Daily Prompt:Five a Day

Yesterday’s daily prompt: You are being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with 5 foods. What do you pick?

I was going to post this yesterday but my tablet decided to run out of batteries and then I came back from driving to and from Plattsburgh so it was a bit tiring.  So here is my post! Better late than never! 😉

This question is a tad vague. If I were to be held captive, are we talking about raw foods? Will I have to cook it? Although would the captors be so nice? I wouldn’t be bet on it, right? Either way I’m sure I can figure out some way to cook it, but just in case, I would choose foods that I could eat raw or is already made.

1) I would choose to bring peanut butter but let me be extremely picky, kind of, and request the just peanuts President’s Choice style. That stuff is delicious and addictive. Its amazingly good and every morning, I need to eat it with white bread.

2) I would want some salmon. What is good is that salmon can be eaten raw and when cooked, its awesome. Plus its a quick cooking whether you steam or grill. Whichever cooking method, its still yummy.

3) I would bring pistachios. I love eating pistachios.  They are absolutely delicious.  I had wanted to bring pistachio biscottis but that seems to make me into this super luxurious captive.  Either way, I would be super happy with pistachios.

4) Question marks floating around my head now.  Hard choices…What would be my fourth food? I would have to think about it.  Starting to run out of ideas.  I would love to bring some apples.  Whichever types would be nice but I adore royal gala.  I mean apples are the means of a healthy living and it`ll keep away sickness so why not, right? Plus, if I`m going to be held captive, might as well try to stay physically feeling good to make it not as bad.

5) Last food I would bring is…bananas. Why you may ask? Because it has loads of potassium and it will prevent cramps.  I am down for that.  That would be totally awesome stuff.

I would bring lots of other foods and there is an endless list that I debated at the same time: mangoes, star fruits, strawberry rhubarb pie, gummy bears, pop tarts, golden oreos, all-dress chips, etc.  But being captive, there are pros and cons that I need to look at in a practical way, as much as I`d like to feel some form of food enjoyment and escape out of it, I`d also like to be healthy enough to be pain-free.  Thats always a plus in my book 🙂

What would you bring if you were to choose 5 foods?