Photography 101: Solitude

Capture a snapshot that conveys the state of being alone.

As you frame your shot, apply the tried-and-true Rule of Thirds, which is a great introductory lesson in composition. Divide your shot into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so you get nine parts. – The Daily Post

The first rule my photography friend taught me to improve my shot was the Rule of Thirds.  Its a skill I still use today.  Sometimes, I play around with it.  For me, how a photo is structure says a lot about what you are capturing.  It doesn’t have to have fancy filters.  I know I never use them on Instagram because its not the natural picture.  It all comes down to personal preference, right?

Fresh photos have one problem.  I take mine in the morning on my way to work so if its a busy Friday workday morning like today, bustling full of activities in the streets.  Solitude comes rarely and its especially a fleeting moment where I can’t control any aspect of it. I tried my best to apply the Rule of Thirds once I found the opportunity.


Not the best representation of it.  But if I do catch a second shot later today, I’ll post up an additional post. 🙂