Recording Video with my Boyfriend!

We’re gonna do things a little different today!

March 1st! Do you remember what it is? I skipped last year’s just because the year before I almost needed to hand out barf bags.  Yup, that’s right, today is the 7 year anniversary for my boyfriend and I.  That is quite a milestone for us.  We went through a whole lot but now, even with some not so great days, we move forward together.  This coming week marks the last stretch of moving to our new house before we settle in together 🙂

Today I aim to entertain and not provide a nauseating experience (thats what I learned from Alien Origin, my Shitfest pick, haha!).

Let’s welcome my boyfriend for a special appearance in a little recording session talking about what we’ve learned from each other in terms of movies, video games, music, food, travelling…basically what I cover on Tranquil Dreams 🙂

It starts a bit awkward and I laugh a lot but I think it turned out pretty good! 🙂

In the background are mostly travelling pics of trips that we’ve gone to together over the years along with a few random shots and our night out yesterday for the Montreal en Lumiere.  This festival 7 years ago marked the first day of our relationship so we try to make it every other year.  This time we explored the downtown Montreal area and it was extremely pretty.

Hope you enjoy it!! 

If there’s anything we mention in the video that you’d like to know about, feel free to ask 🙂

Spontaneity *Almost* Always Wins & Six Years Celebration!

2014 has seriously been a intense journey so far.  Lots of good stuff and some stressful stuff going on.


I’ve been trying hard to keep up with the blog and especially reading all of your work.  I am no longer a week behind but 3 days! YAY! I’m trying to take a bit more time so that I can comment more.  There just isn’t really much to say when I skim over a review and final thoughts for a new release I haven’t seen, for one.  My goal this year was to go see ONE movie at the theatres each month.  We just stepped into March and if you frequent my blog, you will have realized I’m at zero for two (March just started, so I won’t count it). Its not even for lack of trying.  I plan it all the time…like Dhoom 3, then I get bombarded with 6-7 work days and plenty of overtime.  So that never happened.  I tried for this past Friday to go see Pompeii and ended up having overtime till 7pm.  Nope, I ended up going home and laying back in my chair and listening to music instead.

BUT, as much as those may seem like excuses, I’m working on it.  Pompeii, Need for Speed, Nymphomaniac: Part 1, and Divergent are all on my to-see list.  If I get half of those seen, I’d be pretty proud of myself.  🙂 I realized planning doesn’t seem to work, so I’m going to do spontaneous.  Once I get the chance and the energy, I’ll do it.  🙂 At least from here on out, every month has something I want to see so its looking good.  I hope I didn’t jinx it!

What movies are you looking forward to see in 2014?

Other than my sidetracked plans, this weekend has been fantastic and also the reason why I postponed writing this up.  I’ve been out and about spending extra time with my boyfriend.  We usually stay in and watch TV or whatnot but yesterday was the Festival of Lights annual overnight event in Montreal and exactly 6 years ago, we started our relationship.

I’ll go more in detail with the Festival of Lights event in a later post during the week.  In the past two years, I dedicated March 1 to writing up a post to my boyfriend and our relationship, so I figured this year, I won’t start making you all vomit from my mushiness 😉 I don’t have any more barf bags to hand out unfortunately.

Here’s a few pictures from last night!

It was REALLY  cold yesterday.  I can’t stress how cold it actually was but my goodness, its the first time we were in that area for the Festival of Lights.  It was a pretty refreshing experience.  Still, I think we were both just totally filled with happiness.  We’re in our six years and this year is bringing us bigger and better things from buying a house together and planning for everything.

good mood bad mood

Aside from the me on Tranquil Dreams, I actually have a pretty bad temper, I get frustrated easily especially when I’m stress and I’ve been suffering some pretty bad skin conditions that won’t go away.  From this past year especially, I totally get that quote up there.  For me, he’s perfect to me because he reminds me to take things one step at a time, and encourages and supports me through all my crazy ideas.  It feels great to know that someone always has my back. I’ve learned through these six years (that passed by so fast) that its important to find someone who can bring positive into your life when you can’t seem to see it; and to remember to have hope and encourage you to follow your dreams.  My boyfriend does that for me and that means a lot to me 🙂 I know he’ll eventually fumble on here and see this 😉

Some exciting/stressful/fun stuff coming up for both of us! 🙂

I tried to keep that short and sweet! Now, to make up for all of that, I always put music with my posts so lets check out some music obsessions I’ve been having (aside from Pitch Perfect clips)!

Hope you like it! 🙂

I won’t keep you any longer since I need to head down to make dinner and get ready to watch the Academy Awards (as a lot of you are probably doing also)! 🙂

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

P.S. Recommendations month starts tomorrow!  Remember to drop by again! 🙂 

Weekly Writing Challenge: Love in 21st Century

The 21st Century has revolutionized the idea of love.  We can find love through the internet on chats, dating sites, through friends from pretty much anywhere.  Being apart in a long distance relationship can frequently happen.

love quote

I haven’t done one of these writing challenges in a really long time (a few months probably).

21st century has done its fair share in my life.  I used to go on chat rooms and after my second relationship, I even ventured into the world of online dating after one of my friends wanted a companion to try it out.  We went to eventually test out the world of Lavalife. The world of online dating is a funny one (when I look back now).  Its not one I particularly prefer to share with others but since I’ve already shared so much about myself before, why not bring this out? It has a very educational foundation to it.

Online dating is one of those domains where once you enter, you either stay because you become desired or you leave because its ridiculous and there’s really nothing you can control (if you want to do it for free).  You sit around and wait for some guy to be interested and instant message.  At least thats what happened in my memory.  During that phase, I chatted with a few guys.  I never saw myself as a hot commodity but hey, at that moment, it started feeling that way.  Except other than feeling desired, I started seeing that online dating was like being in chat rooms.  It was meeting a bunch of people with different mindsets of what they wanted.  I usually get especially turned off when it comes to someone asking me what I was looking for.  Honestly, that was a question I’d have no idea how to answer.  One, I never believed in the whole love at first sight thing, plus love isn’t going to grow just from a few chats.  Other times, I’d met lots of guys who wanted just a fling or one night stand or expected the first date to end up in bed, etc.  Some were rude and degrading and eventually it came to a point that I came to the conclusion that online dating was in fact a waste of my time because if I continued on these ventures, I’d hate every man in the world and vow to stay single because I’d have just lost hope.  Thats when I left that world. Maybe I sound really picky right now or just very conservative.  I guarantee you I just have my standards as to finding someone and starting an actual relationship (if it was what these guys seemed to be proposing). They were obviously confused.

Now, leaving it might be the best choice because I went back to my own life and just enjoyed time with friends and putting my efforts

IMGP6571I think back, and the 21st century and its online dating made into the success stories but I know deep down and I do warn others that its a creepy and weird world in that universe and to prevail, you need to take time, be analytical and really just find that one person that understands how to let things flow.  Because love isn’t all that simple but it isn’t complicated at the same time, we need to give it time and it’ll find some way to surprise us 🙂  into school and definitely loving being single.  I found a way to be fully accepting of who I am.

Love does come to us when we least expect it.  One day, I opened my email and there it was, months after, a little message saying that someone had messaged me from that stupid online dating site.  I looked at it for a second and contemplated whether to delete it.  After a few moments, I thought about whether I had anything to lose. Obviously I didn’t, so out of curiosity, I opened it up.  This guy’s message sounded truthful and down to earth.  It was a guy who wanted to know the girl and not anything more.  I replied him and after a few emails and MSN messenger chats (when it still existed), then progressed to phone chats after a month or so.  Eventually after 2 or 3 months of online communication, we decided to go for our first date, then our second date, then a third…until fast forward 5+ years.  He is the man who I’m planning a future with and also the one who is the center of my universe.

Man, I’m such a romantic…I know! That was pointless rambling..haha!

This is my response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge: 21st Century Love.  Please head on over HERE to see other responses or read the challenge if you’d like to join in 🙂