Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Sea. What kind of emotions does the sea or ocean make you feel? Do you remember the first time you went in the water? Had a wave crash on you? Felt the sand burn your feet? Do you feel more peaceful around water? Do you hate the beach? What’s the most interesting thing about the sea for you?

The sea or the ocean or any body of water makes me feel tranquil/peaceful, just like all the stress in my body is gone.

Red Sea Egypt

Red Sea in Egypt in 2010

I don’t exactly remember the first time I went into water.  I do know that it could be when I was very little and it was at a beach in Hong Kong.  That was possibly the first memory I have.

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria, Egypt in 2010

To feel and hear the wave crashing is just so soothing.  I love sitting on the side and hearing the currents or walking on the side of the beach and just feel the cool water hit my feet.

Pacific Ocean :)

Pacific Ocean in Victoria, British Columbia in 2009

I’ve become a huge fan of bathing in water, swimming around, and that includes going to the beach, unfortunately my boyfriend is not as into it as I am.  So this summer, the beach is a place I wanted to go but never did go.  Next year, right?

I don’t really know why I find the sea so awesome but I can tell you that maybe its just feels so fresh.  I’m more attracted to waterfalls, flowing streams, crashing waves, roaring rapids.  Maybe its the action and the flow of nature that makes it seem so in sync with everything and just balances my mind and body.

I do wish I had more photos but living in central Canada, I get mostly lakes and rivers and smaller bodies of water.

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