Steve’s Music Mix: Where Is It?

Finally the rush is over at work.  Kind of. It feels nice to be able to breath normally and function properly like eat lunch at a decent pace at a reasonable time.  I took a little break yesterday to recuperate a little because my brain was a mesh.  So lets get back on track slowly.  I have a lot planned but lets pick things up with Steve’s Music Mix.

Just a little simple recap on how this works, Steve at Steve Says picks three questions where you need to put your music player (MP3/Ipod etc) on shuffle.  You say the question and whichever song you end up on is the one that answers your question. 🙂 Last week, I had some pretty hopeless answers to the question that made absolutely no sense.  Lets see how this week goes.

Where is your happy place?

–> Too Young To Care – Shawn Desman

When I don’t care and find the enlightenment to say “f@&k it” to all the judge-y people out there of my life, thats really my happy place. Its also doing things spontaneously and having fun without thinking about too much, just the feel good stuff, thats my happy place also. 🙂

Where are you now?

–> 17 Crimes – AFI

I have nothing to say about this.  Seriously, nothing.  I’m not in jail and well, I’m pretty sure I didn’t commit any crimes.  Maybe my imperfection is a crime in the eyes of some insignificant people in my life. But then if you look at the lyrics,

Tomorrow cannot be like this.
And even though it’s such a simple world,
tomorrow cannot be like this.

Thats really where I am for at least one aspect of my life, not physically but mentally 😉

What do you mean?

–> Calling (Lose My Mind) (Radio Edit) – Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso ft Ryan Tedder

I don’t mean anything usually.  I’m losing my mind.  I actually am…

Here’s my Steve’s Music Mix answers.  What about yours? My MP3 was half nice to me and made a little bit of sense.

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Lose My Mind…

Stress is hanging around in my little world.  Not in dreamland these days, I tell you this much. Thinking about it, my body is so exhausted I don’t even dream anymore.

BUT, you know what? Its Friday and Chinese New Year weekend.  I have some great stuff planned to do even though I still have to go into for some overtime tomorrow.

Let me just say, music is my power source now.  Half a day gone, half a day to go, snow is raging everywhere outside and who knows how buses will be when I leave work at 5:30pm..but this song has taken over me and its on repeat in my MP3.  Although I have the a bit more hardcore Radio Edit version.

Electronic music gives me that peace of mind when I’m stressed. Sometimes, just sometimes but depends on my mood.  Music also has the power of allowing us to relate to it: the lyrics, the title draw us into it.

Am I saying that I’m losing my mind? Or maybe I’m trying to prevent myself from that.

Whatever the reason, this song is my source of energy for this snowy Friday 🙂 Hope you enjoy it and TGIF!!!

Just another note, I love Sebastian Ingrosso.  Awesome music from him! 🙂