Birthday, Hangout & New Toy!!

Its long weekend in the province of Quebec! Yay! Meaning, tomorrow I still don’t have to go to work and have a fantastic day off with the boyfriend! He’s going to redeem his Christmas gift tomorrow for his 2 laps driving both a Ferrari and Lamborghini! He’s pretty much been anticipating it since forever! After that its going to see World War Z!!

Lets rewind just a little and fill you in on whats been up for the last two days 🙂

Friday evening was a great night because I managed to get together with my best friend! She finally graduated from her medical field course and has to prepare for her National Exam but between that, we found it was time for our little gathering to catch up because we have a lot of suppressed thoughts that chat doesn’t really communicate as well! It was great to just relax and have a good night with her 🙂 First, we went to our favorite joint at the Crescent Street restaurant, Les 3 Brasseurs! I chose the Chicken Brochette with rice and fries and had a Mojito on the side!

Chicken Brochette with Fries, Veggies and Rice!

Chicken Brochette with Fries, Veggies and Rice!

YUM! So delicious! Plus, we were starving…and we started chatting and talking about everything: work, job, future, boyfriends, life, parents, etc.  After that, we needed to walk off the meal a bit and walked back to get some shopping done where I managed to find some AMAZING deals at HMV! I had to try to be rational and got Seven Psychopaths, 21 Jump Street and Step Up 2! 🙂  I had originally wanted to get Stoke but it was ALL SOLD OUT!  Afterwards, we finally decided that we wanted to head over and relive the moments at the arcades.  We’re totally into Time Crisis 4 but that machine was as popular as ever (even after so many years) so we settled for trying out Razing Storm!

Razing Storm!

Razing Storm!

I couldn’t find the North American arcade machine and I didn’t think about taking pictures of it either! Those machine guns were so huge, my hands were hurting after playing a few rounds of it! It was mad fun though! PLUS, it was half price for all the games that night.  I love getting things done for cheaper than intended, so it made our day and it was quality time together so even better! It was definitely a fantastic Friday night! 🙂

On Saturday, the weather plummeted into rainy day again.  I had to postpone a lot of my workouts and since the night before, I had some insomnia (its been for the last few days) and didn’t sleep till 4am in the morning and then woke up at 7am.  It was efficient though! Managed to get a whole section of the Unit 2 for the TESL online course! Went over to my friend’s place to chill for a bit and then went out to check out the movie deals at Future Shop.  I should learn to avoid these places these days…I had to make decisions. I did manage to find Stoker for even cheaper at Walmart and found the only Resident Evil: Retribution Blu-ray that wasn’t in 3D and at a seriously inexpensive price! SO HAPPY! Lots of movies added on…even though I wasn’t supposed to buy any 🙂 (AND, Sir Phobus I did manage to get Wall Street on my tablet and I’ll get on it ASAP).


I ramble too much! Saturday night was the birthday of my boyfriend’s nephew which means seeing lots of kids play around and babies, chocolate birthday cakes and some adult fun! I got the chance to fulfill the hot dog craving I’ve been having!



Some shots to celebrate amongst the adults!

Raspberry Sour Puss Shots!

Raspberry Sour Puss Shots!

It was a fun night! We cut it short since both my boyfriend and I were dying of fatigue…so I went home to watch some Criminal Minds and prepare for an early morning jog on Sunday!

Guess what? This morning, I did get my jog in and did a whopping 6.8 km in mega humid weather.  At this moment, I still have 1.2 miles to complete by the end of the day to reach my 100 miles by summer goal.  I’m sure I can get it done with an evening walk later on.

BUT!  I have to introduce to my big investment of 2013 and my newest toy…

DSLR camera!

DSLR camera!

Here it is! My upgrade to a DSLR camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5i! I’m still learning a lot about how to use it but its really fun and even though this pic isn’t that great…I’ve been getting some really great shots with testing out the functions on objects! 🙂

How is your weekend? Did you have some awesome meals? Cave in to some cravings? Do some shopping? Maybe spend some time with family and friends?

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoy the rest of it 🙂

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

Last night my boyfriend and I made it over to the theatres before it got pulled off on Friday to see Resident Evil: Retribution.  This is what happens when you are in a suburban area and the theatres focus on French version of Hollywood movies, but its alright as it meant that we pushed ourselves to see it faster.  Just a quick recap for you, I’m a newbie at Resident Evil.  I watched all the Resident Evils this summer.

Just to give you an idea of my thoughts on the first few:  The first one, Resident Evil, was the only one that should be categorized as a horror movie as it was the closest to it.  The tone was slightly eerie and the storyline was decent.  The second and third called Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Resident Evil: Extinction was really borderline.  I’m not really sure I’d call it “so bad its good”, at times I found myself rolling my eyes but it had its moments that I just laughed at the movie, but I mean it wasn’t really laughable and wasn’t very scary in general.  The fourth one, Resident Evil: Afterlife was a different story.  That was brainless entertainment 101 and it was so fun to watch.  I mean it was crappy acting, horrible (if any) storyline but altogether I had a fun time laughing and just enjoying the action.  It was a nice flick to just give your brain a little break.

Okay, so  now lets get down to business.  We get Resident Evil: Retribution which is the fifth one in this series.  When I saw the preview for this, I was seriously wanting to see it because it just looked so awesomely fun and c’mon, why pass up the chance for 3D fun when its made exactly for it? This movie was made for 3D, for all who didn’t know.  There is just that one choice: 3D.  Its all to say, I expected some great fun times at the theatres.

The question now is: Did I actually get what I wanted? Hell yes! Let me tell you why.  For starters, this movie you probably don’t really need to see the first few and thats usually the case for Resident Evil.  They always give you a recap of the stories beforehand and sometimes its the part relevant for this movie or linked in some way or another. This helps give the new audience a way to slightly understand what lead to the situation now. I had seen these during the summer so it was alright, I didn’t really need the recap but it helped me build the intensity the other movies had before, relive some of the action from before.

In a movie like this, you are talking about action matched a bunch of horrible acting and a very lengthened storyline that expands further (if you’ve followed the last few, it just builds from the first one sometimes if not mostly into very crazy ideas).  As much as these features usually would make a movie very unenjoyable, I would say that it has been a charm for Resident Evil series.  In this one, its the essence of the horrible acting and how they pull out those bad looks that made me laugh so much.

What I did thoroughly liked was the fact that they brought back a lot of the characters from previous movies.  I think to be able to bring back the same cast helps the audience that has followed these series feel more attached to the characters (no matter the acting skills).  So just a recap, Milla Jovovich stays as the main female role by the name of Alice who is the one who has been able to bond with the T-Virus that has been whats infected the world.   Her “enemy” from Umbrella Corporation, Albert Wesker (played by  Shawn Roberts) is back, bringing with him the video game characters of Ada Wong (played by Bingbing Li) and Leon (Johann Urb) also Barry (Kevin Durand).  I may not know all the actors very well but Bingbing Li is one I’ve seen her grow as an actress in Chinese movies and she’s alright.  Its nice to see her in a Hollywood flick. Aside from that, we get pulled into how come all the previous ones are back with Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) and Luther West (Boris Kodjoe).  Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) comes back as an enemy who is used by the Umbrella Corporation.  You know who they brought back to control Umbrella Corporation, The Red Queen.  I always thought that part was the essence of the horror in the first one.  So lots of action going on just from all that.   You bring in more people, more weapons, more fighting and more action.

As mentioned before, 3D was the main feature of this movie.  In the beginning and various parts, it was the 3D that really brought me back to jump a bit (but thats because I’m just easily startled) because when these zombies are coming at you suddenly or bursting through doors in the beginning, it can do that.  Other times, it just magnified all the action going on.  The computer graphics is bad though. Let me say, it brings out all the cheesiness and matches up when that pure entertainment, action and cheesy one-liners and glares between the characters.  Man, thinking about it just makes me laugh.

Before I end this and continue rambling on about how its “so bad its good”, which it is.  As someone who has seen all the previous ones, I can’t stop but think that Paul W.S. Anderson definitely has this down real good. The Resident Evils he did (1, 4 and now 5) was awesome in that way and same goes for Death Race and I just saw that he even did Event Horizon. All movies that I liked so I guess I’m into his kind of entertainment.  I’m already saying that if they pulled out a Resident Evil 6, I’ll be there also (which I think there will be) and you bet that Paul W.S. Anderson will be involved one way or another.  Especially if we get that “this is humanities last stand. The beginning of the end.”

So all in all, PLEASE and I’m begging you, an advisory to those that hated the first few or you just don’t like this brainless entertainment, blood splattering action, just stay far away.  If you do love that or simply, “so bad its good” movie, this one I would recommend.  I’m still debating whether the one before was better but for now, I’m happy with this one.  I’m fairly confident we’ll have a 6th one especially since they just brought out the video game characters.  I’d like to end this off with Alice’s favorite line  to start off the movie(she says this in variation for all the movies in this series), “Once again we find ourselves fighting for our lives”.