A Good Day To Die Hard (2013)

My whole catching up with 2013 flicks is actually going pretty good. I’m quite proud of myself on that level.  Maybe not so much that I’m neglecting other parts of my blog.  Either way, last night I was tired and eating late and I needed a shortish no-brainer flick.  Seeing as there’s been an incredible amount of negative reviews for A Good Day to Die Hard, I figured I’d give it a shot.  Plus, my boyfriend had seen it a few days ago and he said that it wasn’t bad.  We may not always agree on a lot of movies, but Die Hard is one franchise we have a pretty similar love for, so I was hopeful.  Lets check it out!

a good day to die hard posterDirector: John Moore

Cast: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Yuliya Snigir, Radivoje Bukvic, Sergei Kolesnikov

John McClane (Bruce Willis) gets news that his son, Jack (Jai Courtney) is in prison in Russia and will possibly be sentenced to death.  When he arrives, he catches both Jack and a Russian prisoner Komarov (Sebastian Koch) escaping and he learns that his son is actually a CIA operative working undercover to stop a Russian politician Chagarin (Sergei Kolesnikov).  Komarov is the only one with a file that could prove all of Chagarin’s problems and they must protect him and get him safely to extract that file.  Jack and John now need to team up in order to fight the opposing Russian forces.

If you asked me if any of the Die Hard sequels matched up to the first one, I’d answer without a doubt, no.  However, the issue is NEVER John McClane.  Bruce Willis can act our John McClane and make him enjoyable all the time with  smart ass comments and the whole lot of one-liners and just outrageous action.  The same goes for this one.  If you asked me whether John McClane brought on a good show, I think he did.  Just for him, I’d add this movie to my collection.  I watched it on Netflix so I don’t own it.

a good day to die hard john jack komarov

However, what is the downfall at times of the other sequels sprinkles through this one also.   What I hated about the fourth was the never dying tough chick, well, we have one of those here. The second and third failed with not a very convincing bad guy and this one had this one also.  Was there a lot of stupid dialogue? Yup, there was a good bit of that as well. Was there also some very bad effects? Yes also. And there was many parts I wanted to punch Jai Courtney’s Jack in the face because he was so annoying.  All that sounds pretty bad, no? Well, actually, I enjoyed this one.  Its not my favorite Die Hard because nothing compares to the first one with the perfect blend of everything but its not horrible.  I can sit through this and I had a good laugh with a lot of the stuff going on and the ending scene was pretty predictable but also alright in my book.

a good day to die hard chick

In my defense, I never put too many expectations and set high bars for Die Hard especially after 3 other movies before it that was just fun to watch. My goal for this that it will entertain and John McClane puts on a good show. It had some over the top action, a few explosions, shoot ups and they even added in a highway chase. As hard to believe some of it was, I didn’t mind it. There was some eye rolling and in that highway chase, I felt like I was playing the early versions of Need For Speed when some dinky car could overturn my power machine but I got over that.

a good day to die hard baddie

I admit I’m biased but its Die Hard. Maybe I don’t have the heart to hate it, maybe I’m just being really lenient with it.  It could also be because I was so tired and a little bit of John McClane always makes my day but I was entertained and I had fun.  Thats what matters to me. I mean, right before the final act, I actually starting liking Jai Courtney just a little bit more.

If you saw the other sequels, I’d say why not check this out? But if you are starting this series now (which should be very few people), then you have lots of better choices.  I’m leaving this one up to you.  Sometimes, there are just movies that I enjoy and I have no reason why.  Its a personal preference, maybe even just having the right mindset or just that it makes me feel good.  Thats all this one was to me. I know there’s plenty of bad with this and I acknowledge it but it didn’t bother me 🙂 So I’ll just go straight ahead and admit that I liked it and I don’t really mind watching it again if I were to do a Die Hard marathon one of these days.

Did you see A Good Day to Die Hard? What did you think of it? Are there any of you that enjoyed/liked it?

Unknown (2011)

Have you lost track of how many movies Liam Neeson has done? I’m starting to see him in everything, action, adventure, crappy, good, romantic comedies…everything.  I’m trying to figure out how many movies I own/seen that he’s been in.  I mean just look at IMDB page, he has 3 movies in post production, 3 flicks filming, and 2 in pre-production.  Can you find someone who works as much as he does? I sure can’t… Just in the last few months, I’ve reviewed 3 of his movies: Dark Knight Rises, Love Actually and The Grey.

unknownDirector: Jaume Collet-Serra

Cast: Liam Neeson, January Jones, Diane Kruger, Aidan Quinn, Frank Langella, Sebastian Koch, Bruno Ganz

Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) and his wife (January Jones) land in Germany for a conference under the invitation of Dr. Bressler (Sebastian Koch).  When he arrives at his hotel and his wife is is inside checking in for the Eisenhower Suite at the Hotel, he checks over the suitcase that is unloaded and realize that one of them is left at the airport.  He quickly gets into another taxi to go back.  However, him and the taxi driver (Diane Kruger) get into an accident.  When Martin wakes up four days after the accident, he is in the hospital and all he has are flashbacks of his wife.  He doesn’t have any identification so the hospital wasn’t able to contact his wife.  Suddenly, when he remembers his purpose in Germany, he goes to find his wife at the hotel, to realize that she doesn’t know him and refers another man (Aidan Quinn) as his identity.  In confusion, he seeks to find the truth of why his wife doesn’t recognize him.  As he retraces his steps, he gets the taxi driver Gina involved as they try to find out what is actually happening and who Martin actually is.

unknown conflict

This is a fast paced action mystery thriller where the process is way better than the ending.  I found the ending underwhelming for one.  I was engaged and intrigued by the story as more and more questions popped up during the flick.  The cast was all people that I enjoyed and recognized. This looked so promising in the beginning but ended in such an average fashion.

unknown martin liz

Liam Neeson was pretty good in this movie.  To me, this wasn’t as good as he did in The Grey, but that movie had an amazing plot.  This one lacked a little something.  However, he was still enjoyable to watch.  Aside from Liam Neeson, I recognized the man who is supposedly impostering him, Aidan Quinn.  He’s in one of my favorite new TV series, Elementary and I was extremely happy to see him in the movie. He’s totally awesome and he does decent with what he’s given.  Then we have the lovely Diane Kruger.  I first saw Kruger in National Treasure, I find her a charming actress and this one she’s did a good job.  I’d also like to share a love for the actor who played the private investigator that helped Martin search the truth, Bruno Ganz.  He was amazing. I think he was possibly my favorite character in this one.  The lines he got was just total awesomeness.  I have never seen him in anything prior to this but the appearance he made on the screen kicked up the suspense even more.

unknown martin gina

I don’t talk about the directors ever, because a lot of times, there’s rarely anything I want to say. However, for this one, our director is one Jaume Collet-Serra.  I know this man from his previous work that I saw during my Halloween month last year.  I didn’t write a full-on review of the movie but I loved it.  Its a little horror thriller called Orphan.  That movie sure thrilled me.  Although ranked in Rotten Tomatoes at about the same as Unknown, I found that one delivered more than this one.  The basis of that movie had a lot more mysteries and surprise moments that this one didn’t have.  But I’m not exactly sure comparing action thriller to horror thriller is along the same line…

I know there’s a lot of comparisons here making this sound like I didn’t enjoy the flick.  A good action thriller gives me entertainment a bit of suspense and gives me fun moments I had fun with it for the good part. However, my feeling of a movie always drops a bit when met with an unsatisfying ending.  The potential was there, and it could’ve worked alright but it just lost control of what it was doing and became slightly predictable.  I’m not exactly sure thats how I’d describe it, something just didn’t work for me but I’m can’t seem to pinpoint what.

I’m not going to  recommend this as much as I’d say that its a decent movie that you could catch if it ever presented itself.  Entertaining and action-packed for a good part supported with good cast makes it a decent watch.

What do you think about Liam Neeson? Whats your fave one? How about worst?