Music Obsessions [December 2017]: Celebrating the Holidays!

music obsessions

December is finally here!

We’re a bit of a Christmas holiday nut over here and being Canadians, we already got the whole Thanksgiving done back in October so its full steam ahead in November to start decorating for Christmas. We had about 80% of everything set up by November 20th with only just little things to do for outside decorations and garlands on ramps and whatnot. Suffice to say, Christmas decorating and Christmas music almost go hand in hand.

As usual, some Christmas and some other music obsessions to balance things out! 🙂

Cold December Night – Michael Buble

Kicking off with some Christmas music! What is Christmas without Michael Buble, right? Well, I’m a Michael Buble fan, so I guess I’m slightly biased. That also means that there will be a more traditional Christmas music a la Michael Buble style later on in this post also.

Hypnotized – Set It Off

I have no idea how I missed this song by Set It Off which was released earlier this year. I love their style a lot and this one is really no exception.

O Holy Night – Voiceplay feat Rachel Potter

Voiceplay and Rachel Potter collabs always turn out really awesome. O Holy Night is one of those songs that I remember from an elementary school recital. I can’t say its particularly a fond memory although at least it wasn’t embarrassing, just included an angel costume. Still, this rendition is fabulous.

Nobody Else – RetroVision x Raven & Kreyn

Lighthearted and fun are the only two words that I can use to describe this song. Nobody Else is what of those songs that I love for their uplifting style which makes it a great song to bring up the energy any time.

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Lindsey Stirling ft. Sabrina Carpenter

Christmas classics are the most fun to watch in the holiday season. I have my faves of course. Charlie Brown Christmas, Garfield Christmas Special and of course, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I always love to hear different versions of You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch. And this one is absolutely cool.

How Long – Charlie Puth

If you asked me back in the Meghan Trainor duet days whether Charlie Puth was on my radar, I’d probably tell you no. But the last few songs that I’ve discovered with Charlie Puth has honestly been quite catchy. I’m not exactly a fan of the lyrics in this one but its a catchy beat to it that works.

All I Want For Christmas – Michael Buble I know my husband thinks this (and a lot of other people) that Mariah Carey is really the only one that can do this song justice however, I do think Michael Buble does a great job with it. Plus, its nice to see the Christmas music renditions he does. I don’t have it here, but go and check out a guy version of Santa Baby. Its hilarious and awesome all at the same time.

And for something a little different…

Light shows are such a staple for the winter events. Lyon had the Bandai Namco Insert Coin Lightshow that looks fantastic. It showed off Pacman, Tekken 7 and Little Nightmares which higlights both new and old titles.

This wraps up the Music Obsessions for this month & the last of 2017!
It will be back in 2018!

Music Obsessions [August 2016]

Welcome to Music Obsessions! This is usually a Sunday segment. However, there’s been some pretty cool music hanging about on the top of my Youtube faves! It has actually been my constant companion as I bombarded everyone last week with Fantasia Festival film reviews and also when I was standing in line roasting under the sun.

On a side note, this week will have no film reviews to kind of recuperate a little from last week’s full week of it but we’ll be back next week with Netflix A-Z! 🙂

Let’s check out some music!!

The Fighter – Keith Urban ft. Carrie Underwood

Funny thing was that I found this song when there was that car lip sync thing with Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman a while back. Somehow, it came to my mind a few weeks ago and looked it up, since I wanted to figure out who sang it with Keith Urban. By the way, huge fan of Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood. I tell you, my tastes for music is so scattered.

Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On) – Cheat Codes & Dante Klein

I only found Cheat Codes earlier this year when there was that “Let’s Talk About Sex” song. I can’t remember what its called but it has to be in one of the previous Music Obsessions. This is another one of those styles and I just find their songs really fun.

Armageddon- Joey Dale & Ryos feat Tony Rodini

The electronic music choice which is somewhat the most upbeat of all these selections! There’s always some decent finds on Thrilling Music.

Life Afraid – Set It Off

When in doubt, look at what Set It Off has to offer! That is something I’ve learned this year. They have some really awesome songs and some are all about inspiring positivity. This one is one of those that promote a pretty awesome message. I really like Set It Off because they share a good mindset. Its always positive and fun!

Seasons – Noughts and Exes

If you missed the review I did for The Timely Blogathon over at MovieRob and Film Grimoire earlier in July for Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, it was how I got to learn about Noughts and Exes. This song is performed in it by this band Noughts and Exes. Sadly, I already realize that they disbanded last year. I really like this song. Still, I’m glad I found it. 🙂

That’s it for this month’s Music Obsessions!
Happy Monday!

What songs have you been listening to?

Music Obsessions [May 2016]

This month’s Music Obsessions is a group of really all genres of music! The last few weeks have been full of really fun music finds and it was a no-brainer to put together! It was a massive headache to put in what order though.  Every single one of them have been cycling around my head and the replay tendencies are super high! Promise me that you’ll try to get through all of them before lingering on the first one for a long time 😉

Let’s talk more music! Are you ready to check it out? 🙂

If I Ever Fall in Love – Pentatonix feat Jason Derulo

This one is the cream of the crop.  Pentatonix always does a great job on their songs but this one is collaborated with Jason Derulo and it is amazing and awesome! I have no words to say how much I love this and just often I play it over and over and over again. I just can’t stop…

But, I have to move on with this and go on to the next song!

Uncontainable – Set It Off

Stepping it up with the newest Set It Off music! Still a really fun song to listen to! I just love the style of their music.

Fearless – Matt Nash x Carta

Call me clueless but I was reading up some info on these two artists and man, I did not know that Carta is a Chinese DJ/Producer from Shanghai.  This is a joint effort Matt Nash but man, the beats are awesome in this one! I always play this when I need to get charged up to write up posts.  It hasn’t failed once this past month.  Obviously, sometimes I just get up and bust some stupid moves in my office but hey, its all in the heart of enjoying the music! Definitely looking out for more of both of their work!

Andas en Mi Cabeza – Chino y Nacho feat Daddy Yankee

We’re dialing it down just a little in intensity into a more lighthearted fun time.  Extra points to this song for not only being a great song but the video is so romantic and cute.  I swear it hit me pretty hard and I started getting all misty.  Its nice to know the romantic in me is still around.  Sometimes, I feel like I’ve lost it. 😉

Better Place – Rachel Platten

And finally to calm things down to something sweet, its the lyric video of Rachel Platten’s Better Place.   The lyrics are adorable! Love it! 🙂

The Hardest Thing -Tyler Ward

The newest selection in this Music Obsessions was just released yesterday.  I fell in love with the song RIGHT AWAY! Tyler Ward is such an great artist.  His voice and his songs are awesome! 🙂 This one has to be one of my favorite.

That’s it for this month’s Music Obsessions! 🙂
Which one do you like? What have you been listening to a lot? 

Music Obsessions: Set It Off, R3HAB & KSHMR, Wintergatan Marble Machine!

Music Obsessions is back to normal programming!

Man, these past few months have been so hard not getting a intermission for Music Obsessions with just whatever music. There’s so much fantastic music that I’ve been listening to on repeat. And it was very much needed since real life (aka work) has gone completely out of control.  Work suddenly went abnormally busy.  Overtime and late week nights has drained me so much. Seeing as the pop music charts have been also super depressing, I’ve been resorting to my trusty Youtube list for some good music. Most of the time, it hasn’t failed me.

I’m done with writing! Enjoy and have fun!  🙂

Set it Off – The Haunting

Easily the song I’m most obsessed with on this list.  The style, the video, the attitude: I love it all so much! 🙂 Try listening (and singing super loud) to this after a long day of work, it gets all that anger out. Haha!

Karate – R3HAB & KSHMR

It seems like KSHMR just popped out of nowhere since the Tiesto collab for Secrets.  In the last few months, a few videos came out and while its rare to find electronic music with the same artist that are great consistently, KSHMR has done that. This and the one a little later in the list are two collabs with R3HAB that are fantastic with great beats!

Set It Off – Duality

I feel like Set it Off music should have a warning on it.  Beware of getting it stuck in your head for days and humming it at the weirdest times. Yeah, Duality pops in my head all the time. Same goes for Ancient History, a little later in the list also 😉

Strong – R3HAB & KSHMR

Set It Off- Ancient History

Finally for some awesome mad music scientist…


If you head over to watch the How It Works videos, its pretty amazing.  While they think its still flawed and lots of work to improve, the concept of putting this together takes huge commitment and to actually make music out of here just blows my mind.

Happy Sunday! Hopefully you’ve all had a fantastic weekend! 🙂

Music Obsessions!

Here we are at another Music Obsessions!

I think this past 2 months have been the busiest I’ve ever had on Twitter.  I don’t quite understand how this whole following business works but somehow I gained a bunch of followers and it started with music artists and then followed with some gamers (maybe I’ll do one for that also). Man, the hidden talent is amazing so this is what this Music Obsessions is partially about! I’ll give it varied and some artists I found through some collabs with artists I already like.  Whatever the reason, they deserve more exposure 🙂

Lets check it out! Enjoy!

Also, there is no particular order, probably just how I pulled it off my YouTube list.  Just so I don’t overwhelm you, maybe I’ll do a Part 2 next week.  I mixed it up with some fast and slower songs, but every selection is some form of feel-good vibes 🙂 I do a quick recap of who and what music each of these cover and what I liked about them, if you only have time for a few and don’t like all sorts of genres.

This Too Shall Pass – Five Times August

Never Be Alone/Story of My Life (Shawn Mendes/One Direction mashup) – An Honest Year

Why Worry – Set It Off

Slow It Down – Nate Maingard

They Hunt In Packs – Amongst Thieves

Reborn – John Helios

 Lets start with 6, okay? You can probably just play these while doing whatever you are doing and it won’t hinder you in any way.  I think I covered pretty much a good bit of genres.

I have some hardcore music here with Amongst Thieves.  That one took me by surprise because I usually don’t prefer that sort of music.  John Helios puts together some killer beats.  If Set It Off doesn’t put you in an amazing mood, I really don’t know what to say.  An Honest Year did an incredible fast-paced mashup of two songs that I didn’t quite like separately from the original singer/group but I really loved it in their version.  If you like guitar, thoughtful lyrics and great vocals, Nate Maingard and Five Times August is what you are looking for.

I’m definitely going to need a Part 2, just give me some time to put it together 🙂

Which one(s) did you like from this selection? What songs are you listening to on repeat?

 Happy Sunday! 🙂