Ocean’s Eight (2018)

Before we start this review, perhaps a few things need to laid out. If you watched my What’s Up, you will know that I already talked about this. While I’ve seen Ocean’s 11 and that trilogy (or maybe I haven’t seen Ocean’s 13 because I can’t remember), I honestly can’t remember a whole lot of what goes on except that Ocean’s 11 was pretty fun and had some big stars in it. With that said, Ocean’s 8 is kind of a new slate for me which works because it turns out that its a standalone story with a few nods in terms of characters and such. I usually don’t go to watch films like this at theatres but one of my good friends took me so who am I to argue with time with friends, right? Plus, would you look at the cast here? A ton of my faves all in one movie sounds like a ton of fun. Let’s hope it is!

Ocean’s 8 (2018)

ocean's 8

Director: Gary Ross

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Sara Paulson, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, Rhianna, Richard Armitage, James Corden

Debbie Ocean gathers an all-female crew to attempt an impossible heist at New York City’s yearly Met Gala. – IMDB

Judging from my above comment, you could say that I enjoyed the Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve heist movies but then I’m not exactly remembering a ton from it so maybe not exactly my favorite movies ever. With that said, my appreciation for Ocean’s 8 draws exactly from the little things I remember from the male centric ones and that is the cast. Ocean’s 8 hook is its fantastic ladies. Everyone delivers in absolutely glory.

The movie starts off with quite a few comedic moments as we see Debbie Ocean, played by Sandra Bullock be released from prison. There is this sarcastic and fun humor as Debbie and Lou (Cate Blanchett) go to find the other members for this epic heist she has in mind which leads to some comedic moments of knowing a little more about each of them as we get a glimpse of their life and their pressures but also their fortes that make them an asset to the group. Rhianna, Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter, Sara Paulson and Awkwafina as well as Anne Hathaway all fall into place for this plan to work out. And they all deliver so well. I have only heard of Awkwafina and haven’t seen Mindy Kaling before so I don’t know what to say much but Rhianna has grown so much as an actress. I am not a big fan of her music but she gets involved in some great movies now. Helena Bonham Carter also has some awkward movies before but in this one, she fits well in it. At the same time, I am telling you that I have a huge lady crush on Sara Paulson. She always delivers so well and I just love her.

In terms of the heist, I have always been a fan on seeing the movie magic happen because it is both entertaining and fun when it is thought out well and puts all the pieces into motion and there is always a twist and some tension. With Ocean’s 8, it delivers a lot of these fronts. While the setup had a lot of comedic moments, the heist actually had a fair amount of tensions. The heist also stands out in not only watching the plan roll out with whichever snag it hits because what movie would it be without (I guess some might say that its a tad formulaic) but also these ladies and their beautiful outfits. Its impossible to not feel this beauty and intelligence in one package as well as triumph. These ladies are what makes the heist happen and I think the biggest accomplishment is that we see them as a unit because of their differences and connect to them so we care about what happens.

These movies are all about the star power and while these all female casts cause so much talk, I’d like to stray away and just talk about how fantastic these star-powered casts bring to the table. Hence, the long chat about. However, Ocean’s Eight did bring in some humor from the men as well. For one, we have Richard Armitage which I haven’t seen in anything for a long time. The man is super charming and well, he got what he deserves. Let’s just put it that way. While small, it still had its significance. We had  cameo of sorts by James Corden and I’m telling you that lately I’ve started watching those Carpool Karaoke videos and this guy is pretty hilarious and I think he pulls off some great comedic moments as well here.

Overall, Ocean’s Eight is a fun and entertaining time. There’s a lot of comedic moments and my fave sarcastic humor. There is a slew of beautiful and talented cast here who work so well with each other. That is the true star plus the outfits are so pretty and lovely. The heist itself works fairly well and had its tense moments. There’s a lot of like about Ocean’s Eight and while I might not remember from Ocean’s Eleven in terms of specifics, I remember that fun feeling I had when the film ended and we get the same thing here.

Fantasia Film Festival 2014: Into the Storm (2014)

I’m not exactly sure why, but Into the Storm was definitely one of my anticipated films of 2014.  I personally like these disaster movies a lot because for one, they usually are quite entertaining.  The only thing I didn’t expect was that it was found footage.  Plus, this is possibly Richard Armitage’s first full feature movie and thats pretty awesome because I think he is a great actor and deserves a lot more screen time.  So, I happily bought tickets for the advanced screening of Into the Storm at Fantasia Film Festival and settled in to watch this one after a crazy day at work.  The weather was stormy the whole day as well and turned relatively chilly by the time I was standing outside in line.  Then the whole going in experience was pretty intense with security checking if my phone was closed two times and then seeing a few security lined up to make sure no one was filming the movie.  It was quite the adventurous Monday night!

Let’s check it out 🙂

Into the stormDirector: Steven Quale

Cast: Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh, Max Deacon, Nathan Kress, Alycia Debnam Carey

In the small town of Silverton, Gary (Richard Armitage) is the vice principal of the high school there and they are preparing for their graduation ceremony. While asking his sons, Donnie (Max Deacon) and Trey (Nathan Kress) to help record time capsules for the graduating class, a heavy storm hits them harder than they expected.  However, Donnie has left Trey to help Kaitlyn (Alycia Debnam Carey), a girl that he’s had a crush on forever with her project. At the same time, storm chasers Pete (Matt Walsh) and his crew along with their specialist, Allison (Sarah Wayne Callies), they are trying to catch this heavy storm and projected tornado, the first in over a year to keep their funding up. Except, this tornado turned out a lot more than they bargained for.

Into the Storm

I’m sure everyone has seen their fair share of disaster movies.  The expectations are always the same where the story is pretty thin, the dialogue is cheesy and the CGI is pretty campy as well.  Everything is just a bunch of adrenaline rush that you can laugh at.  The better one of these would be ones that exceed that and make you care for whats going on and gives you an exciting and memorable ride.  Into the Storm is one that I believe achieves something more.  Sure, the characters do and say some stupid things and sometimes, the wonder what these crazy people are doing and the first part before the storm happens is a bit lame BUT! There is a but to this, the effects and computer graphics (and all that fancy stuff) makes it look so real.  Once we get past that something like 10-15 minutes in the beginning and the storm hits (not with a tornado right away), its just non-stop crazy adrenaline rushing through your veins.  Honestly, I was uncertain about how good this movie would be and when it started, my doubts were starting to set in but then it just started getting more and more intense and action-packed as it neared the end.  By the end, I have to admit that I really did care about what happened to everyone.

Into the Storm

In terms of the cast, I’d have to say that no one irritated me a lot. Usually these movies always has that one person that does stupid things.  The girl who played Kaitlyn said some silly things at one point but then given the situation she was in, I was okay with it.  Then there was some funny moments and some dramatic ones as well.  Still, it was all acceptable.  Even the young guys in this one was alright.  I mean, Donnie, played by Max Deacon, was pretty smart other than the fact of getting himself into the situation he was in.  Trey, played Nathan Kress, was at times the one who lightened the mood a little here and there.  They were as good as I’d expect them to be.

Into the Storm

As for the bigger roles, there’s Richard Armitage.  I can’t really get around this without talking about him because he was one of the reasons I saw this.  I think the man can do no wrong and I was pretty impressed with it given the script is just running around looking for his son and he gets caught up the storm chasing craze.  He plays the responsible father who wants to make sure his sons are together no matter what and to keep them from any danger.  At the same time, his character bonds with the single mother specialist Allison who wants more and more to get back to little girl as the storm gets worse.  I liked both of their characters a lot and as the movie went along, I believe I bonded with those two characters the most.

Into The Storm

Another character worth mentioning is Pete who is the leader of the storm chasing crew who wants to make this documentary and keep their funding for it.  He is portrayed by Matt Walsh.  Now, Pete is a character who causes the friction in the group, on top of the actual problems going on outside that is completely out of everyone’s control.  His character only cares about getting this documentary made because its his last chance or else its all gone. He pushes people to their limits and sometimes, is the complete asshole (excuse my language).  Except, in any movie, you need someone like that to challenge everyone to give the movie something extra.

Into the Storm

One of the reasons this review took me so long to write other than getting the previous reviews out was that I was analyzing what I liked about it because I honestly had a lot of fun with it.  Overall, Into the Storm is a crazy adrenaline packed ride full of believable effects and giant tornadoes.  Despite the not so unique script, the cast does deliver a decent performance that carries the movie to some levels where the audience can connect with them at the end.  Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies and Matt Walsh are definitely the notable performances here.  I’m in no way saying this is anything special in terms of storyline but the effects push this one above others that I’ve seen and I believe that makes it worth a shot 🙂

Somehow I keep getting caught in this found footage genre for Fantasia Festival unintentionally and its opened my eyes to some pretty great movies.  Its making me want to see more of them.

Into the Storm opens August 8th in theatres in Montreal.  I’m not sure about where you are.

Have you seen the trailer? What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy disaster movies like these ones? How about found footage? Are you a fan of Richard Armitage, Sara Wayne Callies and/or Matt Walsh? 

Fantasia Film Festival & My Line-up!

Fantasia Film Festival starts this week in Montreal. It runs from July 17th to August 6th.

Last year, I lost track of when it started and ended up catching 2 movies.  Sad and pathetic, yeah, I know.  In my defense, I was super sick and was on antibiotics.

This year, I amended my old ways and tracked the event and waited for the schedule to go up and then chose my movies and was ready to pounce at those tickets the first moment they went online.

My plan is to see 10 movies and as this goes up, I’m still hoping that one of them will open up because I don’t quite understand what “restricted availability” is but I have a few backups, I that I can choose from. I’ll tell you which one in a little bit.

No rambling on today.  We’re going straight to business.  This is my line up in order of when I’ll see them.


Open Windows is one I’m not completely sure about.  Sasha Grey isn’t all that convincing to me but then I’m guessing she’ll strip so there’s a appeal to people who like that but my reason is that Elijah Wood has been on a crazy streak of horror movies and they’ve all been received well.  I haven’t seen Maniac or Grand Piano yet but the trailers for those looked good as does this one.  I’ll try to squeeze in Maniac before I go, just to get an idea of Elijah Wood in horror movies, but no guarantees 😉

2) JULY 19: I ORIGINS/USA/2014

I Origins is probably one of the most anticipated movies in 2014 for me.  Brit Marling has been doing amazing movies with Another Earth and The East. She is unstoppable and this one is loaded with cast that I love.  This one was squeezed on a not very good day with another one that I’ll talk about in the end that I had to miss because of my friend’s wedding.  This one cuts into hers just a little but I’ll only be 20 minutes late max.  It should be okay, right? I just couldn’t give it up…what else can I say?



Somehow Youtube didn’t have a trailer for this one but they have a trailer if you follow the link the festival’s page 🙂

Cybernatural is one of the last decisions that I made when compiling this list.  I gave my boyfriend a few choices since he’s going to see some of the weekend movies with me (especially horror).  This one was the final choice.  It looks like it has a pretty intriguing setup and seems to touch on various social issues in the process.


In English, the title is called Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart.

Last year, I saw a few animated movies from France and the style just charmed me so much that when I saw this one and the trailer, I knew I had to see it.  I like the whole dark Gothic style and the original idea of having a boy with a cuckoo clock as his heart.  I’m really excited for this one.

5) JULY 27: HAL/JAPAN/2013

Back to back days of animation.  How can I go to Fantasia and not see something from Japan? I almost wanted to choose a Korean one but it didn’t really work for me other than the cute characters and this one seems to have a more intriguing storyline whether its love or maybe something more. Plus, its only 60 minutes and the animation looks really nice.


I already had Into the Storm in my anticipated movies for 2014 but seeing as this showed up in Fantasia Film Festival, I’m guessing it might not make it to the theatre near me.  Plus, I get advance viewing from everyone else in Montreal whose not seeing this on July 28th? Who needs perks anyways? I just want to see Richard Armitage in a leading role and I love disaster movies.  This one could hit the over the top area but sometimes, it works well 🙂 I’m staying optimistic for this one!


I’m usually not running towards Quebec productions and no, that should say Canada because as much as Quebec wants to believe its unique and not part of Canada, it is.  Just so no one bans me from the movie for saying that, I’m going to shut up about that part.  This movie is weirdly in English (take that, Quebec :P) and its shot in my friend’s condo building.  I recognized the hallways.  Plus, it has a creepy vibe to it.  Its the only horror that I will be going to see by myself, unless some friend decides to join me.


Last year, I wanted to check out Antisocial, which looked mad gory but it had some messed up time where I was always at work.  I know a few of you of reviewed it.   The Drownsman is done by the same team, I believe I read that somewhere.  Confession time: I can’t make it through the trailer? My boyfriend watched it for me and gave it a thumbs up for scary and potentially awesome and he laughed because he doesn’t know how I’ll get through the movie if I can’t get through the trailer.  I don’t know either but I’ll figure it out when I’m sitting in the theatre…


Thats right! August 2nd is a double feature for us.  We have back to back movies with a little time slot in the middle to eat dinner (hopefully). I wasn’t so sure about Time Lapse until I saw the trailer and then I was sold.  Time Lapse looks intense and pretty intense.  The question with these sci-fi time travel-esque movies is whether it makes sense.  I’m confident that it will but I’m also curious to see how this pans out 🙂

Thats what I’ve bought so far!

The movie I believe slipped out of my grasp is also the one I expected to also: the special screening of Guardians of the Galaxy.  I don’t really mind too much.  I’ll still end up seeing it opening weekend, I’m pretty sure.  One of my friends seem pretty hyped up about it.

BUT, that means to complete my 10 movie run, I need to choose one more.

I have to miss Suburban Gothic (and the chance to see Matthew Gray Gubler) because of my friend’s wedding but here’s the trailer:

This just looks so good.  But I had to make a choice and I have prior commitments.  Lets see other options…

There is one that made me laugh called 3D Naked Ambition, a Hong Kong movie at 11:55pm.  Red light flashing on it possibly being in the porn department since its like at midnight.  As I was trying to find the trailer, I actually found the full movie on Youtube so nope, especially since I won’t have public transport to go home either.

Honeymoon also looks pretty good, but I’m not too fond of watching too many horrors on my own.

As interesting as this is, its also a pass.

Now, I could go on because there’s a few action movies that looked decent as well but I came to the final conclusion that it doesn’t feel right to give up the chance to watch a Hong Kong movie on the big screen.  They have one, From Vegas to Macau which I actually bought when I went to Hong Kong earlier and I will review it during this festival time (if I find time for it).

The final choice goes to That Demon Within.  Its somewhat of a horror action flick, if that even exists.

Nick Cheung has been churning out hit after hit and he’s just been out of control.  Daniel Wu is also one of my favorite actors.  The more I watch this trailer, the more I’m convinced this is going to be epic.  On top of that, its a crime thriller and I just can’t resist them.

Thats it for Fantasia Film Festival for now! I’ll be back with reviews in a little bit 🙂 I’ll try to get them out as soon as possible but with the movies mostly at night, I might have a few days delay depending on my schedule.  Things will stay as normal as possible here.  For sure, the focus will be geared towards movie reviews but I still remember that I have the Hong Kong trip that I have a few posts to put up also at the very least.

What movies peak your interest? Have you been to the Fantasia Film Festival? If you are going, what are you seeing? 

North & South (TV mini-series 2004)

Kicking off the first recommendation is from Ruth at Flixchatter who introduced me not only to the handsome and charming Richard Armitage.  You should click on the link for her up there because she did a fabulous post on him as a birthday tribute 😉 She also suggested for me to check out North & South.  Luckily I had already put it in on my list in Netflix and gave it a watch.  I thought it would be longer but this 4 episode TV mini series took me one evening to finish.  Lets check it out! 🙂

north and south posterCast: Daniela Denby-Ashe, Richard Armitage, Tim Pigott-Smith, Sinead Cusack, Brendan Coyle, Anna Maxwell Martin

North and South is a four part adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s love story of Margaret Hale, a middle class southerner who is forced to move to the northern town of Milton.- IMDB

Just to put it out there first, I’ve never read the Elizabeth Gaskell novel but its in my to-read after I saw this.  Although, I’m not exactly sure you need it to appreciate this.

North & South is easily one of the best TV mini-series I’ve watched.  The story was great and the characters was awesome.  It reminded me a bit of  Pride and Prejudice actually.  It had sweeping music and the atmosphere was fabulous.  Thats BBC, right? The scenes were done so well, starting with the cotton flying around as Margaret discovers who this Mr. Thornton is.

Elisabeth Gaskell´s North & South

I always love to talk about the characters and Margaret Hale, played by Daniela Denby-Ashe threw me a bit off on the choice of her when the series first started.  She has this very simple-minded nature and very easily to form her opinions, which does change as the series goes on, especially when dealing with Mr. Thornton.  However, we always know that her intentions are always good, just sometimes when she doesn’t know the whole situation, maybe its not exactly as she thought it was. This is what makes conflict and interaction, right? She reflected her character as she should to match the other more intense characters.

north and south mr. thornton

This leads us to who she’s *almost* always against and uses harsh words with, Mr. Thornton, played by Richard Armitage. Okay, give me a moment to breathe, ok? I had the hardest time not giggling searching up a picture to use for this.  That man up there is just too handsome, charming, and especially brooding in North & South as Mr. Thornton. Mr. Thornton may be a bit easily frustrated but you can see in his eyes, his admiration for Margaret and most of the time, I felt like he wanted her to understand him but it was like she never did and he would get hurt and then he’d become defensive.  The chemistry  he had with Magaret Hale was just awesome.  If not, the best I’ve ever seen.  I love you, Richard Armitage 🙂

north and south 1

Aside from the main characters, the rest of the cast was equally great in supporting the story.  Sinead Cusack who played Mr. Thornton’s mother was so great at being the protective mother who wanted tot he best for her son and felt that no one truly deserved him in a way.  The confidence and the care but yet her strong nature towards upholding his business and trying hard to help him out was all wrapped up in her solid performance.  Another character very much worthy of mention was Brendan Coyle as the leader of the union who carries out the strike for a better tomorrow for the cotton factory workers to get more benefits.  He made a lot of the situations very intense.

ns look back at me

Overall, North & South was just great! I totally recommend it and honestly, I wanted to just say that everything was awesome and go see it and end it there, but I figured that would be too short 😉 Its romantic, Richard Armitage is handsome, the chemistry is great and there’s some intense situations also plus it has solid performances from everyone in the cast.  Its a fantastic mini-series which only takes 4 hours of your life.

A MEGA HUGE THANK YOU to Ruth for  urging me to watch this because it was just amazing 🙂 Remember to go check out her absolutely fun blog!

Have you seen North & South? What do you think of Richard Armitage? Are there any TV mini-series that you enjoy?

Acrostic Name Game

Alex Raphael runs a fantastic blog that you can check out HERE! I haven’t gotten around to do the Alphabet Movie Meme that inspired him to do this little Acrostic Name Game but I had to do this one ASAP.  He’s been an awesome guy who has been dropping  lots of awards that being the ridiculous person I am, I’ve fallen WAY behind on responding.  Seeing as its all those #FF going around, I figured I’d give him a nice shoutout.  He did his on TV shows.  I’m going to do mine on TV and for those that I can’t figure out a show, I chose a movie.  A little mish mash 😉

True Blood

true blood poster

Honorable mention for this would’ve been Top Gear (UK)! I like True Blood a lot. I mean, I binge watched Season 1, suffered through Season 2 and fell in love with Season 3 & 4 then got really weirded out by Season 6.  Thats the general recap  of how I felt about it.  Wait, is there only five seasons now? Anyways, I’m lost but I love it for the vamps and werewolves and sex and nudity.  All that stuff, you know? Eric Northman is hot and Alcide is so handsome.  Not such a huge fan of Sookie but thats okay, it always works out in the end 😉

Robin Hood (2006)

Robin Hood BBC

I haven’t completely finished Robin Hood.  I’m about a few episodes away.  I love BBC series a lot and this one was pretty fun to watch. Its not just the guy who played Robin Hood but it also introduced to me the very handsome Richard Armitage 🙂 When I first saw him, he looked like Bradley Cooper but with a bit more charm. Honestly, I became aware of him because of Ruth over at FlixChatter. 


aristocats poster

The Aristocats is one of my favorite Disney movies.  Its fun and energetic and it features lots of cats.  Everybody does want to be a cat, I tell you.  At least I wanted to be one after this.  Maybe thats why I meow occassionally…*ahem* maybe I shouldn’t have said that.  I just went to another level of weird.

New Girl

new girl poster

I’m slightly behind with New Girl but I have a mega girl crush on Zoey Deschanel.  I have a developing love for Jake Johnson and the whole supporting cast is hilarious.  I love this sitcom to bits.  I really should catch up with this season 🙂


quill poster

One of first movies that touched me.  When you give you animals and their bond with their owners and base it on their life (and death), that just tears me apart.  Quill is amazing, touching and so memorable.

Under the Dome

under the dome poster

I cannot wait for Under the Dome to come back this summer.  Last summer, this one really ruled my world.  It has a fabulous actress Rachel Lefevre and as I saw more of her movies, I saw just how awesome she is.  Plus, the guy in this is pretty cool.  The whole story is intense and mysterious.  I haven’t read anything from  Stephen King so I know nothing of this going in. This show is all sorts of amazing!

I‘ll Follow You Down

i`ll follow you down poster

One of the movies I saw in Montreal’s Fantasia Festival.  I hasn’t been released anywhere else but it has an older Haley Joel Osment, Gillian Anderson and Rufus Sewell.  Its a sci-fi/time travel mystery.  I was intrigued by it and gave this a chance and it turned out to be surprisingly good.  The concept was very well thought out.  You can check out the review HERE!

Lie to Me


I’m still baffled as to why this show was cancelled because Tim Roth kicks some serious ass as Cal Lightman with his lie detecting skills. There’s a good chemistry between the characters and I love that they add real life snapshots of well-known public figures emphasize their point in the cases that they investigate.  Despite the serious material, they still get in some  humorous moments to loosen the atmosphere.



dollhouse s1

I only saw this one earlier this year and I ended up buying the two seasons afterwards.  Dollhouse was the first thing that made me acknowledge just how talented Joss Whedon is.  I binge watched this and finished both seasons so fast and I was obsessed with not only Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett but totally fell in love with Topher played with Fran Kranz.  As much as its about giving people what the clients ask for, it takes a play on the end of the world and the double-edged sword with tampering with God-like technology that manipulates human nature, desires and morals.

Resident Evil

resident evil

Resident Evil and all its movies are my guilty pleasure.  Its simply a fun and entertaining shoot ’em up zombie flick.  I look forward to the new one coming out this year (I think).  Maybe no one anticipates a lot but for me, Alice is my absolute favorite movie character.  I even disguised as her for Halloween two years ago 🙂


elementary tv series

I just realized that I have a lot of new series on here.  Anyways, I like Elementary. It came as a surprise to me because I’m not particularly a huge fan of Lucy Liu but I found her really good.  Plus, the whole Sherlock in New York with Watson turning into a woman modernizes this classic.  For me, it works out good 🙂

August Rush

august rush poster

Music has helped me through a whole lot of stuff and August Rush is one of those movies that touched me.  Maybe not a lot of people like it.  I know my boyfriend didn’t.  There’s just something really magical about the whole story and I can relate to it in some ways.  I actually wrote a post about it a good while back and you can check that out HERE.  I just love the music and everything.



Another series that got cancelled after only one season.  I thought it was a really good one also.  One of the better vampire series I’ve seen at least.  It made me fall in love with Alex O’Loughlin also. Its only one season and I actually think its time to revisit it 🙂


sherlock poster

Another Sherlock Holmes modernized version! As much as I like Elementary, there is something about Benedict Cumberbatch that really makes this one stand out and I like the guy who plays Watson also. I need to start Season 3!

Whew!! That was actually kind of hard to put together. I originally wanted to use just TV series but figured that after Q turned out to be super hard and I modified it to part TV and movies.  Not too bad, right?

Now that I’ve done it! Go ahead and make one of your own! It can be any list as long as its with your blog name! I shared the link up top on the instructions that Alex gives.  Be sure to check out his awesome blog and join into this fun game. I’d love to see what you come up with!

This blog was supposed to go up on Friday but I guess somewhere in the world, some place is still Friday, right? I have some exciting stuff to announce over the next while.  First one will be probably over this weekend since I didn’t get something for today.  Remember to check back, ok?