Big Hero 6 (2014)

On Tuesday, I went with my girl friends to go check out Big Hero 6.  I haven’t really check out any trailers and I’m not even sure about the story but there’s been so many great reviews and the RT score is pretty phenomenal.  Also, its been a while in this rather dreary year of animations thats really caught my attention.  Plus, its Disney. C’mon!

big hero 6Director: Don Hall, Chris Williams

Voice Cast: Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Daniel Henney, T.J. Miller, Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans Jr., Genesis Rodriguez, James Cromwell, Alan Tudyk, Maya Rudolph

Hiro is a child genius that graduated high school at 13.  He has an immense in robotics and starts engaging in illegal bot fights, until his brother Tadashi stops him when he introduces him to his school and the robotics department where he was studying.  When an accident takes away Tadashi, Hiro wakes up the unexpectedly still active personal care robot, Baymax designed by Tadashi for his project.  With Baymax, he learns about the possibility that there was more to Tadashi’s death.  With the help of Baymax and his brother’s group of friends: Gogo, Wasabi, Fred and Honey Lemon, they try to solve the mystery in San Fransokyo, leading them to transform into a group of high tech heroes.

big hero 6


There is something so magical and just simply genius about Big Hero 6. Its funny, heartwarming, touching and so entertaining to watch this adventure.  Packing in a lot of emotional moments, (and I mean emotional like bring a box of tissues if you were as sensitive as the girl sitting a few seats away from me because she cried through the whole thing), it actually balances it with a lot of really hilarious moments and it has a lot to do with an extremely adorable and big-sized marshmallow looking robot, Baymax.  There are so many “aww” moments because of his kind heart.  On top of that, Hiro just grows throughout this movie and its easy to connect to him even if the majority of us aren’t prodigies. The whole group, the other tech nerds all have their own abilities that help balance each other to be a great team together.

big hero 6

You know, I’m getting ahead of myself. Just from the opening as they went into San Fransokyo, I was in love with the style of it.  A crossover of San Francisco and Tokyo is amazing and just so smart. If you want to see a few more screenshots and just how much I love San Fransokyo, you should go over to my other site right HERE! Its all in the detail of bring in the oriental twist to a modern western city. The Golden Gate Bridge gets a Japanese twist as well as the streets lined with cherry blossom.  The detail put in just makes this so pretty to watch.

big hero 6

With any great hero, they need a good villain.  In this one, masked dude here does the job nicely. Its a children’s animation so its pretty easy to figure out who is behind the mask.  Except the story behind the villain is convincing.  If its anything we’ve learned, villains are villains because of something that happened to them that triggers them.  They don’t have to be complicated especially not when you are appealing to kids, as the main audience.  Disney is really great at capturing everyone (provided you appreciate animation for what it is).

big hero 6

Big Hero 6 is a must-see.  Its 3D animation so its worth the visit to the theatres to see it to get the most out of it.  As much as it tugs at our heartstrings and we can bond with the characters, it also is a comedy-adventure that provides a whole lot of fun.  Baymax is a lovable and so simply designed but so well-thought out in his character.  The heroes all have wonderful qualities that create the funny moments.  We call love big and cuddly characters, right? I’m telling you right now, I’m scouting out a Disney plushie of him when I go to Disney stores next time and I also know that I’ll be at the stores first day its released Blu-ray to get it and relive the experience of Big Hero 6. There is so much thats right about this one 🙂

Have you seen Big Hero 6? What are you thoughts on it? Did you think the concept of San Fransokyo was as brilliant as I did?