Step Up 2: The Streets (2008)

A few weeks ago, I watched Step Up (HERE is the review if you missed it)! I have this whole marathon mindset going on these days and since HMV had crazy deals the last few weeks, I went and bought Step Up 2: The Streets to continue.  Just saying, this starting to turn out to be more like a Channing Tatum overload because the next review going up is also with him in it.  This one luckily (or maybe not) had a little cameo of him in the beginning as a link to his last character. Lets check out how Step Up 2 did 🙂

step up 2 posterDirector: Jon M. Chu

Cast: Robert Hoffman, Briana Evigan, Adam G. Sevani, Cassie Ventura, Danielle Polanco, Harry Shum Jr., Will Kemp

When Andie’s always supportive mother passes away, she lives with her mom’s best friend Sarah and her little boy Charlie.  Her passion has led to be a part of the street dance crew 4-1-0 who has been the 5 year reigning champion of The Streets annual competition.  As her grades aren’t holding up in school, Sarah is making her go to Texas to live with her aunt instead, so to lessen the burden.  One night, when she goes to a neighborhood dance scene, she sees long time friend, Tyler (Channing Tatum from Step Up) who convinces her to go to Maryland School of Arts and put her dance skills to proper use and think about her future and also successfully convinces Sarah to give her one more chance to prove that she can be better.  At the school, the director Blake Collins tries to change her style to the how he views a successful dancer should do and at the same time, the director’s brother Chase, who wants to be part of The Streets gets together and together they gather a group of students to joint he MSA crew.  With her 4-1-0 kicking her out and not accepted by the street dance scene, and the Director telling them to not do The Streets, the MSA crew needs to find the strength to do what they believe is right.

step up 2 opponents 410s

Man, I could’ve talked about the plot in 3 sentences instead of that draggy paragraph up there.  Again, like my last review, these stories are quite simple and super predictable.  Step Up 2: The Streets doesn’t really have the same spark as the first but it still has its fun moments.  There are a lot of dance scene and the music is more mainstream rather than the fusioned type in the first one.  Its not completely two styles coming together but rather a story to encourage and inspire young adults to follow their dreams and believe in their own talents.  MSA crew was about a group of students who aren’t noticed for their actual potential or misplaced and misunderstood in the school.

step up 2 andie chase

I’m not familiar with most of the cast either.  The only few exception is Robert Hoffman that I saw in She’s The Man as the douchebag ex-boyfriend.  Lets just say he’s impression isn’t completely awesome in my mind.  In this one, he plays the lead actor and he’s okay.  He’s no Channing Tatum, of course but he has a cute face.  He has decent chemistry with the lead actress.  My favorite character has to be Moose played by  Adam Sevani.  He was awesome and at times, hilarious.   Second mention goes out to Harry Shum Jr. because he’s an awesome dancer and he’s one of my faves in Glee :).  I was pleasantly surprised that he was in this dance flick! The rest of the cast was actually pretty funny and did alright!


Simple dance flick, cool music and decent cast makes this an enjoyable movie to just relax! It does struggle at times to be hitting boring area but they pick it back up with some nice beats! 🙂 As usual, the final dance scene is always the best and most awesome part of it all!

Step Up 3 soon!! I have it, just need to watch it!

Wrapping up the Valentine’s Marathon: She’s The Man (2006)

There was a bundle of movies that was supposed to be in the original list, but it came to the point that I realized it should be a romantic comedy to end off the marathon.  Why? Because its supposed to be happy.  I don’t want to end this bawling my eyes out or telling you about some bittersweet romantic story.  I can do that some other time this year.  The movie I was supposed to watch was A Walk to Remember but I’ve bumped that back for now.  My boyfriend was going to sit with me through a movie so might as well choose one that both of us knows that we enjoy.  By the way, I only have this because I stole it from his movie stash and never gave it back. But still lets take a look at it…

she`s the manDirector: Andy Fickman

Cast: Amanda Bynes, Channing Tatum, Laura Ramsey, Vinnie Jones, Robert Hoffman, James Kirk

Viola (Amanda Bynes)  is part of the Cornwall women’s Soccer team and is a really good soccer player.  When the women’s soccer team is cut and the men’s soccer team won’t let her join, she has to find another way.  When she comes home, her mother is trying to convince her to be a debutante.  When she dodges that, she goes up to find her brother Sebastian (James Kirk) getting ready to leave to London and skip school for 2 weeks to pursue his passion in music and he asks Viola to call in to his new school Illyria to make up a reason for his absence.  Suddenly, she gets an idea to disguise her brother for the two weeks so that she can beat the Cornwall’s soccer team to prove to them that she’s as good as them.  She asks her friends to help turn her into a guy.  When she starts school, pretending to be a guy turns out to be harder than she expected especially when this affects her social life and her chance at getting into the soccer team as well.  At the same time, her hot roommate, Duke (Channing Tatum) is also part of the soccer team and when she gets put into 2nd string by their coach (Vinnie Jones).  Duke  likes the hottest girl in school, Olivia (Laura Ramsey) but doesn’t know how to approach her.  When he sees that she gets along with Sebastian, Duke asks for help in exchange for getting her into first string in the soccer team by the Cornwall game. Caught between trying to get to first string on the soccer team, not getting caught of disguising as a guy, being pursued by her brother’s ex-girlfriend and not letting her mom suspect that she’s taking her brother’s place and at the same time fulfilling her expectations as debutante..the situation gets a bit more complex.

I really had no expectations when I saw this a few years ago. Its possibly one of the five romantic comedies that my boyfriend will watch and NOT roll his eyes at.  This movie is just full of laugh out loud moments.  Even though I know what happens already and this is possibly the third or fourth time I’ve seen it, I still just can’t help but laugh so hard that I get tears in my eyes.  Its just full of silly moments and the absurdity of how anyone would just laugh at a guy that acted like that (even if she was just pretending).  I don’t know how others feel about this movie but to me and my boyfriend, it gears towards our type of humour.

she's the man viola

This is possibly the best that I’ve seen Amanda Bynes.  I’ve seen her afterwards in Hairspray and Easy A in supporting roles.  This one really is just hilarious.  And plus, Channing Tatum practically one of his first roles where he’s taking somewhat of a leading male role.  As much as I didn’t like Channing Tatum a lot in his beginning roles, this one I actually like.  He’s just so adorable with his reactions when he starts getting all not sure how to act around the girl he likes.  And as much as I don’t usually swoon over actors, I mean Channing Tatum is pretty hot in this.

she`s the man duke

Apparently this was based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.  I’ve never read of it and I don’t really know the story either.  Maybe I should find time and read some Shakespeare…although its going to take a whole lot of time to finish and understand what I just read.  It could be a refreshing read though.

she's the man duke olivia

This was the perfect way to end my Valentine’s marathon. Laughing and enjoying myself to a nice romantic comedy that didn’t shower you with too much lovey-dovey scenarios but more on the lines of just being silly fun.  If you’re into that sort of dumb silly humor, you should check it out.  No guarantees though since humor is the tricky thing that differs to each person’s taste!

What type of humor are you into? What is your favorite comedy? Is Channing Tatum a yes or no?

Just a side question, do you enjoy these marathons? Is there one that you’d like to suggest for me to do some time?

One more special post in a few hours and I’m going to give you all some peace! Have fun!