All three were very good. Lobster Salad was delicious.  Basil Shrimp was original and I was happy to have rice.  The saw was done really well and they had a rice sheet at the bottom which gave it a nice texture. The U.B.B Maki rolls were great.  UBB has eel, avocado, shrimp tempura and mango.

Blue was the theme.  Here's my outfit for the party

Blue was the theme. Here’s my outfit for the party

Dinner may have taken long and I may have had gotten beat to the last parking spot and ended up parking in the side streets and had to trudge in my heels to and from the car but seeing some long time friends and hanging with a bunch of nice girls was very enjoyable.  It was a change of pace and just a nice night 🙂 I couldn’t join them for the activities before and after as I already had plans and I needed to get home to rest for Sunday.

7) Spending an entire day with my boyfriend

Not a lot of pictures to show for this one but after a pretty busy Saturday, my boyfriend and I took Sunday to recharge and spend together.  Mentally, its been a tough week with a lot of stuff to reflect on and I might touch on that a little but we had a few errands to run so we took care of stuff together.

I’m thankful for those lovely friend and family that took my advice and gave me Reno Depot gift cards because it covered all my pool treating and maintenance expenses and I love you for it.  We didn’t get the chance to get more paint but we definitely have to do that as our next priority.  We made a stop at Ikea and bought some ceiling lights.  As much as we want to change as little things as possible, some rooms have really dim lights and we’re going to do a little moving lights around and installing extra ones.  We still have to go back for a second round for wall mounted lights and dining table but things are falling into place.  One floor is completely painted and I’m getting some furniture ready to be moved over.

Gluten-Free: Bison Burger and Sausages

Gluten-Free: Bison Burger and Sausages

After that we ate dinner together at our home.  We made some gluten-free penne, sausages and bison burger patties (our first time trying) along with some broccoli.

We even managed to see two movies on Netflix: a ridiculous soft porn movie giving this chick a million times to show off her too big boobs called Jailbait  (Side note: I should’ve used this Shitfest, Eric.) and a Marvel movie I’ve never seen and know nothing about, The Punisher with Thomas Jane.  Review for this one will happen eventually…

8) Calming my soul with some Michael Buble

It really doesn’t mean anything but Michael Buble is always a winner especially with these slower songs.  It brings me contentment.  Plus, I started trying to play this on the piano so its pretty much on repeat 🙂 Thats really how this all started.  The second one that I have on repeat is called Lost.

9) Fantasia Film Festival coming up this Thursday!

Last year, I got mega sick last year for Fantasia Festival so I missed my most anticipated movie which when some of you reviewed it, turns out it wasn’t all that great.  Still, this year, I was more structured.  I tracked when the schedule came up and made my setlist of 10 movies 🙂 My boyfriend will join me for the weekend ones so yay to date night.

Still, all is just talk until I get the tickets.  I”ll be updating you on what I’m going to see right after I manage to get my hands on those tickets 😉 I’m excited. It looks like there are some cool movies in this year’s line up

10) Finding inspirational quotes 🙂

fall in love

This quote just made my day when I saw it.  I’m happy that I found someone that I can lean on and confide in 🙂

negative bs

So true, right? Its a work in progress.  Negative BS, the door is that way, please see yourself out 😉

Here we go! My 10 things this week! I’d say its a winner.  Saturday was a bit nuts and overcrowded but the next two-three weeks will be very busy with Fantasia in my plans.  I’m planning on drafting a mad amount of posts so that I’m covered for the nights I’m out.  Lots of planning in there 🙂

Happy Monday my lovelies! 


Another season of Shitfest is finally coming around. This time around, I was a lot busier than usual. Not sure if thats actually possible but I reviewed Bad Girl Island. It was a fight between this one and Piranha DD. Although I brushed that one aside, I promise I will get a review in for it eventually after the mountain of movies before it is reviewed ;). Back to business though, Shitfest has been fun as always. Remember to check out the other posts and take some pointers from our group right here that went ahead and dived into some horrible movies for everyone’s benefit.

I had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks to Eric for putting this together as always 🙂

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bad girl island poster

Bad Girl Island (2007)
Director: Stewart Raffill
Cast: AnnaLynne McCord, Antonio Sabato Jr, James Brolin

Movie producer Michael Pace (Antonio Sabato Jr.) dreams up a story where he saves a beautiful woman (Annalynne McCord) from the ocean who doesn’t remember anything and after, sees them hooking up with his good friend. When he wakes up, he gets news that that same friend goes missing mysteriously when his boat shows up empty. With this wonderful piece of inspiration, he gets himself a screenwriter and a director, Terry Bamba (James Brolin) to shoot this movie. When Simone (Annalynne McCord) enters the room, Michael knew right away that it was her that was perfect for the role. As the filming starts, mysterious things start happening and Michael starts to believe that maybe there is something wrong with Simone.

Intrigued anyone? IMDB and all these other sites say its a sci-fi…

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Check out my Shitfest 2014: Winter entry over at Isaacs Picture Conclusions hosted by Eric 🙂 I love doing these a lot even though it puts me through some miserable movies. Have fun and remember to check out the other entries! They’ve all been fantastic and awesome! 🙂

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100 Degrees Below Zero (2013)
Director: R.D. Braunstein
Cast: Jeff Fahey, Sara Malakul Lane, Marc Ewins, John Rhys-Davies, Ivan Kamaras, Judit Fekete
Triggered by a volcanic eruption in Iceland, a chain reaction happens and a bunch of volcanoes erupt also.  This is earlier than planned according to a Dr. Goldschein and he has to make new calculations as to how fast this will progress and to what degree.  It turns out the eruptions have caused a huge ash cloud which will not only plunge Europe into darkness but also cause the world to freeze over and enter into a new ice age.  Its in Paris, brother Ryan and sister Taryn need to find shelter as their father Steve (ex-military) and his new wife, Lacey make their way across from London to pull them out before its too late.
100 below zero asylum
So..answer me this? Did that sound interesting? Either way, Netflix gave…

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