Music Obsessions!

Its been a while (about 2 months) since I’ve done a Music Obsessions segments!

I just haven’t had much time to go about YouTube other than the random gaming video or whatnot.   Music just hasn’t been all that great also I’ve kind of take a little break.  But its time to do one of these.  After all, NaNoWriMo is among us now and music is my escape or wait, my passage into that world of inspiration.

Plus, I need some easy posts for fillers…let’s just keep this at least partially honest 😉

Songs are repeat in my Youtube playlist right now! Its as always a mixed bag.

Break Up In a Small Town – Sam Hunt

I really like Sam Hunt.  Take Your Time is a beautiful song.  And his style and songs are really great.  This one is very good also. Maybe not as good as his first hit but I just love his voice 🙂

Sing – Pentatonix

Pentatonix is pretty much amazing. They started out as an a capella singing group.  This is their original song and I believe they just released their original album along with having make a documentary on their journey to where they are now.  Its on Netflix in Canada.  I’m not sure if I’ll watch it but I do love their work.

Intoxicated (Original Radio Edit)-Martin Solveig & GTA 

I found this while skimming through the radio station for some Top 40 music for the wedding ceremony. I didn’t end up using this, I think but its got a sick beat.  I love it so much!

No One’s Here to Sleep – Naughty Boy feat. Dan Smith Bastille

All I have to say: How to Get Away with Murder! That’s where I heard this. This song matched with whatever scene it matched with was so great.  This show is something different. The cast is fantastic and the premise had captivated when it started. I just wonder how long this can keep going.  Anyways, captivating song 🙂

Konsey – J.Perry feat. TonyMix

This is my fave Zumba song.  Like, we have this routine that is super high energy.  Its my favorite that I actually know it really well, so I can push really hard when this plays.  Now its on my Youtube playlist and I play it when I need to bring up the energy level! Its pure awesomeness! 🙂

 Hey Jude (in Minor Key) – Tyler Ward & Kurt Hugo Schneider

 Beatles fan anyone? I am! But I’m equally a fan of Tyler Ward and KHS.  They did a fun little cover while singing this song in the minor key. I really like it in the weirdest way. Its a good different. Not sure it’ll work for everyone though. Do you like it?

That’s it for this month’s Music Obsessions!
I’ll be back next month with the Christmas special.
Stay awesome! 🙂