Christmas in Children’s Books!

Did I tell you that I’m a pack rat? Seriously, I have a hard time letting go of everything! I’m still working on throwing away my high school stuff and that was over 10 years ago. I mean, seriously, right? Some of my prized possessions are children’s storybooks.

I figured I’d dig them out and showcase them. Maybe it might be some nice gift ideas for the young ones in your family!

Christmas storybooks

My Christmas storybooks, except for one 😉

Granted I didn’t get them all during that year but some of them like The Night Before Christmas, Merry Christmas Mr. Carroll! and The Very Best Christmas Present 🙂

Let me introduce them a little starting from the top left corner with:


I think this one is self-explanatory but here it goes:  its about Rudolph who has is a reindeer with a red nose and he gets made fun of by the other reindeer because he’s different but on a foggy night, Santa asks him to lead them so that they can finish up the Christmas gift delivery.


I love Robert Munsch.  He’s awesome at children’s storybooks.  Love Me Forever is a children’s must-have gift.  Its meaningful and touching.  This is actually the one book thats not Christmas related but it always ends up as a gift to children from their parents or other family members. Its also the one that I bought for myself a few years ago.


My dad bought me this when I was around 8 years old during Christmas.  He liked it because it was about a man and a cat that became his companion despite not wanting the stray at first.  Its a really adorable story.


A book with Christmas short stories and poems


Who doesn’t like Sesame Street? I love ’em all, the whole crew and honestly, Elmo may be cute and adorable in his red suit and giggly nature and of course, Cookie Monster but Grouch was always cool to me also.  This is a nice little story about the grouch who appreciated everyone.  Its pretty awesome! I flipped through it last night and its still fun 🙂


A collection of short poems and stories related to Christmas for young children. I like this one a lot 🙂


Christmas cookies! Thats so me! I should stick that on my fridge and then I’ll be motivated to bake 🙂 Although I have a few ideas for this weekend already and I’m pretty psyched about it!


The famous story The Night Before Christmas has so many renditions and versions from all the book publication companies.  My fave has to be this one by Golden Books.  Its illustrated using mice and its mega cute!


Do you love Alvin and the Chipmunks? I do! I watch the movie almost every Christmas, well, the new one at least.  This is nice because its about Alvin and how he’s really greedy and all about getting gifts instead of giving but he learns better with a little of his own version of Christmas Carol where three ghosts visit him and he sees the past, present and future 🙂

There you go! My  little Christmas book collection for children.  I also own two other books, one is for adolescents, A Midnight Clear and other stories, I think thats what its called and I have one by Agatha Christie which isn’t all that good but its a collection of poems and short stories related to Christmas and very much related to it in as a religious holiday. Maybe that will interest you 🙂 Of course, I also have How the Grinch Stole Christmas because I’m a huge Dr. Seuss fan.

What books do you read for Christmas? I haven’t found any novels that has peaked my interest yet. Any suggestions?