Viewpoints of Saguenay Lac Saint Jean

Saguenay Lac Saint Jean is beautiful.  All the highways had various viewpoints to stop and take pictures of the scenery from the water intertwined between all the mountains, etc.   It gives you a chance to stop and admire all the scenery around you, all the beauties Mother Nature has given us, something people like us in the big city miss on a daily basis.

This area is definitely getting very popular as a tourist area for its natural beauties and well some man-made ones as well.  These are a few places that we made stops at: viewpoints, landmarks, beaches……….*daydreams*

One of the first viewpoints we stopped at. It was on the way coming back from L’Anse Saint-Jean to Chicoutimi.  I’m not sure if the town was Roberval.

Across from the museum that we visited (will show in the next blog), we saw this pyramid of yield signs called Pyramide des Ha!Ha!

Its supposed to be an observation site where we can go on the top but it was all fenced, so I just took a picture from the bottom.

We went to visit the landmark (in the picture below) next to this church.  So it was a random picture, but I thought it looked really nice.

This was next to that church and its called the  Petite Maison Blanche (Small White House).  Its known because there was a while when a flash flood (I think) hit the town and there was water rumbling around this house.  Water was flowing through it and it stayed intact for x amount of years.  Right now, the water that flows out of the door, I think is just pumped through. I didn’t have the time to go in to check out the videos or whatnot, but it was quite a sight.  I can imagine how majestic it would be when there was rumbling falls flowing around the house.

That same day we also moved to our next hotel in Alma.  We had some extra time after check-in so we decided to visit another national park, Parc National de la Pointe Taillon.  This place had mostly bike trails instead of hiking ones.  It is very known for the beach along the Lac Saint Jean.

Look at it! Now this is why we went on this trip…Saguenay River was around Chicoutimi and now, Lac Saint-Jean around this area.

The water was chilly but we still had a little walk along the beach

Looking at Lac Saint Jean

Before we knew it, we were already on our way home.  Before we left, we had two more viewpoints.

These are the little snippets along the trip. Not big landmarks, not big goals in our trips but just little things we were able to fit into our schedule. It turned out just as great.  We enjoyed being in the nature a whole lot…filling our lungs with lots of fresh(er) air.

Next post I’ll be taking you all for a trip to the Fjord Museum  😉 Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

Over the last few days, I went on road trip with my boyfriend.  On vacation and especially in extended hours spent in the car, there were breathtaking and FLEETING MOMENTS coming at us from all direction especially when faced with beautiful scenery and insufficient amount of viewpoints.  Even at viewpoints, there was never enough time to actually stand there and make this an everlasting moment so they still were fleeting for me.

On the first day of our vacation, we drove to Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean.  Its this beautiful region up north surrounding a lake, Lac Saint Jean and a river, Saguenay river.  Its about a 5.5 to 6 hour drive up. Along that drive we go on an Autoroute 175, that goes into a nature reserve in the Laurentides area.  On the way it was raining in certain areas and you can see it clearly in the clouds as well, where there were patches of heavy rain and contrast of cloudy skies.  Here are a few pictures from the road on the way to our hotel in Chicoutimi, Quebec:

Being hit by sudden heavy rainfall for a kilometre or so

In certain areas, there was a lot of moments where the sun came out

The next day, we went for a 12km in total of hiking in a national park trail.  It was called the Sentier des Chutes which translates to the Trail of Falls.  Look at this, I was literally sitting next to this huge falls.

Just for you to get an idea of how high the falls actually were, then…

I was sitting next to the falls.  This was a breathtaking moment.  A moment I never wanted to leave behind…

After the hike, we decided to have a nice dinner at the Old Port of Chicoutimi.

Afterwards, we went for a nice walk along the river.  The dark clouds rolling in for another sudden rainfall in the distance along with the sunset  gave me a beautiful photo.

Just look at it! I think its probably one of my favorite photos from the trip.  Moments later, it started pouring with rain.

 On the third day, we took it easy because our legs were hurting like crazy so we did some indoor activities and moved to our next hotel.  In the end, we ventured out for a drive along the lake that lead up to another national park known for its beautiful beach along the lake and its many bike trails.  We didn’t bring our bikes but we did take a walk on the trail. (I’ll spend more time on my trip in more detail in various posts in the next week or so.)  

As far as fleeting moments go, I find butterflies being one of the best to represent.

We literally have a split second to admire its beauty before it flutters away.