Hong Kong Restaurant: Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Last time I went to Hong Kong, I had praised this restaurant called C-Jade for its Teochew style food located in New Town Plaza. You can read about it HERE.

Unfortunately, it had closed some time during the 1.5 years I was away.  Luckily, in the vicinity there was another one in the same chain but this time specializing in noodles and Soup-filled dumplings. Its called Crystal Jade and located right across from The Spaghetti House.  This was the one where the previous evening we had been waiting on at the same time but didn’t get a seat quick enough. This time, we managed to get a seat relatively quickly.

Here’s what we had to share with each other:

Crystal Jade Restaurant

Vegetable & Meat Buns

Crystal Jade Restaurant

5 Grains Fried Rice with Shrimp and Scrambled Eggs

Crystal Jade Restaurant

Chicken Pot

Crystal Jade Restaurant

Shanghai Ramen


Crystal Jade is pretty good at what it does.  Everything tasted really good.  My favorite in this meal has to go to the 5 grain fried rice.  I’m a huge fan of fried rice but not 5 grains however this one was spot-on tasty.  Healthy and delicious? Count me in any time 😉 I’m definitely going to try to replicate this one in my spare time one of these days!

A few days later, I met up with my soon-to-be-wed cousin and her mom (another aunt), along with my mom for lunch also at Crystal Jade.  The menu doesn’t vary very much between lunch and dinner but with another group, we also got to try something new.  My cousin chose for us.  My aunt was on her vegetarian day of the month so we had to adjust a few dishes to suit her diet that day.

Crystal Jade Restaurant


Crystal Jade Restaurant

Dumplings with Chili Oil on the side

Crystal Jade Restaurant

Taro Pastry

Crystal Jade Restaurant

Soup-filled Dumplings

Crystal Jade Restaurant

Beancurd rolls

Vegetarian Dumplings

Vegetarian Dumplings

Crystal Jade Restaurant

Fried Pumpkin Pastries

For this lunch, the noodles which I can’t remember exactly what was in it was really good.  The soup-filled dumplings were splendid and the best of all was the beancurd rolls.  They were so delicious.  The fried pumpkin and taro had a very good taste but I’ve never been a huge fan of these sort of dishes.

From what I know, Crystal Jade is a chain that specializes on different types of Chinese cuisine.  I enjoyed this one more than the Teochew style or maybe its just my memory fading from the previous experience.  Plus, I love Shanghai cuisine a lot.  This place is really awesome.  The service is decent and its very accessible in New Town Plaza in Shatin.

I had some great foodie memories here 🙂

Have you ever tasted Shanghai cuisine? Are you a fan of dumplings and/or vegetarian food?

Food Review: C-Jade Kitchen

Back to back food reviews are awesome, right? Don’t worry, I do have some good food to share with everyone and its an actual meal that I enjoyed a lot.  This restaurant is a chain throughout Asia actually.  This one was located at New Town Plaza in Shatin.  On Sunday, I went to this restaurant with my mom, aunt and uncle and also cousin after visiting grandma.  The lunch there was scrumptious.  This restaurant is called C-Jade Kitchen.  It focuses on Cantonese and Teochew cuisine.

Seeing as we have a bigger group of people, we also ordered more food to share.

Congee: This is a type that was originated from fisherman’s village with peanuts, fish pieces and lean meat and green onions

Soy Sauce Chicken and Barbecued Pork with Rice.

I didn’t show the rice because I’m sure most of you have seen steamed rice.

Scrambled Eggs and Shrimp Noodles

Fried Rice Noodle Roll with Soy Sauce

Teochew style Sweet and Sour Fried Noodles

This one was a pretty interesting experience because the noodles are crunchy but you have to pour a bit of vinegar on top and then add a little bit of sugar and mix it before you eat.  Its a pretty interesting taste, in a very good way.

Looks familiar? Yes, its black sesame paste but this time its with Tofu Pudding (thats what Wikipedia calls it in English)

This place was a great eating experience.  I haven’t had actual Teochew style meal before so the noodles were a really wonderful experience.  As weird as the combination may seem, it tasted really good and I’d gladly eat more of it if I had the chance.  The dessert was good as always.  I’m not a big fan of congee but this one was really tasty.  I think this style suits my taste.  The noodles and Rice Noodle Rolls were also quite yummy.  Everything was even better because it tasted just right.  I usually have the problem of how restaurant food puts too much sugar or MSG or oil.  At this restaurant, I didn’t feel it as much.

Have you tried any of these foods before somewhere around? Which do you like? I need to start looking into which to try to make. It should be fun!

Hong Kong: Snoopy’s World

On Tuesday afternoon, I ended up going to Shatin where there is the New Town Plaza. By chance, we exited at the Snoopy’s World. I’ve been around this area a lot and I’ve always wanted to stop here to see it. Unfortunately, when I went before, I never had the chance. This time, I realized that its free. Its a Peanuts themed playground for children.

Aside from that, there are also little games and jungle gym for children.  The decor around it include lampposts with little Woodstock and Snoopy around.

Its lots of fun stuff here. We all need a bit of Peanuts to keep a bit of the child in us. I loved being surrounded by Peanuts cast everywhere. There were a few girls taking their graduation pictures there.

That was my Tuesday in Hong Kong! Awesomeness, right? What do you think of Snoopy? Do you enjoy Peanuts also?