Sherbrooke Met la Table: Overflow Resto-Terrasse

A block or two away from where we had our lunch and a few hours late, we had our second restaurant meal for Sherbrooke Met La Table for dinner at Overflow Restaurant.  Its listed as a tapas and wine bar on the site but has an exceptionally appealing menu with a few choices.  The decor itself is absolutely full of ambiance with its lit up walls and unique ceiling lights that change throughout the night from red to blue to green and to bicolor of green and blue, blue and red, etc.

Overflow Resto


Overflow Restaurant

Sangria: La Bleu & La Royale

There are four selections of Sangrias at Restaurant Overflow! I LOVE sangrias! We chose the other options than the normal red and white one.  I took the Blue (which looks green here..) Its because of the lighting. Look at the back, it had green panels going on at that time. The Blue has white wine, blue curacao, melon liqueur, white cranberry juice and 7Up.  This was absolutely delicious.  Much better than the one that my husband had.  His was The Royal.  It had bubbly, lychee liqueur and red and white cranberry juice. He also preferred mine.


Resto Overflow

Met la Table menu: Quebec leeks in balsamic vinaigrette

My husband was still digesting his lunch so he took it a little easier for dinner. We had two options.  The other one was a duo tartare dish.  I don’t eat raw meat so I took the second option of Quebec leeks.  I don’t normally eat leeks a lot and we don’t just do a whole cook the leek and add some sauce and thats it.  So, this is how this went. Leeks are pretty good at the green parts but once it hits the white parts, its like eating an onion.  I can get by the taste but not so much the texture of it.  I did finish it though because the sauce was great.  It really made this balance out a whole lot better.

Main Course

Resto Overflow

Panini Poulet au Gruyere/Chicken Panini with Gruyere Cheese

Resto Overflow

Met la Table menu: 6oz. Filet Mignon with caramelised onions, grilled vegetables and shoestring fries

My husband had the Chicken panini with a side of fries. It was a decent size with small chunks of chicken with a smoky taste.  He wasn’t sure if it came from being grilled or  from the cheese or the sauce. Overall, that made it very good.  The fries had a distinctive taste and it was really delicious.  The salad that it came with had something like an Italian dressing and it was what you’d expect.

Following along with the met la table option.  I chose the 6oz filet mignon which adds $10 to the menu.  The other options were good but I had my reasons that I wanted to have a nice cut of meat.  This was really good.  The grilled vegetables were done perfect. There was a mix of sweet peppers, zucchini and carrots (I think). The shoestring fries were so good also.  Just saying, that is my favorite fries cut. Is that how you call it? I had my filet mignon at medium well done. And it was so good. The peppercorn sauce was a little too much but it was great that it had it on the side so you could control how much sauce you had on the meat.  Very delish meal! 🙂


Resto Overflow

Met la Table menu: Homemade Brownie with fleur de sel caramel and vanilla ice cream

The brownie was great.  My husband loved it because it had a good texture: a nice thin hard top and a little chewy.  The caramel and the ice cream matched the brownie really well.  It was a well-balanced, slightly sugary dessert, in his words.


Overflow Restaurant is full of ambiance.  The lights and decor plus their live band performance all matches great.  When the performers are not there, the background music has hints of very enjoyable lounge music.  The atmosphere is amazing.  The service was friendly as well.  The food was very good.  There isn’t a lot of variety but if I were to return, I’d definitely give the tapas menu a go since that is their specialty.  A very enjoyable experience!

One day out for the Sherbrooke Met la Table ends with this one! Hopefully next year, I will have the opportunity to go for a few more stops.