Opinion Battles Round 23 – Favourite Guilty Pleasure

Round 23 of Opinion Battles is here! This time, its all about our favorite guilty pleasure. I have so many that it was kind of hard to decide but Sharknado was the first to pop in my head! I just love it for all its badness! Seems like someone else agrees with me, which is awesome. Some great picks that you should check out.
Head over to see what everyone else chose and drop a vote on who you agree with most!

Movie Reviews 101

Opinion Battles Round 23

Favourite Guilty Pleasure

We all have that one film that people slam that we all love to watch for our own pleasure and that is what we are going to be looking at this time around.

If you want to take part in the next round we are going to look at European Subtitles film and you will need your entries sent to moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk by 27th November 2016.

Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Speed Racerspeed

I do love playing racing games, well I did when I was growing up as we get plenty of racing action that is way over the top and actually feels like a video game, I never saw the anime so anything the film did wrong in honouring the show I didn’t lose. The characters are clearly fictional and the race scenes are at times breath-taking set pieces with the final…

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Halloween Marathon: Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015)

What is a Halloween Marathon without bringing into some guilty pleasure in the form of Sharknado 3, right?

If you didn’t see my reviews for Sharknado and Sharknado 2, you can find them HERE and HERE! To save you some time, I am a huge fan of Sharknado in all its guilty pleasure and absolutely horribly fun stupidly ridiculous everything. Sharknado 2 was a little over the top, you know. It is kind of like Sharknado 2 was saying to its audience. You know what? You like stupid and brainless entertainment, just let me turn that to an eleven and see what you think about that. Except they turned it to 15 and it just got way out of hand. It was still a ton of fun. I won’t lie that I turn on Sharknado when I really want to just laugh at ridiculous stuff and not think. It is probably why it takes me so long to watch the next sequel.

Here we are! I celebrated the start of my second week of vacation and I did it as a staycation with a gloomy weekend afternoon watching Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

Let’s check it out!

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015)

Sharknado 3

Director: Anthony C. Ferrante

Cast: Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Cassandra Scerbo, Frankie Muniz, Ryan Newman, David Hasselhoff, Mark Cuban, Jack Griffo

A monstrous tornado unleashes ravenous sharks from Washington, D.C., all the way down to Orlando, Florida.-IMDB

Man, Sharknado 3 is notched even higher in the ridiculous department. Honestly, I thought it was mad fun except with a whole lot of unnecessary stuff and gratuitous gore and massive stupidity. Its like cheese to twenty and dumb to infinity. That doesn’t mean that it is a “bad” movie. “Bad” because it is no doubt bad but you know this redeems itself a little from the second one. Sure, I am being extremely lenient with the third one only because I just don’t know how to criticize it because it is not meant to be criticized. Sharknado franchise is this wonderous world where it is 0/10 in quality and yet for those who like the mindless stupid fun, its like a 6 out of 10 with this last one. I mean, spoiler alert…they freakin’ fight sharks in space AND Tara Reid’s character April is pregnant and also goes to space. Is that even safe? Throw common sense out the window, because you sure don’t need it for this one at all.

Sharknado 3

What does make Sharknado endearing is that they can call back to their cast, especially the main character Fin, played by Ian Ziering. He is the bad ass this franchise needs and possibly banks on since he has some cheesy and funny one liners and kills sharks with chainsaws and is willing to always be a hero to save and protect his family. In his mind, if he saves the world in the process than even better. Fin is a great character because he is quite honorable. He sometimes makes some ridiculous things and the Sharknado franchise has made him do over exaggerated things and meet over the top people. At the end of the day, he is still a cool guy to watch. I have to say that I kind of liked Tara Reid a little more from the previous ones. She stands her own ground. I don’t think I’ve ever truly liked her character as April because her role and what happens to her makes the least sense at times.

Sharknado 3

Moving on, this time, we see the return of Cassandra Scerbo resuming her role as Nova who from the first movie’s sharknado trauma has launched a life goal of tracking and eliminating these disasters with the trusty help of Lucas (played by Frankie Muniz). I like the character of Nova quite a bit. I mean, she is here for a ton of sex appeal. There is no doubt about that especially when there was the one shot where her and Fin jump out of a helicopter or plane or something and land in the waters of Universal Studios Park and walk out in their underwear because you know, you have to keep your weapons and toss out your clothes in times of danger. The most laugh out loud moment of the entire film..kind of. On top of that, guess who else is here? Well, I guess you won’t be as shocked by it than I was if you aren’t a Shark Tank viewer. Mark Cuban has a cameo role here as the President of USA and he gets kind of cheesy bad ass like everyone else here. And of course, David Hasselhoff plays as an astronaut who also happens to be Fin’s father. Which explains how he had access to go out to space to shut down this Sharknado/Hurricane disaster.

Sharknado 3

 Overall, if you were on board with the first Sharknado and embraced what it is. The Second One and Oh Hell No! sequels are pretty much amped up from that. Yes, at many times, it overdoes it a little and it gets incredibly improbable but no one goes into this movie with their brain turned on. If you are able to turn off your mind, this is a good choice. As ridiculous as this one was, somehow I liked this one a tad more than The Second One (which I don’t remember a lot of except for jumping on sharks and the final scene). It isn’t quite the so bad its good level that Sharknado reaches but Oh Hell No! has its own little ridiculous bits to make it worth it. Its able to not take itself seriously and expects its audience to do the same so Sharknado isn’t for everyone. If you liked the first one, you probably will enjoy this one to a certain extent! 😉

Have you seen Sharknado 3? Are you a fan of the franchise?

Unboxing: Horror Block [November 2015]

November has been a month of ridiculous mess everywhere.  I almost thought that Nerd Block had forgotten I had one more block but they resolved that really quickly and settled my mind a little.  If I didn’t get this, I might have been a little disappointed.  They had given a sneak peek that had me extremely excited. They promised a Sharknado item.  Don’t judge me.  Let me direct you over to my review HERE.  Actually, I’m excited for Arcade Block also.  So, this is the last block for Horror Block. I’m going to take a little break from it and maybe get back after the holiday spendings are over and I have the money for it. I’m liking this box, just need to balance my expenses a little. The story of growing up, right? 😉

Let’s check it out!

Horror Block [November 2015]

Horror Block

We never realized that every box opened with this message. So cool!

1) Exclusive Cleaning Cloth

Horror Block

Imagine my surprise, pulling out a cloth? Haha! Yay! Something to wipe my computer screen with, because its always so dusty as I wave papers and such around all the time. But then, all my mess is around the computer since I spend a lot of time here so what can I say? And the fabric is really soft!

2) Exclusive Springz: Twilight Zone Mystic Seer

Horror Block

I don’t know anything about The Twilight Zone except of its existence. Is that a bad thing? It might be and I might be judged.  But this is pretty cool.  At least my husband seemed to know what it was so we’re not completely clueless over here 😉

3) Exclusive Print/Autograph: Addy Miller

Horror Block

I haven’t quite gotten into The Walking Dead craze yet, mostly because I was behind to start with and now its at like Season 5 or 6 or something and catching up has dropped in priority, especially when I have  a ton of series that I started and have like 2 seasons to catch up to.  Still, check out this art work! Its autographed and just looking super cool.  I might not hang it up on my walls or anything.  It might just encourage nightmares or give myself a jumpscare when I wake up in the middle of the night and go grab some water or something but I love the colors and its just wow!

4) Rue Morgue #162

Horror Block

I absolutely adore these Rue Morgue magazines. It might be one of the things I miss the most about these boxes, especially with January and February pulling in a lot of horror movies. Maybe I’ll miss some interesting topics.  With that said, Krampus has me absolutely intrigued.  I didn’t find time to see The Good Dinosaur with everything going on BUT, I’m working Krampus into my schedule.  I need to just reward myself for being crazy good and being relatively on track with Nanowrimo!

Who is planning to go see Krampus? 

5) Exclusive Shirt: Dracula

Horror Block

I LOVE THE T-SHIRT! Oh my goodness! It just blends into the shirt.  My new phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) has crazy awesome camera functions and it made this image appear much more than it actually was.  It really just shows up slightly on the shirt.  Such a nice vibe created with this shirt.  Its awesome!

6) Exclusive: Sharknado Vinyl Bobblehead

Horror Block

Normally, I do shirts last but the husband was all like I was going to love this because he knew I was waiting for this box for the Sharknado item.  Spoiler though since I haven’t seen the second or the third Sharknado yet but hey, I wanted a vinyl figure and here’s one. Its standing on a shark with his little Hoffsaw 3000! That is amazing! Now, I need to catch up with Sharknado 🙂


You know what? I’m going to miss Horror Block. Its reaped some really cool gear.  Almost every box has artwork and some vinyl figure.  Or it had a movie and always the Rue Morgue magazine.  I just love it.  This box was awesome.  My fave, of course is the Sharknado item but the artwork blew my mind.  Plus, the T-shirts always rule!

I’m definitely coming back to resubscribe to Horror Block somewhere down the road and I’m going to look forward to it!

How did you find this block? What item did you like the best?

Halloween Marathon: Sharknado (2013)

Next up is Sharknado! My boyfriend honestly thought it was a joke when I told him that I’m going to watch this because he hadn’t heard about it before.  Unlike him, I’d had multiple recommendations to see this and I’ve read a fair amount of reviews from all of you lovely bloggers. Suffice to say, this was tied with the highest amount of votes (separate categories of course) but it was the highest votes I had.  I’m pretty sure at least a few of you will be happy to know that it got included 🙂

I’m actually pretty excited to get out of the slashers and thrillers and head into something completely requiring zero brain power! Lets check this out! 🙂

sharknado Director: Anthony C. Ferrante

Cast: Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, John Heard, Cassandra Scerbo, Jaason Simmons, Alex Arleo, Neil H. Berkow

A massive hurricane is about to hit Los Angeles.  Champion ex-surfer and beachside bar owner Fin (Ian Ziering), along with his friend Baz (Jaason Simmons) and employee Nova (Cassandra Screbo) heads out to rescue his family: wife April (Tara Reid) and his daughter and son, despite the flooding that has brought sharks to invade land, sea and sky also.

I repeatedly use The Asylum productions for the famous Shitfest hosted at The IPC.  One of the most memorably bad one was 2 Headed Shark Attack.  Seeing as I saw that along with the even more destructively boring 100 Degrees Below Zero was not even close to anything along enjoyable, I had my doubts about Sharknado.  I mean, what could I expect? Although, I always wonder if it could get worse (which I’m sure the answer is that it could).


Sharknado is the exception to these direct to video Asylum productions.  Maybe it was because I had no expectations from it or just that I’d expected to be horrible and plus, I already knew what to expect: bad CGI, exaggerated acting, ridiculous dialogue and illogical storyline.  Still, I’m here to tell you that Sharknado is an absolutely fun treat.  Yes, it has all of those things and it does it in the most shameless way but who doesn’t like to see sharks everywhere plus, characters that make some pretty crazy decisions.

I seriously have no idea how to talk about a B-horror when its a treat. So here’s just a few pictures to show you a bit about Sharknado (and maybe a few of my personal comments) 😉


I think its the first Tara Reid movie that I’ve enjoyed so thats a plus. And as stupid as some of the dialogue was and the cast wasn’t anything special, I really liked the main dude Fin played by Ian Ziering. Plus, the girl who plays Nova isn’t bad either.  No one was really annoying so thats another plus. The daughter still has issues she likes to talk about while trying to survive this craziness but hey, when’s a better time than possibly dying any moment than to talk about how important you are to your dad, right? 😉 Not a complaint, just an observation..haha!


What makes it great is the crazy action-ish scenes like this 😉 This is just the beginning of everything and it gets way out there. Thinking of those scenes actually makes me kind of happy.  Ultimate guilty pleasure anyone? Yeah, this is definitely one of mine!


I could use so many more awesome gifs but then I’d be spoiling all the fun and we can’t have that.  Whats showing Sharknado without some airborne sharks? I totally recommend Sharknado because its just awesome brainless fun.  I finally found a movie I like from Asylum! Woohoo! 😉 Shut off your brain and enjoy this one! Its really everything you expected but completely not at the same time.  Maybe that doesn’t make sense to you but it does to me 😉

Any thoughts on Sharknado? Did you find it entertaining? Are there any other Asylum movies you would recommend?